[article] “Jang Sational” 3 Days 2 Nights, Shows in Japan, A Jang Keun Suk Diary_20130816

Source: news.naver.com
Chinese translation: Sukbar
English translation: Wen Lee from ECI and edited by Springsuk_USA

“Jang Sational” 3 Days 2 Nights, Shows in Japan, A Jang Keun Suk Diary
Currently popular in Germany is ‘Son-sational’ because of Son Hin-Min. Across the big ocean hitting in Japan is ‘Jang-sational’ a phrase made up of ‘JANG KEUN SUK’ & ‘sensational’, a nickname due to his extraordinary popularity.

Actually, JANG KEUN SUK does have a unique position in Japan. He swept thru representative music events in Japan. On the 9th this month, he attended the ending stage of MTV Zushi Fes 13. On the 10th of this month, he shone on the Summer Sonic 2013 stage, the same stage with world class rock bands.

Didn’t get enough of it? We’re revealing how JANG KEUN SUK’ swept thru Japan on 9th & 10th. JANG KEUN SUK personally wrote the behind the scene for the 3 days & 2 nights in Japan. The Jang-sational that rocked Japan starts!

JANG KEUN SUK’ 3 days & 2 nights diary.
Hello everyone, I am JANG KEUN SUK. It’s been a long time. How are you? I’m busy with Team H shows in Japan. We also performed on the Zushi Fes 13 & Summer Sonic 2013 stages. Now please think of it… it was a very happy experience. Now, I’ll reveal some of the interesting things behind the scene.
This is on the 8th, I went to the beauty salon before I travelled to Japan, got my hair done and makeup done in a hurry. With this and that… Who invented ‘airport fashion’? Ever since this phrase, have to prepare a lot before I travel, so every time I go overseas have to make a lot of effort.
Great! This time, dressed cool & fresh for the eels in Japan, floral T-shirt & rolled up jeans. The weather is especially hot so chose a cool hairstyle, looking good? Everything is ready, Japan, GO, GOing!
Arrived in Japan! Haneda airport was full of eels. Afterwards I was asked and told there were about 1,000 people! Must give some fan service for those who come to meet me, right? Made eye to eye contact with everyone possible, also gave them my symbolic blow kisses.
Where is this? Hotel? Restaurant? Give some hint please. Come look for what’s in common at this place with the sign on my T-shirt! See the Z? Right! It’s the Z in Zikzin! This is the Zikzin building in Shibuya! 1st floor is retail shop, 2nd floor is café and dinning, 3rd floor is nail salon, 4th floor is bathroom accessories, 5th floor is used as office.
This is a place full of things I like. I have thought about this before, it’d be good if I have something like this , now I made this happen for real but it’s still like a dream. Very cool, right?
‘Japanese eels, with most energy!’
What’s this? I came out to see the place was full of eels. How did you know? They filled up the street by the Zikzin building. Japanese eels, really amazing!
This was self-photographed in the morning, just felt like that.
This is the morning on the 2nd day. Today (9th) is Zushi Fes 13 show. Zushi Fes 13 is held at a resort, is Japan’s most representative outdoor music festival. Because it’s at a resort so many come to watch wearing swimming costumes. Carefree style, ho, to live!
Yo, Brother, are you ready?
‘Go Go, let’s go’ (BigBrother)
This friend sitting next to me is Big Brother, now performing with Team H, is a friend who is very good in music! While at school, we DJ together & became friends. Formed group with good friend & came this far, really, things are always so unexpected!
Only here that I can reveal what the rest room looks alike! What am I doing? Drawing eye lines. I am now concentrating fully. Regardless, I have been an artist for 21 yrs! Doing this myself, piece of cake to me, Cri!
Today, I wear pink coloured tight shorts, very brave, right? Nice figure?! For summer music festival, everyone wears glamorously, bracelets are layered, sleeveless floral shirt, this kind of style, I know the feeling
Dong dong! This is today’s stage. Feels cool just by looking at this. Swimming pool by the sea, feel like somewhere else in the world. Enjoying the show at a place like this, must be very meaningful!
‘Noise, shout!’
Finally, the show starts. Weather? GOOOOOOOD! Response? GOOOOOOOD! During Team H performance, many people waved their hands following the music, stomping their feet, even thinking about it now my heart is still beating boom boom! Like I’m still on that stage!
