6 thoughts on “[05.10.2013] jksjapan twitter”

  1. When is the Sapporo one? I have a plan on my business trip to Tokyo soon. I may be Abe to combine the Sapporo concert with the visit? Sis Tenshi do you know? Btw, is it only for Japanese audience?.

    • Here’s the ZEPP tour schedule. ZEPP Sapporo is held on October 18 and 19.

      Strictly speaking, it’s not only for Japanese. But the capacity of ZEPP is very small, about 2,000. So even Japanese FC members can’t get tickets easily. Especially Tokyo is the hardest. Fukuoka and Sapporo is easier than other areas.

  2. Come next week, we look forward to news and pics of his drama script-reading. By then we should know the rest of the cast. Btw, is it true that he’ll cut his hair after the Sapporo tour?


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