[Flash report] Drama ‘Beautiful Man’ goes on air on KBS2 in November

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The air date of a collaboration drama ‘Beautiful Man’ between Pineapple holdings and GROUP EIGHT was finally confirmed.

November 20th!!!
It’ll be the subsequent drama of ‘Secret’ that is currently broadcast on KBS2 Wed/ Thur. And the first episode is supposed to go on air on November 20th.
This drama has been highly expected already from both inside and outside broadcasting industry because of many reasons as follows. The original comic is drawn by Chun Kye Young who is a well-known cartoonist of ‘Unplugged Boy’ and ‘Audition’. The script writer is Yoo Young-A whose movie ‘Gifts of Room 7’ is loved by 1.2 million viewers. The production company is GROUP EIGHT that produced many successful dramas such as ‘Boys Over Flowers’, ‘Love in Palace’ and ‘Fantasy couple’. And Pineapple holdings that is also a production company for cultural contents joins the project. Like this, many people involved in this drama are earnestly preparing this project.
The storyline of drama ‘Beautiful Man’ will be that Dokgo Ma-Te, who has used his beautiful face and inborn sense to steal women’s heart, finally achieves the real meaning and lesson of successful factors such as money, fame, power and information through 10 women. Above all, he finally learned the most important value is love through the heroine Bo-Dong who has been loving only him.
At present, Jang Keun Suk called Prince of Asia is cast as the lead character, Dokgo Ma-Te. And Lee Jang Woo plays the role of David Choi. David Choi looks a free spirit, but this ‘Beautiful Mind Man’ only warns against ‘Beautiful Man’ Dokgo Ma-Te. He is supposed to conflict with Dokgo Ma-Te. Who will take the heroine Bo-Dong?

There is only two months left before the air date of ‘Beautiful Man’!
Please keep supporting us and look forward the drama.

21 thoughts on “[Flash report] Drama ‘Beautiful Man’ goes on air on KBS2 in November”

  1. Yeahhhhhh….Finally date is confirmed!!! Now I can count down to that day…soooo excited to watch Sukkie acting again!!!!

    Beautiful Man vs Beautiful Mind Man!!! O.O…If beautiful man is not playing by Sukkie, I think I would surely fall for Mr. Beautiful Mind.

  2. OMG SOOOOOO EXCITED !!!! 🙂 wish you all the best sukkie . oh plz i cant wait to see who is the lead actress . since the latest actress didn’t replay the role that means they are looking for someone else . so plz get him some one who can act ? ! not idol plz !! though i really loved him with yoona but he deserves a good actress >_>!!!

  3. kyaaa…20th November seems so far away..let’s focus on our live at this moment. Suk should be busy now..so we are.let’s zikzin together b4 we can enjoy beautiful man \(._.)/ 2 months to go..BEAUTIFUL MAN..COME COME!!

    • is there really 10 women in BM? i see the manga..but cant tell if there were 10..maybe 7..not sure though.i think the cast not necessarily big actress just someone good in acting and suit the role..should be ok.maybe..they can have one or two actress which is really good.

      • Well that’s what is said ” successful factors such as money, fame, power and information through 10 women.”
        Anyway a lot of the “good” actress already had a drama in hand.

      • I have not read the manga..but are the women not supposed to be older, more mature women, because they are all advanced in there
        Ire career?..only the lead actress should be about his age…
        O…although it’s not that far away…I can’t hardly wait!!!!!!
        It will take a while before we can see it with subs…

  4. actor Jang!!! Welcome back after more than a year!!! Though many of us have just went for your concerts & FM in Japan and China recently.. we also miss you as the actor Jang we love all the while…

  5. Finally, there’s a date for BM! I miss JKS on screen acting. I’ve been watching episodes of Love Rain & You’re Beautiful because I miss watching him act. So happyhe has a new drama coming!

  6. i really hope he enjoys doing this drama, after the sadness he felt over love rain. i can only pray that this one turns out better for him and well-received more by the viewers so that he does he does not tire out completely from drama. thank for the news!

  7. Can’t wait!! Luckily most of the fansub sites usually post within 24 hours. Drama fever is pretty quick too. I’d rather watch on something like Crunchyroll, because it’s HD on the TV w/o all of the commercials that are on DF and Hulu. I just wish the manga was available in English somewhere safe. My adblock software makes the one site I’ve seen it on inaccessible.


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