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The reason why I can’t call him ‘brother’ is because he is almost the same in my father’s age.. Hmm.. difficult… difficult… kk Anyway, a beautiful man and a beautiful…… Well… Ah… Just beautiful glasses~~ kkkkkkkkk
형을 형이라 부르지 못하는 이유는 우리 아버지와 같은 연배시기 때문이고.. 어렵다 어려워 ㅋㅋ 예쁜남자와 예쁜…음…아…그냥 예쁜안경~~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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  1. Dear ECI members,
    I need your opniums for Suk upcoming drama.Cause I feel so sad after reading comments for his
    Beautiful Man. Most of them said he made a wrong choice and manny many
    neagative comments for the drama , for JKS and even his company.
    I feel down. Although I appreciate Prince’s choice and
    believe in his acting , I feel alittle afraid cause Love Rain
    is not getting popular and the fist year of not seeing
    shining prince on award ceremony. Although I know Pri
    talent in acting, it needs a good drama for the ppls all
    around the world know his skills . feels sad today TT

    • Whiteyesmile, do let me know where you read the comments and I will tell you why the negative comments if you have the link ^_^
      Many times, negative comments comes from anti-fans and fans of others.. just think why they give negative comments when the drama has not even started.. and why they think LR is not popular when eels enjoy so much the drama.
      so if you learn to ignore the comments, you will feel better like many of us eels..

    • Hi ss,

      There are many bad comment for Suk everyday. They are cruel and crazy because they are anti-fans…The name of drama, the producer…cause they are jealous so much.
      Then, they know Prince- Suk is famous, rich, talent…than them so they hate.
      If we love and believe Suk, we always support him, console him more and more. ^ ^

      I love and respect to peolpe who love Suk forever.:x

    • Honestly speaking, i kind of expected such comments from those websites. They keep saying fans are blinded by love, but i feel that they are blinded by pure hatred and perception towards someone that they do not really know at all. A lot of them claim to be fans in the past, but they are only drama fans who like his previous roles. If they really love him, they will not criticise his personality.

      I can accept criticism of his drama choices but i feel unhappy when people criticize his personality.

      For this drama, as a fan, i will also honestly say i am not too fond of him taking another manga adapted work so soon. But he has read the script and i haven’t, perhaps the writer has made some good adaptation.

      Ratings is important but i feel that a good role that can showcase his acting skill is even more important. I don’t know if i will like the drama or not, but i will definitely be watching it. Can’t wait to see him in a bad guy role.

    • koalasplayground is one the website that you should avoid going. she used to like some of his work. But recently her article of jgs is so full of hatred for him that i choose not to comment anymore. I used to read her blog, she does watch a lot of dramas. But i don’t think we have similar taste since most of the dramas she recommended bored me to death.

      i find these people who write dramas recap very influential though. when they say a drama is bad, many will start to comment how bad the drama is when they probably only read the recap and did not even watch the drama. I can accept criticism of his drama since people have different taste. But i hate it when they bring in criticism on his personality when they hardly know anything about him. They like to say we are young eels who are blinded by love. I guess they really don’t understand JKS fanbase. Majority of his eels are actually older than him.

      I feel bad for jks because as eels we felt so unhappy reading all the negative comments, i really cannot imagine his feelings reading the comments. I wonder why they often make it sound like JKS is the only one who make the worst choice. LMH also selected a new work that is similar to his previous hit role and he is acting as a high school student. I like LMH but i don’t see him suitable to act as a high school student anymore. They did comment that he is unsuitable but I don’t see them bashing him the way they bash jks.

      But i am glad most people agree that he is a good actor and could have receive more recognition from the public if he received the right work

      • sis Min, DramaBean and Koalasplayground used to be my favorites sites to comment and read about dramas because these websites used to purely talk about Dramas. People’s comments used to be very neutral entertained…but somehow, these websites had become so bias and negative write up about certain STARs, especially our Jang Keun Suk. I don’t find reading people’s negative and HATE comments about things entertained..(even NOT about Suk), so I banned reading those websites. These websites become like fighting battle playground among FANs, most comments are so unpleasant. Why reading them when I feel headache, heartache and become moody and unhappy person after reading them. Life is tooo short, why wasting my time associated with negatives things in life. Just find some websites or places where you feel comfortable and happy sharing talks and opinions about things…!!!!

