6 thoughts on “[Magazine] Soda hi-res pic”

  1. my friends told me that it was not healthy to get so much addiction with a celebrity, especially an international celebrity,but what can i do???? JKS not just a drug to me, he’s a sun…. some say, that you are born in this world with 6 other people that similar with u in this entire universe, well then, can i get one of JKS’s twins to be married with 😀

    • of course, it’s not healthy …. any addiction to anything is not healthy …. but at least I’m happy! (which is more than what some people can say of their lives …)

      just so long as we try to curb the addiction not to interfere with our normal life…. i think it’s still fine.
      though I definitely have to watch myself strictly to follow my own advice!

      meanwhile …. i can only say … my JKS addiction makes me HAPPY! 🙂
      just thinking of him brings a smile to my face ^^

  2. I agree with you aphrael..
    JKS is part of my life since i know him.. daily dose of him will makes my day complete.. he became my energizer in all things i do so i should say that being addicted to him is healthy on my part.. hehe 🙂


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