10 thoughts on “[27.09.2013] @zosun_hi twitter”

  1. Aigooooo….it looks so deliscious….mouthwatering; it looks healthy and colourful..Sukkie can open a restaurant and become a chef…jjinja!!!!
    Is there anything this man can’t do???????????
    He looks so good on the beach with the crew…such peaceful pic
    He maybe hard on his staff when comes to work but still they must love this man…he is so sweet when relax…
    thanks for sharing tenshi dear

  2. He finally looks so relaxed and happy, it makes me happy, too 🙂
    And these things always make me sure he doesn’t treat his staffs as staffs, but as friends or even family in some cases ^^
    It’s just impossible to don’t love this kind guy~

  3. A very healthy meal with meat lots of vegies and if i saw it right, the taofu wrapped with the cabbage. He must have this done by telling someone to do it. Cooking the lunch for all the staff in a nice, neat boxes like this takes a lot of time. Anyway, he is so kind and that kindness makes him a happy and healthy man as we can see from the photos. I just simply love him.

  4. I have just noticed that it was only my Prince Charming who walked barefoot. The Prince has multi characters, a macho sadist, a young babyish boy, a kind but serious boss, a painful traumatic man, an energetic and naughty performer etc. I love every aspect of him, just simply and plainly love him unconditionally.


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