2 thoughts on “[fan-made] TEAM H PARTY IN USA TEASER (2)”

  1. Hi
    how can I find out about there future concert schedule?
    I live in Europe and I want to go to there concert. Do they have Europe tour? how can I know this things.

  2. Eels Club International (ECI) really rocked the house with this video. Never underestimate the power of the Eels’ sisterhood….strong, determined, Fighting! for our leader, Asia Prince, Jang Keun Suk moving forward towards his dream of World Prince.

    Support JKS, come to Los Angeles or San Jose, California…..I can promise you a wonderful stage performance that you can keep tucked away in your memory book to last a lifetime.
    I look forward to seeing you in Los Angeles.
    Champagne wishes and strawberry dreams to all who love and support JKS,


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