[News] Jang Keun Suk Return to TV in drama “Beautiful Man”

Source: KOARI.net
Jang Keun Suk comes back to acting in drama as “the most beautiful man in the world”.

On 18th, Korean media reported that Jang Keun Suk stars drama “Beautiful Man”.

The drama “Beautiful Man” is based on a popular comic by Chun Kye Young. The story describes the process about Dokgo Ma-Te who’s trying to achieve money and successful career with his good looks finally finds real love.

His agent, Tree-J company said, “After finishing drama ‘Love Rain’ last year, we received a lot of offers, but it takes time to consider which his next drama should be carefully. When reading the outline of ‘Beautiful Man’, we were sure that’s it. The lead character has a enchanting charm that can drive a lot of women crazy, which every actor wants to act. And we expect he can show various faces as an actor.”

Group 8, which succeeded to make popular dramas such as “Boys Over Flowers” and “Love in Palace” based on comics, produces it. And Yoo Young-A, who is famous for movie “Gifts of Room 7” writes the script. “Beautiful Man” starts filming after all the cast are fixed and it is scheduled to air in the second half of the year.

tenshi_akuma’s note: For more detail, check AsianWiki – Beautiful Man.

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    • Great, we have been in long wait, but now we finally know his next drama, JKS is an intelligent, handsome and famous man, according to My marketing teacher “The wait” is good to do when you have fame. You must make your fans wait, until the waiting becomes so exciting and your new project to ensure you get the success, and of course, i always supported all his dramas and now I will continue to support the following. Although I never liked the magna or popular dramas such as “Boys Over Flowers” and “Love in Palace” and I always thought that those were very superficial dramas, BUT I supported his new drama prince JKS.

      JKS is a brilliant, intelligent and talented man. so now i also support him as idol and DJ on radio show.

      LET’S GO ZIKZIN !!!!!!!!!!

  1. OH MY GOD!!! Finally we can see him again after a very long period of waiting…Looking forward to the most ” Beautiful Man ” exist on earth with too much enthusiasm. ZIKZIN!!!

    • That same thought crossed my mind when I saw the pictures from that comic book.I hope he changes back to a darker hair colour.

    • Yes, I agree that he is incredibly handsome with lush black hair. I live in a region with many people having very light blonde hair, which to me holds no great attraction. Hopefully, the new drama will have a script and co-stars to properly support him! Dena, American fan

  2. Champagne wishes to JKS for a successful new adventure.

    I would call this type-casting. Our beautiful Asia Prince is the only possible actor to play the most beautiful man in the world.
    This new drama, combined with radio program, and Team-H activities should keep him busy for the next six months.
    Now, I realize why he said that his US dream was moving father away.

    ZikZin, JYO, Konbae moving forward. Dreams do come true, we will see you in the U.S. eventually!

    Your American supporter in Boca Raton, Florida

  3. At last. I have so long waiting for his new drama, wonderful news. I love all his dramas so much!!

    All the best for sukkie.

    Lea from Finland

  4. Writer of the movie “Miracle in Cell No. 7” has also joined the writing of the drama.!!
    Well seems that he had chosen a good drama, let see who is the female lead

  5. wow….finally JKS is back, very very excited with his new drama. Fighting JKS 🙂 a lot of your fans is here supporting you no matter what!!!!

  6. Yes, he is already the most beautiful man in the World!Kya!
    Can’t wait for this drama to be aired!And the BTS!
    Wish you all the good luck Prince!

    • Miracle Sayang, your comment is way down below? Where’s Meg and Baby Gab? Oh, I must wake Cri J (Rouba) up from hibernation…and Doc Maya and Sahar and Daisy and etc etc etc….

