7 thoughts on “[Pics-1] Jang Keun Suk Arrive at Gimpo Airport after Makuhari Zikzin Fes_20130826”

  1. Hi .but i really worry for him,i am sure he is seruse illness .if you notice ,after new year 2013,he wear musk oh! My God i am worry for him .he smokes and drinks both are his enemy.:(

    • I hope he has not caught the smoking habit. It is supposed to be very hard to break but some can do it. Smoking and drinking are just killers for the voice! Thanks for sending out the pictures. I love that the guards are close to him. Dena, U.S.A. fan

  2. Honestly, I think he overdid it with these festivals. It was all great, a lot of people came and JKS had a lot of fun but having 2 concerts in a day is hard enough… And now add additional day to that and that’s 4 concerts in 2 days… I’d say that is just too much for anyone.

    I think he should make a better schedule so he could protect his health. Otherwise, he’ll destroy his voice cords. And not to mention all the stress involved with organizing and maintaining all of the things he’s involved in.

    He should be more careful.



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