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  1. Eels all over the world are increasing not only in China. With Love Rain being aired and repeat airings of MMM & YB! Many more have been discovering JANG KEUN SUK lethal charm. JKS unique charm – once you get into the trap then you become hooked! 🙂

    • You’re right, Love Rain is currently airing here in the Philippines and a lot of my friends at work are truly enjoying the drama and asking more about JKS. Hope he’ll find time to visit us. I know he is truly busy but I hope he includes us with his concert tours in Asia. Lee Min Ho had his concert here I think two weeks ago, his co-actor in You’re Beautiful also had one with his group a month ago, but of course I did not watch any one of them because I’m really waiting for JKS concert. Congratulations for all your achievements, always keep your feet on the ground, stay healthy, always be happy!!!!

      • @ rosanna borla – That’s what i hope too that he’ll come & perform for his filipino eels but JKS needs an sponsor to do that, his concert production cost a lot more than others and JKS being meticulous will not compromise his stage production. Anyway nothing is impossible, let’s always hope, that day will come! LMH is lucky to have BP as his sponsor.

      • “Love Rain” is virtually unknown here in Seattle, U.S.A. (former home of Jay Park). Yet I bought the best edition of it. It was worth it. I have tried to buy whatever productions of JKS that Asia.Com has available. He is worth it He is the very, very best in every category. Dena, a fan from Seattle, U.S.A.

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