[article] IU Has Confirmed to Play the Female Lead Role in Drama “Beautiful Man” with Jang Keun Suk_20131022

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IU has confirmed to appear in “Beautiful Man”. IU will play Kim Bo Tong in KBS2 TV drama “Beautiful Man” which will be aired after “Secret” (Original script Yoo Young Ah, director Yun Sang Ho and Jung Jung Wha)

Kim Bo Tong is a girl that the appearance, background, school records are all ordinary. She fell in love with beautiful man Dokgo Mate at the first sight in middle school. Since then, she lives her life only for Mate, but her unique 4d fashion sense which no one can understand always brings trouble to Mate. In Bo Tong’s eyes, all the girls around Mate are just like splinters. She uses her creative way to claim and stand by the side of her beautiful man – Mate.

IU can show the charm of an ordinary girl to a beautiful man. Her friendly and loveable image is the best choice for Kim Bo Tong. The production team gave her high ratings on her playing the role.

Group8, the production said that Kim Bo Tong uses her ordinary charm to conquer Mate, they expect IU will do her 120% to digest this role. This will present the strongest unbalanced couple in Republic of Korea’s history.

Beautiful Man story is about Dokgo Mate a man who has national treasure class beauty and devil character steals the hearts of 10 women who are from the top 1% successful women group. The drama is a white paper book about how Mate grows to a real beautiful man. Kim Bo Tong a true ordinary girl of whole Korea, in her eyes there is only Mate. She and Mate the world most beautiful man become the most unbalanced couple in the history. This will be an unpredictable love comic. The original comic book by Yoo Young Ah has proved a success storyline. Her previous work like “My Paparotti” “Miracle in Cell No 7” were also gained good critics. The director Yun Sang Ho who has directed “Bichoenmu” “Tampted Again” “Saving Mrs. Go” etc.. Co-director Jung Jung Wha has directed “Flower Boy Next Door” and “Flower Boy Ramen Noodle Shop”. So the team has got attention because of them.

The drama will be aired first on Nov 20.

27 thoughts on “[article] IU Has Confirmed to Play the Female Lead Role in Drama “Beautiful Man” with Jang Keun Suk_20131022”

  1. Since, I don’t watch a lot of Korea dramas and have never seen IU acting, I can’t say anything about that.

    I went online and listened to few of her live performances and she really has a great voice. Kudos for that. Although, she will be acting, not singing in this one 🙂

    As for the beauty (which really is in the eye of the beholder and a very subjective thing), everyone seems to think that she is stunningly beautiful but I don’t find her that way… Don’t get me wrong, she is very cute and all but her eyes are kinda too far apart and she is pretty but not beautiful… Unfortunately, people often don’t know the difference between the two…

    I don’t know about her personality but I hope she’s a fun and cool person and will make a good co-star to JKS and others.

    Anyways, I was hoping they’ll choose an actress (a non-idol; although I loved Yoona in LR; her acting improved a lot) for this drama, but no luck.

    All the best to the Beautiful Man/Pretty Boy team! Wish you smooth shooting and good ratings 🙂

    Peace out!

  2. Jang Keun Suk is really one very lucky guy when it comes to his leading ladies with the likes of Park Shin hye, Moon Geun Young, Yoonah & now IU. 🙂 Now I’m really really excited to watch them…’you don’t have to be beautiful to turn me on…’ 😀

    Thank You jangkeunsukforever!

  3. So happy to read this…BM finally going to start..
    IU looks really lovable and cute and I’m sure she will do really good paired up with Sukkie

    getting excited!!!!

  4. Let’s not criticize the actress before and after the drama. Sometimes is not that they cannot act but rather a job mismatch. Like the drama you are my pet, Kim Ha-neul is a good actress but just don’t shine or miscast, but she did so well in you are my destiny and won so many awards.
    To all the eels, JKS is always handsome, cute charming even if he shaves all his hair on his head or appear naked LOL
    Whether this drama is successful, fantabulous, fantastic, it should come from outsider and not the eels. That I will say is the honest answer.
    So let’s be more optimistic,sit down relax and enjoy the drama!!

  5. Finally confirmed!!!

    I don’t know who is IU until now. I don’t know if she is a good actress or not, never watched her dramas before. But I am going to know her better from now. In fact, I like all Sukkie’s Dramas leading ladies…so I’m sure I will like IU, too.

    With this news, I am just soooo happy eel that the leading girl is confirmed. (I don’t have to suffer worrisome syndrome with uncertainty and anxiety of guessing Who is in, Who is out now? I can sleep better from now…..kkkkkkkk)

    I can’t wait this drama!!!! I miss Actor Jang so much!!! Always ZikZin Sukkie!!!!

    Fighting Beautiful Man!!!!!

  6. Hahahaha…. Check out this IUs article: http://theeelsfamily.blogspot.ca/2013/10/article-iu-to-appear-on-pretty-man-i.html

    I mean, I don’t know anything about this girl but she really expresses her self in a bit awkward ways… She wants to ‘work like a cow’? What does that even mean?

    Anyways, her reason(s) for choosing Pretty Man project are not very flattening…

    Still hoping for the best and keeping my fingers crossed!!! Go, Pretty Man, go!!!

    Peace out!

  7. Aaa ah, she is the one who played the lead role in You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin. She is lovely and I am pretty sure that she does not have plastic surgery. Probably the real Korean beauty, small flat face and nose. She is pretty tall like the younger generation Korean girls. Looking forward to her acting with our Prince. I think “to work like a cow” is similar to “to work like a buffalo”, it means to work very hard without complaining.

    • I saw her when my niece watched Dream High 1. She is lovable, as new in acting in Dream High she has impressed me. She as so natural. But was so notable was her great voice. I hope Sukkie and IU will sing the OST for this drama.

  8. omg. so looking forward to this drama! could there a lot of kissing scenes here because of the 10 girls and IU? ^^! another kiss from Sukkie like the one in Love Rain over the fountain might just give a heartattack!! so excited! thanks for sharing this!


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