11 thoughts on “[Pics-1] JKS arrived in Osaka_20130801”

    • hahaha…there are so many pictures..had not seen him doing momo again..hahaha

      BB was with Sukkie also..I did not recognize him…
      wonder why BB is never waving…We eels love him too

  1. JKS looks so handsome! I guess some time off did miracles for him 🙂

    I also haven’t recognized BB at all. If you guyz didn’t mention him, I wouldn’t even know he was there… Hehehe

    BTW, what does ‘momo’ mean?

    Peace out!

    • Jazzy..have you seen “You’re my pet”…Sukkie plays the “momo” the pet(dog)in there…and he did the same thing, when the “boss” shut him out lol..try youtube


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