4 thoughts on “[Fan-cam] JKS arrived in Osaka_20130801”

  1. Omo…getting breathless watching these vids…
    Sukkie is showering the eels with kisses and he’s really happy to be on the go again to meet up with all his eels
    The japanese eels really were enthousiastic..if this is the forcast for the festival..I’m sure the festival is gonna be a real feast…
    So thoughtfull of Sukkie….ComeOn Zikzinfes is really ment for every eel..young and old, men and women…balladlovers or clubbers..there is music, shopping…taking pictures and meeting up with other eels and even food..
    I wish I could join this fes….boehoe…
    Wishing the eels who will attend a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Giggles..giggles…. ♥♥♥♥
    His smiles are too infectious.
    Hope all the eels near the area support him and get involve in the festival.
    Too bad im too far to be in the festival
    thanks for sharing this…

  3. Wowwww….What’s a happy day for eels!!! I’m soooooo happy seeing Sukkie looking healthy and happy. Jyo…Blue eels are awesome, always sooo orderly and screaming soooo loud, the BEST!!!!!


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