[30.08.2013] Zo Sun Hi’s twitter

Berlin.. Already 1 year has passed~~ Seeing this now reminds me of the good memory!!
베를린.. 벌써 1년이 지나버렸네~~ 지금 보니 그때의 추억 참좋았다!!

It was 7 years ago that we first met.. these four together… and even now we’re together after 7 years!! Great.. So happy~~
7년전 처음 만났었다.. 이 넷이 함께… 글구 7년이 지난 지금도 함께다!! 좋다.. 행복하다~~

8 thoughts on “[30.08.2013] Zo Sun Hi’s twitter”

  1. I like Sun Hi’s work..they have a good working relationship…not only the camera loves Sukkie but luckily the photographer too…and you can see the amount of love and trust to each other

  2. these pics are beyond lovely… their friendship is awesome.

    it means Geunsama has been with Mr. Jang like a decade now. It’s unbelievable.


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