      • Oh yeah my comment went down due to some technical errors, don’t mind dear. as for Meg,….. i think she forgot abt me :'(

  7. Honestly when I first heard the tittle, I was a bit disappointed to find there is another “Beautiful” in it. But as soon as reading the outline, I found that Jang Keun Suk must be the ideal actor for this drama. He’s played roles who drive women crazy like this Dokgo Ma-Te before. But this Dokgo Ma-Te seems totally different from other good-looking roles. For example, Hwang Tae-Kyung (“You’re Beautiful”) is beautiful and loved by girls, but he’s not interested in people including girls. Another example, Seo Jun (“Love Rain”) is beautiful and a playboy. He doesn’t believe in love. He seduces girls just for fun. However, this Dokgo Ma-Te seems a bad guy and uses his good looks for his success. For him, women are just steppingstones. To expand his business area, he’s trying to seduce different types of successful women in a different way. It means the man also has a different charm for each woman. To act such a man with various charms, the actor must have a great acting skill. I expect the man shows his cute side at one time, and intelligent side at another time. I expect to see his different looks, too. Needless to say, our Actor Jang is beautiful both inside and outside. He has to hide his inner beauty at first, but I hope we’ll see his inner beauty in later episodes. Can you imagine if other actors except him play this role? No way! A beautiful actor with a great acting skill is our Prince, Jang Keun Suk : ) I can’t wait to see his new masterpiece.

    • Kaori, idk…. i still hoped he will take up a role that does not draw focus or make use of his good looks as a high light. I want him to act in something that just focuses on the character and how he brings that character to life such that people doesnt see just his looks and be distracted by it….i dont know quite how to put it…

      • Farina, he is young now. That’s why I think it’s the best time for him to use his good appearance for acting. We all know he’s a good actor, but actors have the best timing for playing the role. Like his recent favorite phrase, “If not now, when?” Let’s wait and see his new drama 😉

      • yup..agree with kaori chan..let him act whatever he like..we just need to support him..i know some eels disappoint with this choice because they think to much about others opinion..we want others to acknowledge him as a great actor with better role but as we know him..he’s not care much about fame..he choose what he wants..act what he likes..as long as he have eels..just believe in him..he will do just great. actually..i could understand ur worry sis farina..but he’s not just a pretty face..i believe in his talent..zikzin..

    • Well said Kaori chan – I thought it is gonna be JKS merely playing someone pretty again (which JKS is over-qualify for such a simple role). But I quickly came to the realisation that this time is totally different – it would be more like Kurosagi minus the swiddling part! (Ok I hope some knows what I am trying to say, hah)

    • A drama is good depends on a lot of things and not just JKS alone.
      To me at the beginning of the drama, we always think that the drama fit him
      in the end the result might not be what we expected
      We just let JKS do his best/relax and not do put too much
      pressure on him. Once a person enjoy and happy doing his
      It, it will always ends well

    • Kaori Chan simply love your analysis of his character and I have a feeling he feel the same way. Really can’t wait to see his face expression when he act and translate this role.

    • Agree with you ms. Tenshi – JKS is still young, so for me I would prefer it that he’ll take a role that fits his age & for the young ones & the middle age like me (its nice to feel young again watching Sukkie)after all he is an excellent actor. I’m not worried about those critics who may say its basically the same role again as in his previous roles – with his acting ability, he is an actor that would stay long in the business I bet on that! So for the meantime there are lot of older actors in their 30’s & 40’s who can take those matured intense roles & design for older audiences. Just my opinion. Anyway when I check the link for Asian wiki its written there network TBS so the drama wont be in SBS, MBC OR KBS just want to clarify this. Thanks a lot for this blog!

      • I read an article says which TV station is goong to broadcast this drama hasn’t been fixed yet.