        I do agree with you that Dramabean and Koalasplayground are very influential on forecasting how each DRAMA’s rating, how these two websites can influence people’s perceptions, opinions and feelings about any dramas. Example, my co-worker who is simply K-dramas addict..not particular fan of any STAR, she always read DramaBean Reviews and Recaps about Dramas FIRST before she made her choice to watch that drama or NOT. In fact, she decided not to watch Love Rain because of the poor review from DramaBean. Very sad, but that’s reality!! People have their rights to run their websites in whatever ways they want..so I won’t beat myself up thinking why things happened certain ways. Hate comments or news might cause the fastest wave and stir up the biggest influences and control damages among readers…..but believe me, in the end people cannot stay being hateful or unhappy for too long!!! No matter what…. I am a BIG believer in the power of love. Doing things based on LOVE is much much much more enjoyable than hate.

      • Well said, Min. Miss Koala was a geun geun shipper. She adored JKS when he was with Moon Geun Young. But eversince he was with Yoona in Love Rain, I can feel that she dislikes him. If you go to allkpop, when there’re articles about other celebirites, 90% of the comments will be: he is drop dead gorgeous, he’s perfect, he’s so adorable, blah blah blah. But in JKS articles, most of the comments are: gay, girly, full of himself, narcissistic, blinded by fame, Asia Princess, faggot, attention seeker, publicity whore, even ‘bitch’. If there’re eels who were brave enough to defend JKS, then the comments will become crueler, and haters will become more aggressive and everybody will attack the poor eels. I believe all celebrities have haters, but why only JKS has so aggressive haters? T_T

      • I keep saying…It’s a thin line between love and hate…well we can’t change their simply minds…so not gonna waste my time doing that..Sukkie has already convince me he can sing and act…so no need to read those blogs for recaps..and make their blogs more popular.
        If it comes to Sukkie I wants to see it with my own eyes and experience his deep acting..
        I rather be here or at any Sukkie related blog or wath Sukkies dramas over and over again, watch nice vids on YT made by wonderful eels and listened to Sukkies songs
        I’m so happy Sukkie is one who communicates directly with his fans and shows direct love…
        He does not keep up appearances..good or bad..

        One thing is for sure…JKS does not leave them UNTOUCHED…HAHAHA..

  2. I got so excited when I head news about beautiful guy / man. I can predict that It’s the next hit drama. Prince acting skills are really great and I believe those who criticize him are those whom don’t know him well. His style his everything is unique hence people don’t seems to accept him, but their comments are so not appreciated. Prince worked very hard foe the things he do. Eels will support him forever!

  3. Thanks for asking our opinion, I am not an eel, not even a fan, but I saw him in beethoven virus and I liked his acting skills, which by the way never seen them again anymore. Just seen he is doing another drama, like a beautiful boy, the title by itself could tell he will use his looks, kind of superficial, that is not the kind of acting I am looking for in any actor/actress, so I am not interested. But if someday he makes some good quality work with good quality acting, I would watch it, meanwhile there are many good actors/actress that I can enjoy. Maybe the bad comments are because some people do not like to receive bad quality stuff, they are in their right to say it wihtout being bashed, freedom of speech is a natural right. Those comments even the very ugly ones can help him improve or make good decisions about what he wants to give to his fans. Honestly I thought he was a singer, but when I heard him sing, was clear to me he is not, he acts better than he sings, maybe people is confused with so many things he tries to do that they dont beleive in what he does anymore.

    Also he has received a lot of bad comments about his sexuality, because of some pictures of him dressed like a woman and with makeup, his homosexuality or heterosexuality is something he has the right to have, if he could keep in in private that would be better for his career in my opinion, hope to see one good quality stuff like beethoven virus someday again.

    • Why is it only JKS who did bad quality stuff & other actors didn’t? (in fact for me its not bad quality, I love all his films & dramas) i’ve known some other dramas that I consider to be bad but the lead didn’t get the same hate, i wonder really. It’s JKS life, it’s his choice. Other actors (not going to mention their names) did very bad things & in the end they got the sympathy of those people. What so bad about him I don’t understand.??? A hater said what’s the eyeliner for? Why is it only JKS who wears those stuff? or (dressed up as a woman) I’ve seen others did it (actors, idols, comedians) with others its acceptable but not from him right?

      • Kristin_ez, the negative comments from what I see are basically 2 types
        (1) anti-fans who very often claim they are ex-eel or ex-fans because they are actually fans of others but by claiming they are ex-eel or ex-fans, their intention is to cause bad emotional feeling with eels
        (2) normal Kdrama/Kpop fans who may read twisted news from a few sources in Kdrama/Kpop sites (in Eng) which have fans as writers (though indicating the media source but mostly in Korean).. due to mis-interpretation by individual resulted in prejudice of certain artiste. Those articles from those sites are normally not moderated and thus, it may be contributed by anti-fans too.

