[News] JKS on ANAN cover, setting amazing sales record of 280,000 in 1 week

Actor Jang Keun Suk was on the cover of reputed Japanese ANAN magazine on 23 March, which set an amazing sales record of 280,000 copies for ANAN in one week.

Japanese reputed magazine ANAN is known for only using top stars on their cover and has much popularity amongst young women. Selecting popular JKS as their cover model has also gained lots of support from their female readers.

The magazine editors, who also love “You are Beautiful”, had been looking forward to the collaboration with JKS. When JKS appeared at the filming venue, it created much excitement. Jang Keun Suk’s professionalism and good looks gained many compliments from the working crew.

JKS said, “I’m very surprised to be selected as ANAN’s cover model, also the news of selling 280,000 copies in one week also surprised me. My sincere thanks to everyone for liking me.”

Other news: from next month, JKS will be starting his Asia Tour in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shanghai, Thailand and Malaysia. He has also been selected as Seoul makkori’s product ambassador in Japan. His album release, delayed by the Japan earthquake, has been slated for release on 27 April.

Source: TV Daily

张根硕登日本《anan》封面 创下一周28万册销售纪录
2011年3月31日 星期四08:43


日本著名杂志《anan》向来以只用TOP STAR当做封面模特儿闻名,在年轻女性群中有著垄断性的人气,本期杂志选用在日本极具人气的张根硕作为模特儿,也得到了女性读者的大力支持。


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      • hi lean,

        I stand corrected, and thanks for highlighting this.
        as u can see, my maths is terrible n i get confused beyond 10,000 (in Chinese)… i never have to count so much in real life, LOL….

  1. JKS is gorgeous. I am not surprised by the hugh sales of the magazine. He is the best looking guy in the world. So beautiful, and his beautiful personality as well !!!


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