      • Kristin_ez, I share the same view as you and Kaori chan.. Sukkie is smart to choose a role which he can play now at his age and he knows he can play the role well.. for other more matured roles, he can play later stage of his acting life as he as much wider choice now..
        Many times, I see many high rating Korean dramas, I feel that Sukkie can play those roles in these dramas much better but for those roles that Sukkie is playing in roles like YAB, MMM or Love Rain.. personally I can’t find a better fit in these roles then Sukkie… not because I’m biased towards him but I would like to use the words used by the male eel who commented on the recent radio program on Naver Starcast that he adores Sukkie as an artiste because no many artistes like to challenge his style.. the style here refer to his fashion, his hairstyle, his mannerism, his stage presence etc.. it is because of the challenging style reguires by those roles in YAB, MMM and Love Rain.. many others may hesitate to take on these roles.
        I really salute our prince for his decision each time for choosing a drama or role he likes instead of general liking…Zikzin Sukkie!!!

      • @tenshi & hi faye thanks for the info – i forgot what I read & confused it with TBS. Getting older he he he.

      • @QQeyes007 exactly that’s what I’m saying. There is no actor like Sukkie! All previous character that he did, I couldn’t imagine any other korean actor who can do those roles except him example actor Lee Jang Woo dream of a role of a singer for an indie band like the role of Kang Mugyeol in MMM i couldn’t imagine LJW in that role. As Gu Jun Pyo in BOF I can easily imagine JKS but its hard for me to imagine LMH or KHJ as Hwang Tae Kyung in YAB.

    • tenshi with your explanation I can see how colorful this drama can be. I know Sukkie can act everything that is expected from him.
      He has the right age to do this…a young man working to achieve his goal by using his charms and looks…not gonna happen when you are 40+…
      I must confess the dramas the director is famous for I have not watch any off them…Pray the director will do wonders with this drama and the scriptwriter(s) be able to make something fabulous of it.
      MSOAN situation not to repeat itself!!!! (come to think of it; Sukkie is able to scriptwriting too…oooo he’s so capable : ))
      If not to must asked hope the leading lady somebody up to his calibre; natural acting and natural beauty…
      please..no rookie, idol young maid or something plastic fantastic..so hard to watch : (

      But all in all …I’m so looking forward to Sukkies new work

    • Thanks ss,

      I agree with your ideas. Actor JKS is a unique in the world.
      I love his acting in all films. He can make us happy to see and never forget his images.

    • BIG YESS dear sis Tenshi..it is not that easy to play role that seems similar but different character..really need great n magnificent skill in act, and of course uri Prince is the only one can do this..I really proud of him, n i wish his new drama Beautiful Man will be a fantastic drama in this year, GOD BLESS JKS n GOD BLESS EELS worldwide 🙂 ZIKZIN!

  8. I miss him so much in the small screen and been waiting excitingly for his next drama. No matter what kind of drama he chose, I’m sure he will do his best to convey the role given to him. We might anticipate the unexpected in the drama. I’m still wondering about the female lead and I hope she will be an actress that will compliment his acting, at par with him. Lets wait for the story to unfold. This is so exciting. 🙂

  9. Farina Sis, Tenshi Akuma Sis, I agree with you. JKS is extremely talented actor and this role hopefully will get him long-overdue acceptance from his Koreans.
    However, I would like him to do a film, not Korean drama but a fine dramatic film. Remember, The Case of Itaweon Murder…his English was non-existent at that point…but because of his skill as an actor….he gave a chilling performance. He was brilliant in his characterization.
    I wish he would get a part in an Ang Lee film (superb director/Hong Kong)….that would put him on the world stage. Loving support always for our Little Prince moving forward.

    Strawberry non-alcohol Champagne wishes to you.

  10. I trust Actor Jang, the role he choose to play must have something he wants to act on and it is not just duplicate of anything or anyone else, and even himself. Is a role that Jang Keun Suk played. There are so many dramas there, so many actors there. But this “Beautiful Man” will be played by Jang Keun Suk, I will definitely look forward to it. He is a good actor, just wait and see him to bring a Dokgo Ma-Te to live for you!!! We should just be ready to enjoy the drama but not put too much pre-consumption to it.

    When the drama is on, just sit and watch, Actor Jang is back in action!!! I bet you will enjoy it.

