[article] Drama “Beautiful Man” Initially Confirmed Two Casting For Major Roles_20130825

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Chinese Translation: Sukbar
English Translation: Springsuk_USA

The TV Drama “Beautiful Man” has confirmed two main roles’ casting. As Jang Keun Suk was confirmed will be in the drama, now Actress Han Ye Ri and Lee Jang Woo are now under discussion for casting.

Actor Jang Keun Suk will play charming and handsome Dokgo Mate, also has the young master of MG group. Han Ye Ri will play Kim Po Dong a common girl who likes Dokgo Mate for 10 years. Lee Jang Woo will play David Choi, the deputy of MG Group. Kim Po Dong likes Dokgo Mate, David Choi only see Kim Po Dong, so there will be love triangle between them.

Except these 3 major roles, there will be another 7 women in the drama. Lots of interesting things happen on the love journey.

Beautiful Man was adapted from manga book. Is a romantic comedy about Dokgo Mate and Kim Po Dong, a country girl who likes him for 10 years. Writer Yoo Young Ah does the script, she has done the adaption like Movie “Miracle in No.7 Street” and “Mr. K”. After they confirm all the casting, “Beautiful Man” will start shooting soon.

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  1. oh! good new ^__________^ fighting sukki chan, han ye-ri and Lee jang woo!

    i’m sorry, but who is Han Ye-ri?. i don’t know.

    β•šβ•β•`.ΒΈ.Sukki Chan = Zikzin 4ever.

    Peace and Love eels.
    Love and Free Sukki! 4ever.

      • I’m glad she’s a good and awarded actress. However, it wouldn’t hurt if she’d be a bit more famous/known.

        I hope everything will go ok with the drama. So far, it looks very promising.


      • congratulation to Jang Geun suk, han ye-ri and lee jang woo.

        she is already 28 years old and won one award. Congratulations to her. ^^.
        I will support “Pretty/Beautiful Man”.

        I’m happy for the casting for Pretty/Beautiful Man.

        I loved his latest drama “Love Rain” with Yoona!. Yoona is one of the best and the most famous actress idol, and even with only her 3 dramas won 6 to 8 awards. including Best New Actress Award in Baeksang Arts Awards with her first drama “you’re my destiny”. Yoona also is the most famous, beautiful and intelligent idol korea.

        our Prince Jang keun suk always has good actresses as his co.star. i’m proud of him. He is one of the best actors.

  2. Finally the rest of the cast is out.
    Although the lead actress doesn’t look that outstanding but she seems to be of certain calibre and has won some acting awards in Korea.

    I really hope that this drama will start shooting soon bcoz I really miss JKS since his last drama, LR.

    Sometimes I just feel so envious of the Japanese eels who can be close to him and watch his performances on a regular basis. When can I see him perform up close?

  3. why the casting is so slow?..please confirmed the casts sooner..kkk..i cant wait for the drama seriously..but it make sense the casting can get longer because the drama should select the best suitable character..i hope more surprise for other 7 women cast though i dont know han ye ri..i hope she’s good actress.

  4. Oh this is fabulous! Is it Han Ye Ri or Han Hye Rin? Lee Jangwoo as a co-star that’s a good choice, he’s a very good actor.

    • i dont know who is lee jang woo..dont know about his act but he’s cute.kkkk..good to know he’s a good actor. which role will he take? the long hair dude? if suk dont cut his hair..he should switch the role with this man.kkk…

      • He acted with Park Min Young in KBS Drama titled Glory Jane. And hosted Music Bank with Uee before. He is definitely a very good choice as a co-star compare to JKS male co-stars in Love Rain.

      • actually..i think suk is always unfortunate with the co-star he act with..the second lead actor r not his true rival..u can call me biased but frankly speaking only the guy in MMM is good. others..i just can say..weak..i hope this lee jang woo is really good.

  5. the lead actress is not pretty …even if she is good actress jks deserves a better actress i dont think they will have chemistry πŸ™ she seems old …plz let her refuse it

  6. if jang geun suk dosent cut his hair and look good in the next drama ..the second lead guy is really cute and i think he will be much hansome than him πŸ˜›

  7. Oh, please, JKS, don’t let them make you blonde. JKS is stunning with black hair. However, he will certainly have a more perfect face than his female co-stars. It’s just hard to get a co-star to match his flawless looks! Dena, U.S.A. fan

    • I heard that the female lead is not announced yet, and HYR’s character is one of the women Dokgo Ma-Te will seduce. Let’s just wait and see…

      • just don’t think that this is good for JKS than his fansites spread non-official information(=rumors) about his drama

  8. Could it be possible if all his leading ladies/actress (I mean his past leading ladies on Drama/Movie) will appear on this Korean Drama… as one of the cast.


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