Actually, the fixed time for the performance was only 40 minutes, the staff kept reminding us to keep an eye on the time. But we were too engrossed, went over probably 10 minutes? The time just went so quickly without realizing it, really, there were even male fans supporting too! I remember that very clearly! Ka ka, can I have more male fans? When will I have a concert that only men can enter?
But, how come it’s so hot lately? Actually, this the photos we thought if we should put on or not because it may cause fans worried. Very hot day plus exerted a lot of energy easy to cause exhaustion. As soon as the performance finished, I was exhausted, I lied down in the resting room before I gradually recovered!
But, who am I? Zikzin spokesperson, JANG KEUN SUK! How can I keep lying down? Changed to comfortable clothes, did photo shoot for the interview. BB also looked very excited. We are professionals!
Sweet rest, want to come to the pool party?
‘Tonight’s dinner, decided to have buckwheat noodles’
We had very late dinner at the end of a very happy day! Menu is cold buckwheat noodles. Lingering feeling of the concert probably still showed on our faces! We chatted happily, and then went back to the hotel. Oh, what a happy day!
‘Start the new day with a morning picture’
Today is show at Summer Sonic 2013. There was little bit free time before the show time, so temporarily arranged to record a short review for the DVD which will be released next month. The Making video of Team H Asia tour from Feb to April, in my opinion we two really are like two kids, or should I say, a lot of crazy episodes, so, you must see it!
We laughed crazily during recording so my belly was hungry. Come to Japan, must eat Japanese ramen noodles! Hot summer day eating hot ramen noodles, smells so nice… but…after that…..
“What a moment.. let’s have some ice cold napkin!“
It’s so hot, drank all the hot soup, then all the sweat came out, stuck icy cold napkins on my forehead and chin, felt much better. Everyone should have ice and napkin, this is Geun-chan’s summer secret. Hu Hu! Isn’t that a kind of cute?
“Eel! Shocked?”
Saw an eel even here. A female fan who knew me shyly asked for an autograph. With napkin sticking on the forehead, must have been a bit scared! Hu hu hu…. But I’m not afraid of this! So signed autograph & took a piturec looking like this. This is also memory, right?!
“Want to have”
After dinner, went for a walk to help digestion, only look & not buy. Recently, my eyes keep looking at camping gear. Dreaming that one day I will go picnic with fans. Regardless, no matter if it’s fan meeting or outdoor concert, must be fun.
“Very, so, let’s ignite the flame!”
Finally, before getting on the Summer Sonic 2013 stage, shouted ‘fighting’ with the staff with our hands together. Summer Sonic is one of the two largest rock music festivals in Japan. This year, there are Metallica, Muse, Lincoln Park, etc world class bands also attending. Team H has been invited two years in a row!
Oh, this kind of situation is in danger of interrupting the show. Fans all rushed to the front. Due to concerns for danger, the show could not start. Actually, same thing happened last year, everyone pushed to the front, about 30 people were carried out. Broadcast announcement was no use.
This year, I personally did the microphone broadcast. “Everybody, the show cannot continue like this. Come come, everyone, take a step back, safety first.” Because MC Geun-chan, the situation improved. Didn’t I look cool in the way I took my stride in giving the instructions? kkkk! Afterwards, a lot of fans of other singers also sent me messages. Said to me, was impressed by the way I handled the crowd order. Ok, I take that as gained one more eel!
Finally, show started. Let’s really have a good time. Response was the highest. I was also almost going crazy! Are you curious about the response on site too? Go to real time search, Team H was No.1. What? That big?
Evidence picture after the fiery hot stage performance. The remnant feelings & excitement must be still showing on the face! Let’s use this picture to complete the 3 days & 2 nights journey! But more tight schedule ahead. Seeing the fans who were so happy at our concerts, making me have more energy, thank you everyone!

Finally, introduce the next schedule. 24th & 25th this month, Tokyo Makuhari sports stadium, holding the 2nd Japanese Expo ‘Zikzin Fes’. Can once again see Jang-sational. All the stalls with myself as the theme are also ready. So, see you!

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