    Can’t wait.

  11. the title is going to steer a lot of people away from the drama. I guess most people are tired of hearing “beautiful man” story drama and JKS taking another beautiful man role is not helping.

    this drama seems to have quirky character that some people may find funny while others will think very lame and irritating. I am not sure how the writer/director is going to write/direct the show. I hope they can make it an interesting one that will surprise every one.

    I have not read everything, but the main plot seems a bit silly to have one man seduces 10 women as a mission. I hope the writer will make some changes to the original manga

    The writer has some good works under her belt but she has not written script for a full drama and it worries me.

    nevertheless, i am happy to see a new drama coming up.

    I am interested to know who is the female lead and director. Please don’t get idols.

    • me too interesed to know who is the female lead and director, PLEASE DO GET ACTRESS-IDOL OR only ACTRESS!

      The actors or actresses IDOLS are making as good and better job acting than some simply actors. because The actors-IDOLS rigorously studied and trained in different artistic schools, usulamente them are multi-talented.

      The 2 most strong icons idols are: Lee seung gi (male) and Yoona (female), both became biggest icons for new generacions of IDOL actors and IDOL actresses.

      Lee seun gi is a wonderful IDOL and actor, but he was first and IDOL and then was an actor, he skills demonstrated that a IDOL can offer huge advantages of skills for to be a Amazing actor. Yoona when debuted as actress in her first role as a female leader, she won awards and good critics for her good job as actress, many professional actors, directors and people love her job, she got high rantiks even more than others veteran actors/actresses, She is one of pioneer female idols who showed that an idol can be a potential and bright actor/actress. They broked the barriers of discrimination and currently more idols-actors/actresses are born and proving to be great at acting. we also have the best actors/actresses idols as:

      The best actors-IDOLs: Lee seung Gi, Yoochun, TOP, Siwon and Seo in Guk.

      The Best Actress-IDOLS: Yoona, Yoon Eun Hye, Eunjung, Suzy and Jiyeon.

      • People should not discriminate against actors who want to be idols, or the idols who are good at acting and can to be big actors/actresses, i think that human beings must not be limited to try out new artistic experiences.

      Peace and Love eels.
      Love and Free Sukki! 4ever.

      • i agree with You, but Uee also is a good actress-idol ;).

        I love her with Prince JKS . I wish Uee and JKS can to be couple in his new drama.

      • sorry to say i love uee’s acting more than yoona’s acting(acording to YAB and LR coz i never watch others drama)..and to be frank..i want Yoon Eun Hye to be the lead actress..i always waiting for this..hope she not pick up any role yet.

      • ^^ sorry eels, to be frank I love yoona’s acting more than Uee’s acting and others actress idols, Yoona is amazing acting!. You should to see her drama “You’re my Destiny” 😉 I recommend it 100% , this is a awesome drama! Yoona is a perfect actress. she has few experience acting because she only had three dramas until moment, but she is incredibly good at acting.

        Yoona has been impressing with not only her incredible good looks, but also with her portrayal of two different characters in “Love Rain”, because Yoona is a chameleon actress in love rain, Yoona performance was definitely natural and good…because… to do two roles in the same drama is a major challenge, and therefore Yoona did great and very well! so much that many critics professional of drama praised her good performance and fast style of learning and improving in love rain, Yoona is a brilliant actress, Uee is good but Yoona is better. Also, Yoona is the smartest idol.

        + Ranking 2012 – The best korean Idol actresses:

        1º YOONA.
        2º Uee
        3º Suzy
        4º Jiyeon.

        :3 Fighting zikzin ! go zikzin 😉 good day eels.

      • I love Uee’s acting, but i think YOONA is better actress than My DEAR UEE.

        ….. would be blasphemy if I negate Yoona’s amazing talent and potential as an actress and idol. Uee is my favorite, but I can not deny Yoona’s talents. Yoona is a wonderful Actress and Idol.

