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It’s about time to unwind…
Eels, send your stories!!!!! The topic is 27 years old!!
How was it when you were 27?? Or how will it be if you are 27??

슬슬 몸이나 풀어볼까나…
장어들아 사연을 올려랏!!!!! 이번 주제 27!!
당신의 스물 일곱은?? 혹은 27이 된다면??

ZIKZIN radio, the 2nd recording was over.. !!
Especially five people.. who post your stories on my official website today… thank… you…. Don’t forget to leave your phone number with the episode!!! I will call out of the blue~~

직진라디오 두번째 녹음 끝.. !!
오늘 공식 홈페이지에 사연 올려주신 다..다섯분…감…감사합니다….사연과 함께 전화번호도 꼭 남기기!!! 확 전화할라니까~~~

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  1. Lets see at 27 it was last year and I was in the OMG where is my life going faze. I am a librarian and when you are in your late 20’s you start to actually look at your life because you either have friends that are getting married or are already married and you are just standing and wondering did you take the right path or even if you are happy. You think those type of things because you realize that in 3 years OMG you will be 30. You come to a stop because you are in your career now, but you feel as something is missing and you can’t help but wonder on what it is. You feel the youthfulness of your twenties, but the responsibilities of your 30’s because that’s life. I was told that it’s a transitional feeling where you are officially an adult. Now, I am still a lil confused about where I am going, but I am happy how I made it here and that’s all you can do. All you can do is look back and ask did I do everything I wanted to do and was I happy doing it. You see in your late twenties you become this way all deep and philosophical. I remember on my 27th birthday I was working with a room full of kids remember I am a librarian and they all sang happy birthday and when they finished they were like wow Miss. Goss you are 27 are you married or getting married. That is the number one question a woman in her late 20’s will receive, but I would have never thought it would come form a room full of 3 year olds.

  2. This is the first time I saw his bare feet. Wearing a wrong size shoes when you were young could disfigure your toes. I hope he takes good care of his feet now wearing comfortable supporting shoes. He has to be on his feet up and down all the time, he is also prone to fall and hurt himself often. Spend more time walking bare feet on the grass, sand, or pebble beach, it is good for you. Take good care of yourself at 27 will make you age well, being our Prince Charming forever. I will still love you till you are 72.


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