[ENG-SUB] Jang Keun Suk on “Making a Friend” Program in Taiwan _20101012

This is an old video of Jang Keun Suk appeared on a Taiwan Variety Show “Making A Friend” in Oct 12, 2010. That was after Jang Keun Suk’s TV drama “You’re Beautiful” became so popular in Asia, he travelled to Taiwan for a YAB concert. MC Huang Zijiao invited him to his talk show. This show is really good. Back then, he was not as popular as today, but he was getting pretty famous in Asia. In the program he showed his funny, witty, sincere sides and also he was super handsome and your can see his long hair when he was filming “Mary Stayed All Night Out”. Thanks so much to Ivy that who used her time to sub it, so now all of us can enjoy watching this. It was towards the end of the show. He wrote a message to himself and will reopen it after 10 years from that time which was really touching. Now sit back, enjoy!!!

Credit and English translation: Aphrael (Ivy)

13 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] Jang Keun Suk on “Making a Friend” Program in Taiwan _20101012”

  1. Thanks Ivy and Sarah for sharing here.. i have watched this interview in 2010 and it is still very entertaining to me each time I watched this interview and I will not forget the touching message he wrote for himself which he has put in the 10 year time capsule for this program ^_^

    • I love this interview…he is always so entertaining…and talk so freely and at ease…
      Thanks for translation and sharing…had been looking for this for a looooonggg time..
      he is so down to earth and very true to himself despite the situation or consequence
      I love him….

  2. Thanks sis Sarah for posting this Video. Super thank you sis Ivy for the English Sub, very much appreciated.

    I watched this Video before without English Sub…and watching it again with Eng sub is super fantastic. Our prince is still goofy, friendly and funny loving person as before…..so nice!!!! Awwww…..soo touch by the message to himself to be read in 10 years.

    Jang Keun Suk ahh, Even you might feel tired at times with your job, please please don’t stop running…please never quit!!! Zikzin all the way!!!!

    In 10 years, 20 years from now or until death….I promise to be running with you. I promise to stay with you and support you always!!!!

  3. wow!! thank u so much for subbing this and sharing it. i cried looking at him while he was saying he is not that innocent. he has matured too early, but can still say that he would not be what he is now if not for his past! what a awesome prince!! full of gratitude!! again thank u for sharing this.

  4. he is a positive person..that’s what i like about him. never afraid of what future will bring..always treat problems as challenge to be fight. a real man..no doubt about that.

  5. I love and admire this boy… he is so positive and full of fighting spirit.

    He was not afraid to let the public know about his past when he and his mum had to struggle very hard when he was studying in New Zealand.

    I pray that he will continue to stay positive despite all the negativity and never give up on his dreams….I know he will becoz he has this fight spirit and will Zikzin his way to the top.

  6. Aswww…Sukkie ah…don’t ever change your true self even if the road ahead may be bumpy. Keep zikzin! Love you!

  7. My first time to see this video… I got so emotional… Hearing him saying something like that to his ownself in the future is so touching. After seeing this video makes me adore him so much. He possesses such a genuine personality, and that is so priceless.


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