        I love Uee, but I prefer to tell the truth. Also, my dear Uee loves, admire and respects Yoona as an actress and idol. YOONA is an ICON for many actors idols (including my dear Uee) 🙂

        please JKS!, choose Uee as new leader actress, please! kisses 😉 😉

        p.s. I watch a lot kdramas, (+25 kdramas) 😉 😉 😉 my opinion is based on all the kdramas, I watched on TV Cable, Lap, movil, etc.

    • Even, The Most famous and successful veteran actors and actresses as ” SONG HYE KYO, HYUN BIN, LEE DONG WOOK, MOON GEUN YOUNG, PARK SHI HOO, DANNIEL HENNEY and other more (just) actors/actresses” have tasted the bitter taste of LOW RATINGS in THEIR dramas or movies or CF and the descent of their fame.

      This is normal, why to make any drama/movie get successful, you need to have a good writer/scriptwriter and director, the writer must create one of the best works and parliaments, it will help by 70-80% and the drama would get a success sure. This is true, the script and the story will determine its successful.

      so, it’s not just actors/actressesor actresses/actors-IDOLS fault. o.k.

      I personally can tell you that all his dramas are good, and one of which I would rate as one of the best dramas is LOVE RAIN, because the work among the actors, actresses, director and satff were excellent and bright in love rain, i believe taht the only error here was the writer or scriptwriter.

      Peace and Love eels.

      Love and Free Sukki! 4ever.

      • life of an actor/actress or actor/actress-idol or IDOL, not so different, i think that their lives are like a roller coaster, up and down. obviously there are some actor-idols and actors constantly kept more ascents that falls, but this is part of life.
        After a fall now will come the ascent along with a power success. This is like the ying and yang.

        the importance is that we value our projects or work, whether or not have high ratings.

        Peace and Love eels.

        Love and Free Sukki! 4ever.

  12. Hurrah, I´m giddy with excitement right now! And sincerely, when it comes to JKS, I haven´t been in that kind of state for a while….it´s just that lately, I haven´t really been following any of the music projects of that wild child cause it´s just not my cup of tea. He has always touched me more as an actor and I was fearing that he had already strayed too far from that path. I started to like him because of his dramas and it´s needless to say, that I´m glad that he picked up a new project. I have to admit though, that the title didn´t make me squeal at first! I mean, isn´t Sukkie already a pretty boy in real life? But as Tenshi-san said, the title can be misleading and the character might have very different and unique facets to make him shine. I really wanted him to choose a project to expand his acting range, but if that´s what he has settled to tackle now, than I´m all in (at least in the beginning) and wish the actor that I´ve been missing all the best with his new project!

    P.S: If it´s airing later this year, I hope that it won´t fall on the winter months! We all now too well, what a frost boil he can be! So I hope that he spares us the teeth clattering moments and fully embraces his summer spirit for this upcoming joyride:-)Let IT be worth IT, Sukkie!

  13. I loved the chemistry between YOONA & JANG KEUN SUK in his latest drama, they were real and epic couple. but As All know this will be a new drama and He should have a new female leader.

    ☆ ☆ ☆ My candidates would be: “HAN JI MIN, …KIM SO YEON, or ….LIM EUN KYEONG”.

    ★★★ tenshi always making a good job.

    thanks tenshi


    • totally i agree with u, my options are Han ji Min or Uee as leader female… and……..Me too 🙁 I miss JKS and Yoona… so much!! they are one of the most favorites couples in all kdramas and me too. :3
      and, I’ll still support their new drama. too. both are actors and idols, therefore they always will be working so hard. they are complet Artist.

      thanks Thenshi and Marujka ^^

      congratulation JKS-zikzin! :3

      • Thanks Verlined 🙂 i always keep support His new dramas or pojects with his new leader female.
        ………………………..but……………..Honestly!!!…..Honestly!!!……… I’ll always love Yoona and JKS as couple, because, I do think YOONA and JKS’r equally very intellect, biting sense of humor, talents and wittiness.

        why? why? ,…because Yoona and JKS are super smart, talented, ingenious and attractives.


