[video-4] Tongyi FM in Shenzhen (HD)-Vinegar Game with Text Translation_20130906

Credit: SUKNationHK

Here some translation and explanation of the game:

This video is about during the FM, one of the game times. There were 6 fans were asked to come on the stage and in front of each person was a bottle of Tongyi Orange Juice. There was one bottle had added white vinegar in it. So JKS had to guess which number of person drink the juice with vinegar. He was pretty cautious and kind of hard to decide which one, btw, each fan drank the juice in front of him and they shouldn’t give any hint that if there is vinegar in the juice or not. JKS guessed a bit then he asked fans on site. Fans were yelling different numbers, like 3, 4 etc.. JKS said: You all said no.3 or no.4, but I will go with no.1. So he chosed number 1. MC counted down 3,2,1 to reveal who is the one drank the juice with vinegar, but then 5 of them raised their hands, MC joked:”How come? when you at home eat dumplings, you use Tongyi juice as dipping sauce?” (He is funny, I wonder, fans who on the stage in the game, they were either trying to fool JKS or they thought if they drank the one with juice, there will be some reward from JKS.) So MC redid countdown and then again, still more than one raised hand. MC said, no, that’s impossible, there should be only 1 bottle added vinegar. so MC smelled and picked number 2 and JKS took it asked translator to test to make sure, translator at first refuse to do it. She said she smelled the vinegar JKS were playing cute and kept saying to her: Sorry, sorry, but I love you, please.” Then translator said: I don’t love you. (too funny) but she took a little sip and said: Yes, there is vinegar in it. And MC confirmed that’s number 2. MC said he thought number 3 is the one, because that fan always only sipped a little when she drank the juice. JKS said you really couldn’t tell from the color and he smelled one with vinegar gave a “ewww” face. Game is over and JKS didn’t give the right answer, but all the fans who got on stage to do this game will get a bottle of Tongyi Juice with JKS’s signature as reward. Some of them were not really satisfied. One girl came to JKS asked for more reward, MC had to stopped her and said “Calm Down!” JKS said:”OK, I will give you a special treat: Two boxes of vinegar!!!” (OMG, he is brilliant) JKS gave the juice to each of them. One girl still was not satisfied, so JKS said NO put juice bottle to her mouth to let her (shut up). MC said to that girl:”You’re so willfulness.” When MC announced this part is over and the show went to next chapter but the girls still wanted more, they wanted hugs, handshakes and even chased him around. MC had to plead them to leave so the show can move on.

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  1. Thanks sis Sarah for the translation!!!

    Hahahha…..this segment is sooooo funny.

    I laughed my heart out watching Sukkie used his finger to peck the girls’hands to chase them away when the girls chasing him around the stage. Too hilarious!!! Toooo CUTE!!!

  2. Just finished reading this & watching the video at the same time… It was funny coz I 1st watched the video before reading the translation.. haha… but apparently when I’ve read the translation I repeated watching the video again & from there I fully appreciated what was really happening… He was terribly cute & very funny… I love him all the way. Thanks sis Sarah for sharing this video & for the translation. ^^

  3. thanks so much, Sarah for this!

    lol!! handsome even with a sour-faced expression.

    and the last fan in the line…wonder how she was able to stand his stare. lol.

    AP teasing the eels, at least they got a pinch in their palms. kkk!

  4. bwahahaha, thanks sis sarah!!!! this is so funny…

    just peeking in and i can’t help but to laugh out load….

    Sp proud of our BOY…

    Ever so cute>


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