31 thoughts on “[Pics] US eels are promting Team H US tour, posting posters”

  1. I am SO PROUD of my Eel Sisters who are helping “meet & greet” the people of Los Angeles and let them know about the upcoming event!!!
    Even Eels who can not make it to LA for the LA Team H Party want Jang Keun Suk to know he is Already World Prince in Our Hearts!!!

  2. wow! I really give my bow and salute all eels who help to promote sukkie US tour, our US eels did a great job for this , we must thankful for they’re efforts and hard works our prince is very lucky to have eels on his side when ever he go US eels job well done and thank you for our prince go go fighting ! 🙂

  3. i am so proud of my eel sisters in US for they are working hard in promoting the show of Sukkie. every eel of JKS wants to help him in reaching his dream and they are doing their part to show their love to him. i love the bonding of his eels……

  4. US Eels deserve hugs and kisses from sukkie… We salute you….Good job…FIGHTING…for the sake of our PRINCE….

  5. I wonder why the venue has became so big. He has always said Team H is more suitable for small venue. I remember him saying he wanted a small venue for US tour. I guess his company must have make a mistake. No wonder he mentioned in his concert that the venue is bigger than what he has expected and he is afraid no one will attend. To be honest, i don’t think he can fill up even just half of the venue. Hope that i am wrong.

    I am glad to see eels putting in so much effort to help him promote.

    • The thing is that, even if I like to see him. I would not pay $270 dlls for his concert but I wish him to have fun with the people that goes to it.

      • Oh, I think he is worth the money. Here in Seattle people paid large sums to see Yo Yo Ma and even Madonna and Justin Bieber – and, to me, JKS gives a much better show. Like others, I hope he limits use of alcohol, and especially the smoking, because his voice is spectacular and mustn’t be damaged. And, yes, I am looking forward to his next drama. I am watching others (with Lee Min Ho, etc.) but JKS is my very special favorite. I so look forward to the concert and wish him the very best success with it. Dena, a Seattle U.S.A. fan

      • I think JKS is worth the money and much better than. Thanks Dena Pithcfork, your comment makes me very happy. I wish you have a happy time with JKS with his concert.

  6. wish, there are more and more people will attend for his upcoming concert that will be in los angeles and san jose. He has done a great job for all his concert in which i find it is very interesting even his TEAM H. Though he has changed his style to be more rock star than his usual drama; it doesn’t matter cuz he enjoy it. However, i just suggest that he doensn’t hold the concert so often as it might affect his carrer. I hope he will think about his upcoming drama, i really looking forward for his new drama; dont drink alcohol too much and smoking only damage your lovely voice. Wish, there will be more eels that support him. THANK YOU for creating amazing works so eels around the world can enjoy ~.`

  7. As Sukkie love to say….”you are so awesome” US eels you really are great!!!
    Team H needs all the support they can get…it’s not everyday they get to venture abroad that far….and the party is just tooooo great to passed, one of a kind
    ZIKZIN!!!!!!! lots of koreans and japanese and other asian abroad but also not asians who love Sukkie and BB to bits

  8. Hear yee, hear yee!
    All the people in the house,
    All the people in the club,
    Step forward to Team H Movement in the US!
    Join in the Party on June 22 and 28!
    Cos we all just wanna have Fun!

  9. Zikzin to all our eel sisters doing all this!!! We are with you too…even eels from other parts of the world are cheering for your effort ^_^

  10. Admin,

    A US eel from LA asked…Where to get the Team H official poster???

    Would you please let me know so that I can let her know.

    Thank you ^^

  11. TEAM H, I wish you great success in LA and San Jose. I hope someday you will come on the East Coast, New York or Philadelphia!! LOVE YOU!!!

  12. US Eels and countries near US,

    Please make his show will be success…
    The first time he debuts at USA,need all support of everybody. ^ ^
    Love all of you, who make Suk happy that time.
    Thank you so much.

  13. he already gone to singapore twice..for US..its first time for him..hope all US eels will go and noneels too just go and have fun..


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