[News] Jang Keun Suk x Big Brother 【H road】 is released in September

Source: http://www.jang-keunsuk.jp/h_road/
Can’t stop the TEAM H

TEAM H Japan tour started from Hroshima, Kobe, Sapporo, Makuhari and additional stages at Budokan created a sensation throughout Japan.
Sometimes, they worried, stopped running, or rushed…
The BTS of their 3-month tour is generously released!?
It’s full of their real selves, true feelings and mischievous side unseen on the stage!!
Besides, their never-before-seen video of TEAM H has trodden the path, which is must see for fans, is included in it!!

JKS×BB 【H road】
Released date: September 20th, 2013
*Original booklet
*TOUR MAP x pin-up poster
Price: 6,800 yen (including tax)
Language: Korean
Subtitles: Japanese
Region Code: 2 – Japan, Europe, South Africa, Greenland and the Middle East (including Egypt)

The image of DVD1
tenshi_akuma’s note: Now only KOARI online shop starts to accept the order. But I’m sure later other online shops is going to be available.

16 thoughts on “[News] Jang Keun Suk x Big Brother 【H road】 is released in September”

  1. O…I really would like to have…why not sub in english too…makes did available for world eels so Team H can become more popular

  2. Mamacri…..You are absolutely right. If JKS wants to go global with his music, name and brand….he needs to start thinking ENGLISH!
    Everything he does, should have English sub-titles to get moving on his dreams.
    He really needs 2 or 3 good songs on his next CD in English to get things rolling worldwide….if he just releases in Korean and Japanese….he’ll never make it to the world stage.
    I must be honest, I do subtitles because I enjoy foreign films and that’s how I discovered Korean films and drama. Most Americans, don’t watch sub-titles, unless they come from an international background or are well-travelled. It’s unfortunate but true. You never see an interpreter on stage with a performer. We don’t have the international borders or proximity to other countries except Canada and Mexico. Let’s show him our love and support….our talented, intelligent AP is already aware of these things…and he will continue to strive towards his dreams. Champagne wishes and strawberry dreams to our Little Prince!!

    • Susann, I agree with you in a way. However, I have studied languages for a long time and since I discovered the Korean Wave, I have really concentrated on Korean. However, I know only a few words in Japanese and he sings so many songs in Japanese! Maybe by the time his next drama is released, at least for Korean I will be able to understand it! However, he needs publicity over here. In speaking with a Korean immigrant in Seattle, she had not even heard of JKS! I told her to look him up on the Internet and that she did not know what she had been missing! Dena, a Seattle fan

  3. JKS/Team H needs a promoter in the US to market his music and DVD’s. These should have English and Chinese subs! We want to support Sukkie as WORLD PRINCE, but he has to meet us halfway and provide communication. ZIKZIN!

  4. yeap, please provide with eng sub so international eels will know what is going on and will be able to understand with his latest news.

    btw, thank u tenshi akuma 4 the translation~.~

  5. Hello tenshi_akuma,

    I have the live I Just Wanna Have Fun dvd – so i was wondering –

    Does this dvd – Team H on the Road – actually have live footage from concerts? or is this primarily a behind the scene documentary?

  6. niamki –

    thank you for the list of 3! I was up late last night trying to figure out which was live and which wasn’t – and had the Saitama 2014 Collectors (I like the suited JKS version in Saitama), 2012 Lounge H, and the Lounge H First impression in the cart already when I saw your reply!

    I was debating about whether to get the Team H road – but it seems that it is all in Korean, although from the Amazon reviews – which apparently everyone adored (I read it in eng trans) – it looks like it may have Japanese audio/dub in addition to the subs…I need ENG subs…so am still debating about this….

    One more thing – On WHICH dvd is THIS version of the No human smell at time number: 13:23-14:12? It seems there are 2 versions of this with him wearing the same rings/ties/clothes – was it all one performance? The insertion has a slightly lower resolution – so it looks like whoever made the wonderful wonderful wonderful youtube vid entry spliced in a differently available sequence…..

    where oh where is THAT sequence from and on which DVD? the 13:23-14:12 sequence….


    Is this on the complete 2012 Lounge H We are Team H DVD? Because I just ordered it…along with the other 2 aforementioned…

    I think I am becoming his fan – and all because of Mary Stayed Out All Night and You’re Beautiful…and the Youtube Last Resort – FanMade by LP p.

    niamki – thank you so much for your time in answering me with so much links/examples/detail…I use all of it !!!!

  7. akiko

    In Feb 2012 he had 2 Team H shows.
    For one of the night’s performance, it was broadcast on a japanese channel.

    The DVD “2012 Lounge H – We are Team H” – that was a combination of both shows from the Feb 2012.

    It has been more than 3 years – so I can’t really remember which of these links are from the live broadcast and which is from the DVD. But this uploader has got several accounts and has many of his shows up.




  8. akiko

    So you fell into Suk’s trap by MMM and YAP? In that order?
    kkkkk – that’s how he got me too!

    And the FanMade youube Last Resort by LP P was another reason?

    wahahaha – that I have to tell her!!!!
    That she’s one of reason why a new baby eel got created – and by her very first attempt at creating a fanmade video and loading it onto youtube. She’s going to be trilled!

    Still can’t stop laughing at this

  9. Hello niamki,

    Wow – thank you again for the detailed reply!! Gee – I guess I am becoming a baby eel, and yes I am glad to know that you also fell for JKS (I guess he is called Suk – by the eels – unagi) with the Mary, then YAB, then the Last Resort FanMade MV by LP P. It was the LP P vid that made me go – whoa – what is THIS music? and if this is how JKS has turned out – I must absolutely look and discover the music!!

    Yes – it was THAT fanmade vid with Last Resort by LP p that completely hooked me in in to his singing/music/ dance EDM style. First of all, I didn’t even know he sang that way – so I had to explore more to find out if he was really singing this HOT of a song….or whether it was another recording – but there was a note at the bottom to support the I just Wanna Have Fun dvd, so I watched all the other videos that I could find where he seemed to dress in that style (blonde cornrows, black see thru blouse/metal studded black ripped jeans that fit with chains) and it seemed as if he really Was singing – because his voice is so hot too! I even bought the MP3 Last resort original song by the original artist and performer just so I could differentiate between JKS’s voice and the original singer’s voice, because i couldn’t believe JKS had such a nice voice as in the Last Resort from IJWHF dvd!!

    By the way – one of my favorite part in the I Just wanna Have fun dvd is when he sings the “aria” in gotta getcha near the end – he is wearing the orange tank top and it focuses on him as he sings this gorgeous melody/aria that floats atop the whole chorus while the gotta getcha refrain is running in the background…Wow! Too awesome! The following is a link to a video

    NOT from the IJWHF dvd – but it is a song reference to the part I like….2:58-3:12 – it starts with a war whoop..then goes into the aria –


    I much prefer the IJWHF Gotta Getcha dvd version that focuses on him dancing and singing through the aria…with his vocals separate from the chorus and easily differentiated from the rest…love it! I can’t seem to find that particular song from IJWHF dvd on Youtube.

    And I also did order the Road – Team H and will try and struggle thru what little Japanese I understand and hope he speaks a lot of english…..

    I am also expecting delivery on Monday of the 2 other dvds I ordered earlier this week….the 2012 Asia Tour Cri show , and the Cri Show Magical dvd…the pics of him from the Magical dvd in all black look seriously hot……he looks absolutely Kakkoii!!

    Also, I do want to thank you for the links for the 19 min version, and the 1 hour version of Lounge H at Zepp2012.

    It was enjoyable to see!!!

    Thank you for your replies!!


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