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Korean actor Jang Keun-suk on the set of his SBS drama “He’s Beautiful.” [SBS]

Korean star Jang Keun-suk’s new cartoon-turned-drama has confirmed its broadcaster and airing schedule.

Jang’s new drama, whose title translated into “Pretty Boy,” is set to start its run on KBS from November as the follow-up to KBS’s upcoming drama “Secret Love,” set to premiere next Wednesday, an official with the production company Group 8 told TenAsia on Tuesday.

Based on a comic book of the same name by renowned Korean cartoonist Chon Kye-young, also famous for hit comic book “Audition,” the series will tell the story of Dokgo Ma-tae (Jang), the prettiest boy in the world, who wants to gain money and power by using his beauty.

He is trained to do so by attempting to seduce 10 successful women until a poor girl, far from being successful, approaches him one day and Dokgo starts to undergo a huge change in his life.

Korean actor Lee Jang-woo recently joined the casting boat to take on a role named Choi David, a character with free spirit, who keeps strict watch over Dokgo. While Jang will portray a man with the perfect physical appearance Dokgo Ma-tae, Lee’s character Choi David will show a man with beautiful mind.
Korean actor Lee Jang-woo on the set of his MBC drama “Here Comes Mr. Oh.” [MBC]

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36 thoughts on “[article] Jang Keun-suk’s New Drama to Premiere in November_20130917”

  1. Yes, finally now we just have to wait for the official confirmation of the lead actress & the rest of the cast. Thanks to KBS (KBS World) I can watch it in a big screen during its run & its repeat broadcast twice/episode lool. And to Springsuk — thanks have been waiting for this.

  2. Just hope the killer filming schedule won’t wear our Prince out.
    Zikzin Prince! You can complete the filming on time!
    Just be safe & don’t fall sick being overworked!
    Wish you luck!
    Eels will give you energy!
    You are the BEST!!!!

  3. OMO..this make me so happy..thanks for sharing Springsuk….
    Yes…novembre come come LOL
    I want to see my evil prince…I already loving his character..attempts to seduce 10 women; seducing whaaaaa…10 women….whaaaa…and it’s not a idol drama as far as I know….whaaaa..it’s gonna be HOT…
    I only hope the female lead won’t be one that has to act really stupid all the time…I can’t handle that it’s so distracting……

    Sukkie is gonna be really busy…
    Wonder if he is still on Jeju island…
    maybe he’s there to film for Ferrino? otherwise having a small break before it gets busy

  4. i’m really happy but, i have zero hopes for this drama!!!! 🙁 i mean this is making me worry cuz i just heard they are putting this drama instead of kim hyun joon drama cuz KBS is willing to sacrifice jang geun suk drama and not KHJ cuz his drama is gonna face the man from the stars and KHJ drama has huge production so they moved it and put jks drama !! its like they know its gonna fail!!! i’m crazy worried now ,,what if sukkie drama really fails again ?!! he will be crushed ?!!! omg plz help him ?!!!!

    • Clover.. I can’t help it but everytime I read your postings I get a bit depressed..and starts to regret the koreans for these matters..I know you are free to write as you please but most of us are trying not to give in to pessimisme…We already know that despite his honest efforts they will “hate” our Sukkie..so we don’t count one the koreans to make Sukkies new drama a succes…as long its a big succes on the net and outside korea and it sells well..If there recognition goes no further than what they are producing now and that psy is there big thing…well I don’t have that much to add…We eels can’t help it we love his earnesty, his witty, freespirited colorful and unique talents and his real and warm love and attention to others…I guess it’s too much to handle for them…I see other artists do what Sukkie already did and now it’s OK? I did not really watch other korean dramas but stopped watching them all ..call it no interest.. call it boycot…whatever…kssst….that goes for the music also…a lot of it sounds the same…I love diversity ……and I love Sukkie and I love bikinis and I love Team H and I love Suni…lol..and I love all the eels…so chin up…fighting with our prince…bye

      • mamacri, thank you soooooo very much for express your true loving feelings here. Thank you so much for always defending our Sukkie, his values and honors.

        You know what, every times, I read sooo more people are against Jang Keun Suk, he gains more and more of my love, sympathy and respect.

        With all those negatives and hateful said about him, Sukkie is still positive, still proud and honorable person. I love a man who doesn’t crumble with pressures. I love a man who keeps on doing his BEST, doing the things that he loves……especially I super LOVE a man who is NOT afraid of failure…!!!!

