[flash news]“Love Rain” Movie Theater Version Will be Shown in Japan_20130823

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Korean actor Jang Keun-suk and Girls’ Generation Yoona’s romantic drama be turned into a film in Japan.

The two’s “Love Rain,” which aired in Korea during the first half of last year, will be released as a film in Japanese theaters next month, according to an official with the drama’s production company Yoon’s Color on Friday.

The 20-part drama will undergo re-editing by a Japanese film director to show the highlights and the main parts of the series in a two-part film, according to the official.

The first part is set to be released on September 20 and focus on characters’ past, while the second part is set to be released on October 11 and focus on the present, the official added.

However, the number of theaters in which the movie will be screened has yet to be decided and there are no plans for it to be released in Korea, stated the official.

Set in the seventies and the present day, “Love Rain” centers on a love story over two generations, with Jang Keun-suk and Yoona playing dual roles.

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36 thoughts on “[flash news]“Love Rain” Movie Theater Version Will be Shown in Japan_20130823”

  1. O…wow…I would love to see it…wonder what the director made of it…
    eventhough 2 parts is not enough of Sukkie hihihi

    In mine opinion it’s not easy to select scenes out of so many and still keep the story strong

  2. Exactly my thoughts! How the heck are they gonna choose which scenes they’re gonna take out and which are gonna stay. Hahahaha

    Anyways, I’m so excited for this. I’m also hoping they’ll release it as DVD, as well.

    Go Love Rain! Go JKS!

  3. many thanks sis Sarah for always sharing such a great news/ article to us… I am very happy with the positive response of almost all the Asian countries regarding this drama. How I wish Korean entertainment Industries as well as Korean viewers will begin to realize its worth… Personally speaking, I am very satisfied with the context of this drama from start to finish that’s why I don’t get some reason why Korean Ratings got so low where as in different countries like our country it was consistently on the top during its airtime slot..

    • Jessica, I didn’t look at the rating in Korea anymore but more on whether I enjoy the drama or not.. even high rating drama in Korea I drop as no Sukkie in it ! ^_^

  4. Sarah, Thanks for translating and sharing this with us. What a good news. Hopefully his countrymen would realize how this drama made a great impact not only in Japan, in other neighboring Asian countries, in the US and Europe. Hope they will see that this is the only drama recently that would be transformed into a movie.

  5. Thanks ss Sarah,

    I like to see Love Rain. The film gets more successful in Asia. I hate Koreans who don’t know to get appreciation it.

  6. omg! Love rain in version movie! i wann to see this!…Love Rain is the most famous and popular kdrama in the World.
    Love Rain have a Great Hit in the world!.

    I love this drama and Yoona and Jang Keun suk couple, they are so talented and more attractive couple of Asia.

    thanks JKS fans.

  7. I wanna to see Love Rain’s version movie,too.
    Love rain is a amazing drama.
    The drama was exported a lot of Asian countries, United States and European countries, too. Even Love Rain was Cannes International Film Festival in Francia. The World Loves Love Rain.

    thanks eels and springsuk!
    ★★★ good job Sprinsuk!


  8. I watched this drama in three days because every time one episode would end, my heart would flutter and skip a beat.
    Yoona and Jang keun suk were a amazing and perfect couple

  9. the story was very romantic n touching. Especially their character ! really like it !! Goddess Yoona and Prince Jang Keun suk did a good job together, they were a perfect match!.

  10. I had a heart attack when i watched Love Rain, Jang keun suk and Yoona make my heart beat 100000000 per second. they are so nice, romantic, natural, talented and pretty coupleeeeeee.

    i love Love Rain 🙂

  11. Honestly, I do not mind the ratings in Korea, because Love Rain was a big hit around the world. 😉 🙂

    Jang keun suk and Yoona are the most attractive, famous and multitalented couple. They are the brigthest star of korea. i think that koreans had jealous.

