[News] JKS 2012 Asia Tour Crishow II Live Making DVD (Traditional Chinese Sub Version)_20130807

Source: Warner Music Store
English Translation: Wen Lee from ECI and Springsuk_USA

Warner Music will release JKS 2012 Asia Tour Crishow II Live Making DVD (4DVDs) on Aug 14.

Here are some info about this DVD Package. Includes 4DVD with Traditional Chinese subtitle and one poster made in Korea. See the pic below.

DVD 1 & 2 – 2 hrs of Crishow II in Shenzhen specially added almost 1 hr Taiwan & Shanghai precious clips.
DVD 3 & 4 – more than 100 minutes of BTS from Seoul to Shanghai, Shenzhen & Taiwan. BTS & Making. Specially close up clips of JKS when he was staying in Taiwan.

Disc 1 – Shenzhen Crishow II live, 9 songs.
01. 200 miles

02. Butakhae, My Bus!

03. Let Me Cry

04. Stay

05. Rain

06. Bye Bye Bye

07. Crazy Crazy Crazy

08. Always Close to You

09. Abracadabra

Disc 2 – Shenzhen Crishow II live, 10 songs.

01. Hello Hello

02. Oh My Darling!

03. In My Dream

04. Tomorrow

05. 守護星 (Guardian Star)

06. I Will Promise You

07. My Precious

08. 一起演奏的旋律 (the Melody We Make)

09. Gotta Getcha

10. Shake it

Also clips from Shanghai Crishow II 4 songs

*SHANGHAI LIVE(Butakhae, My Bus! / Tomorrow / My Precious) & TALK

*TAIWAN LIVE(Rain / Oh My Darling! / I Will Promise You) & TALK

Disc 3 – Seoul & Shanghai BTS & Making.

Disc 4 – Taiwan & Shenzhen BTS & Making.

Taiwan part specially added JKS went to Taipei night food market, play tennis and interactive with fans. JKS in the gym, JKS rehearsal in arena before the show etc..

DVD info – Subtitles: traditional Chinese, English, Korean. Region: 1 & 3. Full length: 278 minutes.
(Note: so seems, there is English sub option for the DVD, but to make sure please contact Warner Music as shown in the above link.)


Note: Please click the link to check the price and payment term.

Also if you want to check the other version which was posted previously please click “HERE

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  1. So happy,finally got english subtitle. .but where to get it?
    I from malaysia, very sad to said i until now still cant find the nature boy album at here,
    I already go few place to find it, there outlet still said this album and really hope this wont happen again . . .

    • kenix, for Suk’s album, we normally go online to purchase as it is not available on retail stores here in SE Asia as most of his albums are launched in Japan under Japanese agencies & his own company.

  2. Yes I’m so buying this one….everthing with bts of Sukkie is a must have..we get to see how he works, jokes, eats and sleeps…
    where to order????


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