[fan-made MV] Jang Keun Suk back and fingers

As you know, his personality is really manly. But at the same time, we can say his angelic beautiful smile is more beautiful than women. Generally speaking, there are some parts of men’s body we feel manliness. Jang Keun Suk has them without exceptions. Especially when seeing his big back and long fingers, we can’t help but feel he’s a real man. This fan-made video are focussing on JKS’ back and fingers. All female eels’ favorites for sure.

Credits: minajks
*Jang Keun Suk back

*Jang Keun Suk fingers

4 thoughts on “[fan-made MV] Jang Keun Suk back and fingers”

  1. omg this got me so excited!! made me want to give him a good hug from the back and lock his fingers in mine!! anyone willing to make a vid of his lips/eyes? oh wait that could give me a heart attack! ^^ thanks a lot for sharing!

  2. I really really really love everything about him being a man or even a. feminine gestures , I couldn’t help myself to be always excited every moment that I see his personality his just like a magnet to me once I see him Its hard to take him out of my mind

  3. Thin back, plump back, sexy back, with or without clothes, with thin or thick clothes. I can immediately spot him. How crazy I am. I can’t help. Anyone can???


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