[News] Jang Keun Suk “STARCAST ON AIR” powered by LINE

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On June 13 (Wed), Jan Keun Suk is going to appear LINE chat event “STARCAST ON AIR”!

“STARCAST ON AIR” is the event that winner can chat with their favorite star in real time with free talk and message application “LINE”, which is scheduled to go on air live through the special event page.

The event that JKS appears this time starts at 22:00 on June 13 (Thur). The theme on the day is “ideal date with Jang Keun Suk”. They ask his fans for the entry, messages and requests as well. Let’s join and convey your enthusiastic message to him!

* Summary of the event
From 22:00 to 23:00, June 13 (Thur) [Korean local time]
* The event is scheduled to be conducted in Korean.

– Live schedule: from 22:00 to 23:00, June 13 (Thur)
– Application period: from June 8 (Sat) to 10 (Mon)
– Winners: 10 winners are selected on June 11 (Tue) and contacted individually.

Jang Keun Suk “STARCAST ON AIR” for PC
Jang Keun Suk “STARCAST ON AIR” for Mobile

* How to entry
1) The applicant must be registered as LINE application members.
2) Application period: from June 8 (Sat) to 10 (Mon)
3) Please send the following info to nv_enter@naver.com
– your LINE account ID
– your mobile phone number that they can contact with
4) You can include your message, request, questions related to “date with Jang Keun Suk” freely, too.
– If I go out for a date with JKS, I want to go to xxxx together.
– I want to eat xxxx when we date.
– Will you make a surprise attempt on dating?

* Winners notice
The winners selected by lot are contacted individually on June 11 and they can chat with Jang Keun Suk in real time on June 13. Each winner will be checked if they can join the event and LINE account ID.

Jang Keun Suk gave a message about this event to fans. Sorry for no-subtitles.

18 thoughts on “[News] Jang Keun Suk “STARCAST ON AIR” powered by LINE”

  1. i hope his korean fans show him their immense love and support too. anti fans(?) say mean, hurtful things which he reads and that brings him down so i hope this event boosts his morale about his home base. haters gonna hate *shrugs* but lovers gotta love more eh! 😀 <3

  2. i have just sent my application,even if i can’t be chosen as one of the winners,i hope he’ll get my message at least 🙂

  3. Yeah that’s the spirit. I agree with you sis Tenshi, why not and it would be fun to show our support. Zikzin~

  4. My precious Prince, my precious precious Jang Geun Suk, my man. So finally he has listened to our heartfelt request on Line.

  5. Who knows I can be that lucky eels to have a date with My cheeky , naughty and Wild master .. OMG I am excited to have a wild date.. LOL 😛

  6. I hope his Korean eels will support him on this and that there will be new fans that will support and follow him.

  7. oh…this is sooooo cool!! well i know thaf i cant meet him in person. So lemme try my luck by sending him a message. I hope my meassage reaches him.
    #BigTimeFan of #JKS

  8. who can love relay jks no matter what he is do to them they all ways sport him no matter what because they love him without selfish reason so be positive my prince we love you trust as


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