[fan-made] WHY Jang Keun Suk?

Turkish eels inspire us to think back why Jang Keun Suk. It’s another big question for us. Countless adjectives are still not enough for the answer. However, maybe the answer must be simple. Why JKS? Because he’s Jang Keun Suk! That’s all : )

Credits: TheTurkishEels

8 thoughts on “[fan-made] WHY Jang Keun Suk?”

  1. Wow…so proud of the Turkish eels…
    Just can’t explain in words…Our Sukkie is just the one..you can feel it in your heart & bones…by looking in his eyes.
    Captured with his smile and even with his unspoken sadness..but above all with his sincerity
    He is the wild Mustang amongst the K-wave; the one that is not easily captured nor handled…but if you take time to know him you just don’t see or hear him anymore but you feel him and all that he is is rubbed off on us and we feel good by the bond

    • Wow, great job Turkish Eels! All I can say is that Keun Suk lights up my life, and I find his multiple talents, looks and personality so fascinating. Btw, I enjoy reading the updates and info on your “Beautiful Man” FB fan page 🙂

  2. I agree with Mamacri, the first time when I saw his photo from YAB I thought he was just a teenager with heavy eye make up like a punk (the popular culture in England in the 70s). Nothing more interesting.

    You have to FEEL him through his performance either films, TV series, concerts, his reflections, his interviews, his life history, and his eels as shown here in this Fan Made video by Turkish eels. I did compile an A to Z of JKS. Actually he is beyond words. I just wonder whether Sis Tenshi could create a JKS Lexicon, collecting an A to Z of JKS from all eels and post it here.

    Thank you Turkisheels, Well Done! This vid should make our Prince very happy.

  3. Wowwww!!! BRAVO Turkish EELs!!! Simple beautiful creation!! Very powerful words!! Perfect description of Jang Keun Suk!!!

    Why I love JKS? I have tried many many times in the past 4 years to answer this question….I still can’t quantify the real reason or the answer. I guess when you truly love someone, you can not really find the reason or even logic to that feeling.

  4. there’s no exact words to define why I like JKS, no matter how I tried to search in any books and dictionaries still I couldn’t found the answers, so why should I keep myself bothered about this? if this is how I felt towards him there’s no need for me to search the answer , if that’s what my heart say’s that is the most important to me I don’t care if this is right or wrong as long that my heart keep beating to jks and his the only star that makes me happy , inspired and to do the things that I never did in my life that’s very much enough to me, in short his my Sun that brings light shine and hope of my life

  5. @Kailey > 100% agree with you! “…when you truly love someone, you cannot really find the reason or even logic to that feeling” It’s like the feeling of love and affection to our son or daughter or even husband, and also our parents. There maybe some characteristics we love so much from our love ones, yet there must be some that we don’t really like. But that all can’t change our pure feeling toward them.
    And that’s what I feel all along toward uri prince…
    Why Jang Keun Suk? Because he is Jang Keun Suk… ^_^
    @ Turkish eels BRAVO!!!

    • arie-tristan, thank you for expressing the feeling I can’t quantify or even express. Yeahhh…That’s exactly how I feel toward JKS, the same feeling I have for my family.

      LOLL…many times, I wanted to “choke” Sukkie’s neck for his naughty BAD behaviors and actions. Even though, how mad I was with him and don’t like certain things about him, I still love him no doubt!!!!


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