[vote] Vote for JKS for 2013 21st Korean Culture and Entertainment Award

Please vote for Jang Keun Suk for 2013 21st Korean Culture and Entertainment Award
You don’t have to register to vote, but only one vote a day.
1. Please clink and go to this page: http://www.koreanwavenews.com/
2. Click english (if preferrably)
3. Click Vote
4. Click Jang Keun Suk photo
5. Click the check sign to vote

Please show your support to Jang Keun Suk.

47 thoughts on “[vote] Vote for JKS for 2013 21st Korean Culture and Entertainment Award”

  1. Come on, let’s vote for our prince~! Let us show those hateful bashers and haters the power of united EELS from all over the world.

  2. i will vote for jangkeunsuk up to the end of voting date… i have even ask other people to vote for him everyday because only 1 ip add per vote is recognized by the voting site…. he is deserving for this award , ihope he gets this 😀

  3. wonder why there are so little votes on the japanese side?
    Maybe they don’t know about this..or they don’t wanne participate for the same old reason

    and the chinese eels…wonder if they know about this on baidu and weibo??

  4. oh c’mon why is he always num 2 …you know i’m just tired of seeing him always like this and so tired of fighting with evey body about him…. maybe lmh is really better 🙁 cuz its seems i’m the only one fighting !!!

    • CLOVER,

      I understand your frustration or even disappointment!! Please remember that EELs are not soooo much into voting games. EELs would rather support Sukkie by promoting his works, watching his dramas, attending his concerts, buying his albums, DVDs and products or donating money to charity costs in his JKS….etc…..

      In my opinion, these 2 STARs are popularity in their own rights. Who is the BEST is all based on FANs’ opinions and hearts.!!! So no matter what, who win or loose, on this Voting game, I totally believe it will not affected either of them at all.

      The EELs and Minoz, these fanbases go against one another every year..T.T. It’s very bitter, brutal bloody competition between these 2 fans. In opinion, The voting game is more like just to serve to FANs’ satisfaction of beating other STARs’ fans up. If their STAR is a WINNER, so therefore, they think that the loser is not as GOOD or popular. To me, Who win or Loose is just to show how diligent and patient FANs are in voting for their STARs, especially the VOTE system allows FANs to vote multiples like this one. That’s why I don’t like Voting System like this…!!! The final result doesn’t really reflect the REAL value of the prize…!!

      Please don’t hear me wrong…..I love JKS unconditionally, I voted voted voted for him every day. I voted not sooo much I expected Sukkie to WIN, but I voted because of some EELs like you, CLOVER…. I don’t you or other EELs to fight alone. You are definitely not fighting alone!!!!

      If our STAR might not win, it does not matter. Jang Keun Suk is still Jang Keun Suk. He is still our shinning STAR. Please keep continue doing the best you can do to support him, in whatever ways you can do. Please please be happy in what you are doing..!!

      • Agree with you again….the real win for Sukkie is being on top of the salescharts and attracting many fans to concerts and the real price they get for the sales of movies and dramas and the accolades they get from the media and industry for the admirable and special things…

        Money still talks..and our best vote is still the love we as eels shows directly
        But your not alone…I vote with you clover

      • I am happily voting for Suk every day. I’ve decided not to boycott this time because the award is meaningful and prestigious since it recognizes the artiste’s contributions towards Korean culture and entertainment. So, keep the faith, Clover and let’s vote together 🙂

      • That is very honest and brave of you sugarsukkie…
        You are worthy to be a eel…if Sukkie would know he would be honoured to have you as his eel

    • Its okay CLOVER Jang Keun Suk has received & won this award already year 2011 & not just Hallyu Star Award but GRAND HALLYU AWARD it was the title of the award that JKS bagged then. If Lee Minho will win this time (but of course hoping for JKS to WIN AGAIN so I’m diligently voting for him), it does not mean he is better or a more popular Hallyu star than JKS, both are enjoying immense popularity abroad.

      Well judging from the votes that other actors (not including the group idols) have garnered aside from Lee Minho, ASIA’S PRINCE JANG KEUN SUK is very much in the limelight of Hallyu stage. Fighting JANG KEUN SUK for us eels you will always be the winner!

      *Don’t forget to click twice the blue tick (check) icon to make sure your vote goes in.

  5. Eels, do continue to vote for JKS!
    He needs our support since the Baeksang Arts award has stopped accepting overseas voting.
    This KC&EA is another local award recognising popularities of an artiste.
    JKS is such a dedicated and hard-working person, so Eels must be hard-working too!
    Let’s show him Eels support!
    Zikzin to all eels!

  6. Having a bit difficulty to vote for Sukkie.. the blue spot does not respond for the last 2 days..out of frustation I voted for ft island just now to check..and was ok giving me a message I voted…WHAT is this!!!!…strange a minite before I tried to vote for JKS Dont want think of conspiracy here.. I’ll try to stay cool but it’s a bit strange that LMH has so many votes already and not even the most encouragement posts?…his fans have super compters or so…while I have difficulty to enter Sukkie’s page…

    • that’s my problem too…i tried and tried to vote for prince so many times but like mamacri said the blue spot does not respond at all and sometimes when i click the name of prince its became unresponsive…come on whats happening????????//

      • oh boy…why oh why… be pair…i tried to vote for prince again but like before its unresponsive then i tried to vote for other like what mamacri did then the confirmation that my vote is counted appear…no wonder prince got #2 spot..be PAIR..i want to cry…

  7. To Sis Tenshi, i think we need support from Jason from China. If our Prince could reach 10 millions on Weibo. How could he have less scores than LMH. Let make Jason work harder with Chinese eels for our babe.

  8. Cant access the site again..giving me the site does not respond or address is not good or site is moved…now I begin to understand again why eels all boycot these things…. but hee…sukkie is unstoppeble…he’s on the move again…
    Btw..as a sideline..never saw faith from lmh but I saw a pic and his styling reminded me of prince chang hwi…of wich we know sukkie invented the styling…lol

    • i am refreshing the page that says “site not found or error” for several times then it will directly go to the voting page. and also i am voting to the chinese and japanese clicking the blue circle 4 to 6 times to make sure that my vote will go through… 😀 😀 😀

  9. this poll is crap. i can’t believe the amount of votes lmh and the others have over jks. they are not even closely talented as him. jks will always be the winner for me.

  10. This votingsystem is crap…. 90 +% of the time the site can’t be reached and if it’s not reacting when I vote for JKS..but oddly it reacts when I vote for others… a bit corrupt..if I would not know better..feels like its been tempered with…maybe they already set a “winner” altogether for Sukkie already won and it would be a bit awkward if he would win it again…think it would be more honest if they link the vote to an email or app..so have less problems with responstime. The say on the site they would make changes..let see what it will bring..otherwise just boycot the whole thing as before and loosing more & more trust in the korean e bizz..so dark… now I understand why Sukkie futhers his career out of Korea more and more

  11. will never vote on any sites like these again. the page is always on error and have very questionable number of votes for some. there is no competition there, it’s a joke.

  12. i still hate it that our prince did not win any of the categories this year, even if we all doubted the voting system. hmph! our keunsuk star will always shine brightest for me <3


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