    • Carmine, actually my only comment is you have read all the news of Suk from wrong source (twisted news) and if you really see the source from Korea directly and from the entertainment news (on live interviews), he is known to be the least or almost no scandal artistes in Korea.. try to read news from different angle and you will understand what I mean.
      When I was in Taiwan attending his Cri show last year, I saw many Taiwanese reports on TV (in my hotel room) and also on Youtube .. about 10 or more of his Cri show. All of them are positive news but when I return home to S’pore from my trip, I saw a news report on local news paper about scandals in Taiwan and I was able to trace the news come from one vid from Apple daily news (the one that is very infamous for gossip news) and this vid by Apple news actually is comparing the bodyguard behaviors of few Kpop groups with Sukkie’s… and Sukkie’s bodyguards being the most polite and gentle to fans. However, the news report that come out from the article twisted the vid by by saying his bodyguard pushes the fans. The source is this apple news vid and we can see first part is taling about Sukkie’s bodyguards being polite to fans and the 2nd part of the vid compare with other staffs of kpop groups.. the rough behavour.. when I see this report, I immediately link to this apple news. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onWTb8CP6K8
      This is just one example as I have many others which I observed somehow Sukkie’s news are always twisted by some local entertainment news (Eng) either intentionally (to attract attention as part of media marketing) or unintentionally (the reporter is not good in understanding Chinese news and mis interpreted the news contents in the vid)
      So far, I checked the various sites in China news and also thanks to Kaori chan for the Japanese translation for many articles and vids.. I can say we have here the most update to date and accurate news of Sukkie, good or bad and everytime, I can tell the news reported on local news is reliable or not.

  4. Upon read many Reviews or Recaps of many other STARs’ K-dramas on DreamaBean Website. I can attest that ONLY Jang Keun Suk can steer such deep HATE and LOVE emotions in people by simply posting News and Articles about him on that website . Why is the BIG issue about his drama?? Why can people give Jang Keun Suk a chance to do or act on whatever he wants to do? Don’t people know many fans love Jang Keun Suk for some reasons? Why can people respect another people’s choices or rights to follow or love any STAR in this world?

    Sure, I am super bias about my STAR because I always wish my STAR to select the best works, and to do the BEST on every projects. Don’t we all wish our loved or admired ones have successful careers and be happy in life?

    Blind by love…absolutely not!!! I don’t condone all his actions are correct or to my liking. I can see that Jang Keun Suk is NOT perfect guy. He has many BAD behaviors and habits. Some of his styles or fashions are soooo weird…I don’t even know how to describe them… but should I stop being his fan because of that….absolutely NOT. I love the special unique personalities he processes that no one else can process. I choose to love him because of his talents, his hard-work ethnics, his positive attitude, his driving forces and motivations to do the best that he can do in this situation and position…..who is the sole provider for his family and company

    Jang Keun Suk is NOT afraid of failure. I love this attitude about him. People should NEVER treat failure as the end of the world!!!!

    As for his coming drama, Beautiful Man…. Initially, I was shocked and disappointed that Sukkie choose to play in a pretty boy role again. Not anymore!!! When I have time thinking about things (especial about JKS’ pig situation in Korea)…..then I realize that even if Jang Keun Suk selected to play on the most macho man role in the world…..people would still find something wrong about it. Plus, I trust Jang Keun Suk is a smart enough guy to know what is BEST for him, and how to conduct his own career and life. I was initially shock because I was worry that many people won’t look (or care to look) at his acting skills or abilities beyond his “beautiful” image in this drama. My most fear that “Beautiful Man” won’t achieve high TV Rating in Korea because just simply the main ACTOR is Jang Keun Suk, whom many people love to hate…but can’t stop talking about him. If JKS can accept this fact….then I, as a fan, can accept it too. We can’t force people to like what we like. Would I stop supporting him or loving him anymore just because he did not choose the drama I wish him to act on or just because he drama might not gain the highest TV rating?? Obsolutely NOT!! I am a FAN, I will support all my STAR’s dramas or any other projects despite the fact that the drama might not be popular one.

    Jang Keun Suk, please keep on doing your very BEST. Please never ever give up!!!! Please don’t make Haters distract you from doing what you love the most, which is acting!!! Keep on Zikzin!!