  12. i can’t wait to see this 🙂 We’re so exciteeeeeeeeeeeeed!. We (my family and I) love this drama and it’s couple, we have seen many Korean dramas, but we we’d never seen a couple so pretty and perfect like them.
    Jang keun suk and Yoona are a amazing perfect match. and they are sooooooooooooooo beautiful and attractive couple 🙂

    thanks thanks 🙂

  13. i think this would make a great movie i mean love rain was awesome a movie of it will make this drama even more popular ..and omg are we gonna see yoona and jks promoting this film ?cuz it will be amazing if the met again .

  14. LOVE RAIN is very successful globally, Honeslty I do not care about low ratings in Korea because this drama is one of the most wonderful and unique artistic piece in dramas, Love rain is excellent and original drama from around the world, Love Rain is Art. Also, Yoona and Jang keun suk are awesome and amazing actors. of course, they are the most beautiful and envied couple from all over asia.
    I think Love Rain is his best drama for jang keun suk.
    No offense, but this drama is better than many other popular or commercial dramas (for teenagers).

    Love rain would be like “Mozart”: High Artistic quality, something unique, special and perfect.
    other dramas would be like “justin bieber”: very commercial for only teenagers, but not always “The commercial” has “The artistic quality”, not always!.

    Congratulation, Im Yoona and Jang Keun Suk. they really are the best actors. thank you so much, you inspired me guys! I’m wait for their next drama or movie.

    Bye ^^

  15. honestly, i’m so excited for this. I miss Love Rain.
    Im Yoona and Jang Geun-Suk.. They just made the story even better 😉 hwaiting guys! 1, 2, 3 … Sarangbi.

    Thw world support them.

    bye guys ^^

  16. My drama Favoriteeeeeeeeeeee!!!..i’m so happy!!!

    congratulaion , Dear Goddess Yoona and Asia Prince Jang Keun suk. i love them, i love Love Rain, i love story .

    ╚══`.¸.Sukki Chan and Yoona san = Zikzin & Shikshin 4EVER.

    Peace and Love eels.
    Love and Free Sukki! 4ever.

  17. FIGHTING LOVE RAIN ..SARANG BI ♥ GODDESS YOONA & ASIA PRINCE JANG KEUN SUK ♥ they were the most amazing and perfect couple, i loved their good chemsitry together.
    i can’t waiting, i wanna to see this ..now. 🙂 i’m so happy.

    zikzin guys!

    ☆┌─┐ ─┐☆
     │▒│ /▒/
     │▒ /▒/─┬─┐◯

    Peace and Love eels.
    Love and Free Sukki! 4ever.

  18. Movie version, I can’t wait for the movie!! Zikzin!! Jang keun suk is one of the best actors in asia. I’ve seen almost all of Jang keun suk’s work and “Love Rain” was definitely one of his best work. YoonA is my top female actress-idol, her acting skills are better than many others actresses, also her dedication can be seen clearly on-screen and like Jang keun suk.
    Yoona and Jang keun suk are the prettiest couple. they have a perfect chemistry.
    Jang keun suk and Yoona also did an amazing job together. Love Rain was so natural and real. i loved this.

    Go Love Rain!!!

  19. Good New, I want to watch the version movie, soon. the drama was amazing.

    congratulation Im Yoona, Jang Geun Suk and Love Rain.

    For Me, All music, acting and characters were well-played. This drama certainly can touch our heart. I have to admit : Love Rain is one of the best dramas of All Asia.

    The japaneses are the luckiest people on earth. thanks Japan 😉 japanese are nice people, they have good taste.

    thanks Eels!.

  20. Jang keun seok and Im YoonA should’ve made a new version movie of Love Rain in 3D. they are two of the best actors in korea, Brilliant actors!!!

    ooooooooo I can t wait to see!

  21. three of the things that I genuinely appreciate about Love Rain in contrast to others korean dramas is that they are so natural and clean acting. also They are the most beautiful Asia couple.
    I could feel the love between them ( Im Yoona and Jang Keun Suk). That I had never felt in any others dramas.

    ooh, yeah, i am so excited, i need to see this version movie! of course, i loved version drama.


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