        I don’t understand the society or trend nowadays……some people are OK with some Artistes used illegal DRUGs or even worst committed rapes, but these people sure HATE a honor man who had tried his very BEST to support his family and himself, who never did anything wrong to deserve their hate…. oh wait..the main reason people hate JKS becoz he is freewill person, and likes to speak his minds and like to walk his own paths in life……Wowww…that’s such a BIG unforgivable crime…!!!!

        So nowadays, I don’t give a Dangggg about how narrowed minded people think of JKS. As long as, Sukkie is still in Show Biz, I will support him to the bitter end.

        Even all other people in this world hate him, I will love this man forever..!!!!!

    • actually I never care about other dramas rating.. in fact I have seem many other high rating dramas or dramas with idol stars but still not to my taste as I dropped after 1 ep… but for JKS drama, I will get the original DVD too besides watching the drama for many times ^_^ (I guess this is the case for many eels lol!)

    • @CLOVER that is just an ill idea coming from an anti-fan. It’s not actually from KBS –I don’t think so they will say something like this. In fact if I am one of their board of directors I have to be always positive & giving encouragement & support to the company’s project.

      And what’s the big deal with Man from the Stars? Its just another drama that maybe & i’m saying maybe (every actor in showbiz does experience slump & sometimes at a time when they least expect it) will have impact with the locals but the drama that will have IMPACT ALL OVER THE WORLD is of course JANG KEUN SUK drama. Oh by the way our Sukkie will have to receive an award this year from Korean Entertainment 10th anniversary Awards as Japan’s Most Beloved Actor #2 next to Bae Yong Joon beating other young actors of his generation. Here’s the link:



    • I would give that rumor a second thought if it doesn’t involve KHJ and the drama Age of feeling. The drama that they are talking about is Age of feeling in where Lee Jun Ki and Kwon Sang Woo had both turned down before it was offered to KHJ. And according to reports, it has difficulty in getting its own timelots. I like KHJ but you would wonder why they would get him. We can’t deny the fact that his drama (in where he is the main lead) as well as variety show barefoot friends does not do well in rating .. Moreover, his last drama was canceled because it failed to be picked up by broadcasting companies. If I were asked, i wouldn’t expect something great from that drama.

    • Clover, swapping the timeslots for Beautiful Man and Age of feeling could have been due to a lot of reasons – you said that Age of feeling is a huge production, perhaps they are having some difficulties in getting the finances or sticking to the filming schedule?

      Last time when we heard that the filming for BM was delayed, there were rumors saying that it was due to lack of TV station for broadcasting the same – ok this is pretty much proved to be ill-conceived as BM is to be shot AND aired very soon. And now all of a sudden someone said it was due to KBS’s preferences over certain actors? KBS is a business and they have to keep airing new TV dramas – they would certainly give timeslot to those which are READY (to shot and commit)!

      And as far as I know local ratings do not affect JKS too much – he is a hallyu star and he is basically targeted at the overseas market! As long as we keep our interests he will be fine. You got to have some faith in him.

      • OMG you guys thank you for your beautiful replays 🙂 but the thing that is making me worry is sukkie condition ?!!! if this drama is also failed in korea he will be crushed and maybe never make a drama again 🙁 not just that but the airing stations and the actors will also be scared of working with him !! can you imagine what will happen to him ? i’m really worried for him ! and i know we the eels will always support him but he will sad to recive so much hate from his own country , i mean i heard he spent a year in japan after love rain , !

      • Don’t worry, he can produce his own drama and not broadcast to National TVs stations but to cable TVs…we are willing to pay for the cable TVs subscription as well as DVDs, those who can’t appreciate, just let it be…moreover, he can continue to be a Singer n have concerts and that he may make more money ^_^

      • btw..many famous actors like Jacky chan produced their own movie production and find their own sponsors to broadcast, they are not working for any TVs stations..this is a higher level of achievement. Sukkie has the advantage as he has experiences of directing, editing, scripting and producing besides acting….and not to forget he is the one who make YAB possible when he got sponsors for the drama production during the 2008 financial crisis…

      • QQ…your suggestion is brilliant !! Should highlight to “Tree- J”. So that our prince would not get hurt again from his own country and yet even can earn more!!!!