    • Very well said Kailey, you just made me cry. Exactly my sentiment. The more they hate him, the more i love him! I’ll never give up on him. JANG KEUN SUK FOREVER!

    • Hear hear…people are so prejudiced.. only the title which can change along the way stears a lot off controversy… what do we fans and anties alike.want to with this…. We don’t trust the good judgement off thedirector, the scriptwriter nor the production company who produced boys over flowers btw which the korean liked very much… it’ s too bad we can do that without any proof..Like kailey said…even if Sukkie would play somebody ugly people would have something to say about it. I’m really anticipating his drama. Like how Tenshi explain the role it’ll be multy facetted and a real challenge to portrait that.. oooo I am really looking forward to his emo acting..he’s really good at that. I’ll keep supporting my Sukkie for he’s the wackiest most loveble, honest and talented prince…

  5. I think he knows what he’s doing. I remember when he had a chat on Weibo last year someone asked him what role he would like to play. He answered he would like to play a character totally opposite to his own, like for example a playboy. I think the character of the Beautiful Man is like this. That’s why I think his decision is well thought over.

  6. Our Prince captures the hearts of his international eels. Especially, Love Rain has the highest rating internationally. I have been following his work, starting from You’re Beautiful then all of his previous dramas and films, including the Itaewon one that he played a murderer role and Hong Gil Dong where he played a second lead role. I don’t think we need to worry about his choice. His talent in acting is superb. He is compatible with the international lead stars, to name some, Mel Gibson, Di Caprio, Nicholas Cage, Bruce Willis, and of course, my favorite senior Japanese star like Toshiro Mifune who has already passed away. My family members are film lovers, we watched films since Charlie Chaplin, James Dean, Rock Hudson days. I can assure you that he is compatible with these world renown actors. He will capture your heart again. I encourage all of us, international eels, to give him strong moral support. Our Prince will act and be successful until he can’t read the script, probably till 94!!!

  7. By the way, whao said Love Rain was not popular. If you followed the news about Love Rain it has been a real hit around the world. Korean Dramas that become popular in Korea are very different from international opinions. Watch the Korean Dramas and look at the ratings you will find out what it is. My ratings are sometimes very different from the local rating. I think it is related to Korean Values and tradition. For example Jang Ok Jong started pretty high but as the king started to have an affair, the rating is fallling. There are many good dramas that have low ratings although everything was superb, mainly because good deeds did not lead to winning. Let’s wait for Beautiful Man and see how our Prince would capture our heart being a bad boy or a play boy.

    • As an American fan, I ordered the most expensive edition of “Love Rain” and thoroughly enjoyed it. Through Yes Asia I have ordered whatever I could that he has produced. It is true that in some of his photos he appears extremely feminine, but at the same time attractive. He acted well in everything (like “Hong Gil Dong” for instance). I do not understand why Koreans are not proud of him; I became a fan when I heard him sing “Let Me Cry” – his change into falsetto is marvelous. I so look forward to this next drama. I am a language addict, and because of the Korean Wave I have really been working on Korean. I’ll be able to understand him a lot better in his next drama. He would have been wonderful in “Rooftop Prince” although Mickey Yoo-Chun was very good. Why criticize JKS because he has a flawless face and graceful body? I wish JKS the very best of luck. Dena, U.S.A. fan from Seattle

  8. Thanksyou for all your comments.
    I love his loyal eels alot especially ECI members
    I like Sukkie cause of his acting in YAB first.
    Then I watched his other works , I realized he can bring
    out every character well. I am drama and film craz
    And i like beautiful and handsome guys.
    but he is the only one who is never bored to watch.
    but after slowly knowing his personality from
    fan page (e.g.JKS forever ) and his official twitter,
    my view for JKS is changed. Now I am not liking JKS
    for his acting and his face, I like him and I admire
    26years old JKS cause of his inner beauty and
    frankly personality. e.g. even though he cant sing
    like a professional singer I love the way he try to sing
    for us.

  9. from my observation..there r many kinds of antis who like to make comments on suk..they might be some jealous people on his fame..haters who dislike his appearance or personality..ex-eels who get disappoint for some reason when something not going their way ..and maybe anyone who got nothing to do. i believe everyone have their right to speak their opinion but sometimes they might go ridiculous..to tell he cant act..i really cant take it..i have no idea how they rate acting if they said so.i like him because of his acting skill..and i love him because he’s being himself.im ok if they say his acting is better than his singing cause he’s not a pro singer but i found his singing could touch my heart cause he got the ability to put the soul in every song he sing…he’s singing frm his heart.


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