[article] Hug festival? JKS spent overnight fan meeting in Gangwon-do with 1,300 Japanese fans!

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Hallyu actor Jang Keun Suk spent a hot night with 1,300 fans on September 29th.

JKS held a special overnight fan meeting ‘2013 LOTTE DUTY FREE JANG KEUN SUK in Star Avenue 2nd Overnight Camp’ with 1,3000 Japanese fans at Phoenix Park, Gangwon-do on September 29 and 30. They shared a special time together.

This fan meeting was full of plans such as open-air dinner, wine party with JKS, talk show about music, mini concert and so on. It was too great that even it was a 24-hour fan meeting, fans felt not enough. It got a great response from his fans.

At the talk show about music, JKS selected ‘his favorite song’ and shared the episode with fans. At the mini concert, he performed 5 songs from his 2nd album such as ‘Nature Boy’ and ‘Indian Summer’, which fascinated all the audience. His performance on that day drew deserved praise not only from his fans but also from those involved that this is JKS, who has 1,000 faces and magical charms.

Prepared more special fan services and events for this fan meeting than that held in April, JKS left fans with the unforgettable memory and succeeded to build closer ties with them. He toasted with them, and he prepared not only a lucky lottery event but also a special time that he would grant them wishes. For example, a fan asked him for his sold-out concert ticket. Then, he promised her to arrange it. Those proved that JKS dotes on his fans.

Such his thoughtfulness to reach out to fans touched their heart. Fans described it not just a ‘fan meeting’, but ‘JKS’ hug festival’.

Moreover, he pleased them with gifts for a treasure hunting prepared by himself and hugs. This is his original way to approach fans. In addition, JKS prepared a surprise message video for each hotel room where fans stayed. In this way, his fan meeting was successfully completed.

Besides, JKS didn’t forget promoting Korean rural sightseeing spot as this time they stayed in Gangwon-do, not in Seoul. For example, JKS recommended fans to eat potatoes at rest area. Then, many fans lined up to get it. Such an unusual sight received remarkable attention.

JKS is going to return to drama as the most beautiful man in the world, Dokgo Ma-Te after one year interval. Now he is in the spotlight. The new Wed/ Thur KBS2 drama ‘Beautiful Man’ featured JKS goes on air in November in Korea as a subsequent drama of ‘Secret’.

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