        ★☆★ MY PROOF º1 : “JANG KEUN SUK in HIGH CUT Vol.68 INTERVIEW” – PART 1:…

        ❄ Question: How do you get along with YOONA? 😉 🙂

        ❄ JANG KEUN SUK SAID:”(Very seriously talking) SHE (YOONA) IS A VERY SMART GIRL, LIKE ME. You tell her 1 she will get 10 and she responses to situations pretty fast. We get along well during shooting. …..” 🙂 😉

        ◕ ‿‿ ◕ O.K! conclution: JKS think Yoona is a VERY Smart girl, he like her … oh OH!. ✿ _ ❀

        nice nice nice!!…

        (=’:’) good soulmate!

        thanks Tenshi & Verlined 😉

  14. WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL? Since Team H only tours Asia at present, EELS around the world would like to see more of Sukkie since he doesn’t act in dramas back to back like some other actors.

  15. Hi eels here, please respect all actors and actresses. There are many tastes, so it’s OK to have your own favorite actors and actresses. But please don’t say bad things in public. If admins find such comments here, we’ll delete them. Now no co-stars have been confirmed yet. It’s your freedom for guessing who she or he is. But I think it’s better to be patient and wait for the official announcement. I think Sukkie can get along with any co-stars. He’s such a talented actor, right? Thanks for understanding.

    • Yes, please please respect other actors or actresses whether they are idols or not. As much as we hate reading criticisms about Sukkie, we should not bash others too. Thank you.

  16. I love the fact that he has a new drama project since he is a great actor.

    However, I think they should change the name of the drama… ‘Beautiful Man’ or ‘Pretty Boy’ (I saw this one in another article) is just too pretentious and unnecessary IMO and it creates a repulse towards JKS with many people (I’ve read a lot of comments in line as: ‘We already know he has a pretty face. What else he has to offer.’ or ‘Oh, another You Are Beautiful’ and so on)… I’m sure they could’ve come up with better title options.

    I just hope people will ignore it and give this drama a chance.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for JKS and the team.

    Peace out!

  17. I trust his choice and his decision, JKS has spent so much time and effort and finally decided on this drama, which means he is attracted to some elements in this project, and I am looking forward to see the many faces and images he will present to us in this new drama.

    Can’t wait to hear more about the drama and hopefully it’ll be aired soon! Actor Jang gogo!

  18. i was disspointed as well when i read the word beautiful , and i quickly thought a year of thinking and that all that he can come up with. instead of playing serious roles that will make him a powerful actor. but….. i thought again and realised he already had a serious role in love rain , and that didn’t go well for him in korea , so i understands that he wants a drama that is fun and can attract viewers , so i wish him luck in his new drama , i just hope he doesn’t have that long curvy hair of his . or goes blond or something 🙂

    • maybe it a sin to be pretty..what’s wrong with the title..did the producer need to change the tittle to make everyone satisfied..its too childish..sometimes..its funny how some people react on his choice of drama.poor suk..i hope he dont really care..just do what u want to do suk..and make them shocked with ur achievement..hope this drama will come with a good storyline.

  19. Reading over these comments, I hope that JKS gets a co-star who is not bow-legged! That is considered a big flaw in the U.S.A. Naturally, I hope he gets a talented actress and one who is as good-looking as he is. The people casting the parts should check all the co-stars from every angle! I wish JKS all the best and enjoy all his work. A steady fan from Seattle, U.S.A. – Dena

  20. I know I may be totally wrong, but I think Suk hinted about his female lead on his LINE update yesterday. You see, there was a Korean drama in 2008 named “Who Are You?” starring Go Ara as the female lead. She was also one of the actresses considered for the role of Hana in “Love Rain”. Suk and Go Ara were the CF couple for Etude Cosmetics in 2008…


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