      • Don’t worry too much. Just trust JKS. At first, I was not excited about BM but when I think about it, there’s something special about that drama. First thing is that JKS accepted it and turned down the drama in where he would reunite with Ha Ji Won who is well received in Korea. If JKS just wants a drama which has a lot of potential, a sure success, the better choice for him is to accept Empress Ki drama. But then he didn’t which says a lot. He said he has chosen a good drama. And I believe him. Second thing is that Lee Jang-woo accepted a second lead. He has been a lead on his recent dramas but why would he choose to be in second lead. Possible reason is that he thinks BM is worth it. Another thing is that Group 8 also made princess hours who made Yoon Eun-hye a household name. And lastly, the writer who created Miracle in No.7 Street which is really a very nice movie

  5. I am looking forward for JKS new drama. I like his work and he acts well, so rating, bad rumors and negative comments are not important at all. I hope everyone has a positive spirit and as an Eels we always support his professional works.

  6. To those who appreciated and defended our BELOVED SUKKIE, I’m always with you, and I always salute your optimism, in the same way how our Prince who never ceased to innovate his innate talents and capabilities. And I always admired those REAL EELS, who love him beyond what is expected from being fans. And to those who doubt and hate him, I would dare to say, ” Its your call of losing one precious gem you are supposed to treasure”. To those who unreasonably hate him, for me its just an act of jealousy, they are just greatly jealous and they just cannot accept the facts that despite their hatred, and spreading of bad rumors, despite their labeling him with those bad names, in return he became so successful way beyond they can imagine. So why worry if the rating of his drama in Korea is very low? Facts cannot be denied that he became so well known outside of his homeland. And that is the most significant of all. Its a fact that not all of his contemporaries achieved to that level.


  7. First of all, Asia Prince is lucky man to having so many sincere loving fans, @ CLOVER you are right he need to put his root in his mother country for his future to spread out to the bigger world otherwise he will feel empty in the end… I can see he is fresh air for Korea robot system entertainment but he is very hard to accepted by stone culture in Korea so far! I love his “Nature Boy” clip it’s beautifully made and just like fresh mint after the all that same style nosy pops… but how many Korean will support him is question… he need to be strong and believe in himself as he does now he has huge talent and I am sure he will find way to succeed xx

    • i think he still on the right track..i like him as a man coz he know what he want..and he do what he said.maybe some korean think he’s a joke for korea..but he still standing after 20 years of his carrier..its not an easy thing to do..despite of many antis(korean) he became more popular internationally. yes..he’s definitely a strong man with high confidence level..since eels know he believe in himself..eels should believe in him too..am i right..CLOVER? please dont get waver with some antis comment which we dont know if its true.

    • Well said se ok yoon!! I know there are a lot of K-pop idol groups out there who appeal to both local and overseas markets, but like you said they very much alike and they look like they are straight from the same factory. JKS is different, he is truly one of his kind. He is also courageous and does not mind taking risks. I am just really hoping that (A) he will handle his crazy schedule well and (B) nobody rushes anything because he has to serve the army soon. Fingers crossed. (pure speculation for the military service part)

    • I do understand his(and ours)longing too…but I think he starts to “outgrow” this longing for you see he does do more and more things outside Korea…as he said..he is actor in Korea and singer and entertainer outside Korea where he can freely express himself and his ideas.
      I don’t say it does not pain him he does not get the full recognition from his country men but as he said above all the most precious to him is his freedom to do, say and think as he finds fit..and not under dictation of others anymore for he has feelings He is no robot…he hated that profoundly.
      Although he knows there is a price to pay but still very happy to finally have his own company and thereby regained his freedom to express his real self…..
      He is free spirited, a multi talented and a beautiful being inside out; he is still young and he will trial and error as he goes and learn along the way..
      As most if not all of us are certain of his talents and know he has myriad ideas.
      We are there to catch him when others make him trip and fall..
      He has to do just what he was doing..stay strong and not be wavered and act up and do “stupid” things as to please those who don’t (want to) understand him..

      For one that has no big company behind him and little or no promotions he is doing really really well in the rest of the world….and even in Korea…they can “hate” him but they can’t ignore him..
      Chapot for the Korean eels…they are as great as the prince…I admire their stamina and endourance. Too bad they don’t get to see Sukkie as much as they entitled to and yet they are full of love and strong supporters..I bow for you…

      From the snippets in the news I get to understand more and more that the K E-industry is one dark place; some big companies have the big power; there is little or no regulated working conditions and little or no space for individuality or freedom for the artists; they are mere assets..bit by bit we learn that they are bound by very strict terms of their long & laborious contracts
      If we were to compair Sukkie with the rest…well I have to say JKS is bespoke; one of a kind; maybe not to everybodies taste but very special…
      I think I owe it to myself to have something BESPOKE; something very very unique..
      sorry for my long posting..I love you all


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