[vid] Arirangworld Showbiz Korea: Tops 5 Stars Who Best Represent Korea_20130814

Source: Arirangworld

Arirangworld, the English TV channel’s Showbiz Korea program did survey and ranked Top 5 Stars Who Best Represent Korea

5th place: Girls Generation 8%
4th place: BIGBANG 9%
3rd place: Jang Geun Seuk 13%
2nd place: SUPER JUNIOR 15%
1st place: Rain 41%

Yay, Asia Prince JKS ranked on 3rd place. Zikzin!

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    • Dear Eel, Do not worry, every year changes Top 5 Stars Who Best Represent Korea, except the idols as “Super Junior, girl’s Generation and Big Bang” these 3 groups will always be among the most famous Korean stars in the world and Top 5 Stars Who Best Represent Korea.

      but I hope that the next year our dear JANG KEUN SUK will get the 41% and first place ;).^^. I pray much for this desire.

      I ‘m proud for him, his drama LOVE RAIN is the most popular in the world! JYo! and TEAM-H and TONG YI are so famous in china! Jyo jyo !.

      * what became of Mr. Psy? :s he’s very popular in the world. Honestly, I thought Mr. PSY would be the first place I never thought about Rain.

  1. Congrats, JKS! This is a great success and a story. I love the fact that he was the only not-group performer and actor (if we don’t include Rain) on the list.

    Also, love that these MCs talked about him a lot and praised him. He totally deserves it!

    Go, go, go!!! Zikzin!!!

    Peace out!

  2. cograts keun suk..u deserve this..looking at this..i know he will be on the top spot very soon..remember..he is an actor but others are idol who getting instant popularity frm kpop explosion.because of popularity..rain already have a few international appearance in hollywood..even he is an idol but i think his acting are not really acknowledge by the industries. i think suk make the different..he will conquer the world by his acting..his singing is just a part of his way to getting known by more people. not to mention..he is always no.1 in eels heart.kkkk…keun suk..fighting!!!zikzin for BM!!!

  3. Very happy Sukkie gets acknowledgment outside Korea…by arirang, that is international?; even in the korean news he gets more focus…..did not know we could vote…missed chance..

    Sukkie got accolades for being the only actor in the list..and his drama is all in korean so it’s not that easy to get over the borders with that..so it’s a big win.
    He has little, almost non promotions at all…

    Did they say something about voting for idol next week orso..have to watch again..

    Needless to say…Sukkie is first in my thoughts, first in my eyes and first in my heart

    Well done Sukkie and well done eels

  4. Well, I confess, I am a CLOUDed EEL. Jang Keun Suk has to take responsibility for me becoming a fan of Rain, as he mentioned he wanted to be a World Star like Rain. I had no idea who this Rain was he spoke of, so I had to “goggle” him. Then I understood. LOL

    I am sure JKS is proud to be considered someone who represents his country well. It doesn’t bother me at all that he’s got only 13 percent of the votes. He’s just one guy, Super Junior has to share 15 percent. And I would hope Jang Keun Suk would be very proud of his sunbae Rain who brought in 41 percent of the votes. I personally am proud of both of them, together they bring in 54 percent (Over half) the votes! I think that’s impressive for a couple of guys that are often not well respected in their own country – hopefully that’s changing!

    Maybe South Korea will sit up and finally take notice of what National Treasures, these guys (JKS & Rain) really are! JKS – Jyo Zikzin!

    • i’m proud of our Dear Jang Keun Suk, finally he’s among the top 5 in korea. i’m so happy. he works so hard!! Love Rain, team H, just crazy, nature boy, Tong Yi etc. now He has a lot succesfull. great! power zikzin!

      Girl’s generations (SNSD) have fans of all ages, nations, genders (male and female), religions, etc..The New York Times did a special article about their high popularity and fame, classifying them as the most famous female idols in korea. even SNSD Hits US Media with “Letterman” and “Live With Kelly” Appearances, Girl’s Generation also are 9 of the sexiest girls in the world. and Yoona also is one of the most beautiful in the World. pls Dear Eel, You should not underestimate them. ^^



  5. Congratulations Sukkie! So proud of you. Zikzin you deserve everything that you have achieved. Stay strong and I’m always here to support you!!!


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