[ENG-SUB] Nature Boy Countdown_20130529

UPDATE: English subbed version is now available. (Dec. 18th, 2013)

English translation: Eve Yap from ECI

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15 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] Nature Boy Countdown_20130529”

  1. Although his throat condition is not so good but he did put all his effort to sing & perform! Really a Pro! Love his confidence on stage!

    • really like his ancore…so man!!
      Hope his voice recovers soon…I especially love those notes he could not reach yesterday…but I know he can so…no worries : )


  2. It made me happy to see such a genuine performance. I am so glad he did not feel the need to prerecord or over auto-tune despite not feeling at 100%. Keep up the good work!

    • That’s why I love him too….what you see is what you get…not only the good but also the not so good..not ashame to show the real him..
      And the fact he’s not doing things he does not want just to please everybody and for keeping his popularity…but always try to give us(something for everyone) something fresh and unexpected…
      I love his new album..That is another side of him; fresh and funky….as I love his Team H gig too…a fantastic clubber and party style..
      Whatever he does he goes the extra mile…LOL his co-op with BB is fab!!

  3. Finally I understood what he said during this performance :p. I love how he could still be so cheerful & able to perform optimally despite his not so good throat condition at that moment. I always admire his hard work & determination as well as how he came up with carefully planned ideas for his work. It’s also nice to see that he’s been working under a good atmosphere with the teams from both Korea & Japan :). He bowed wholeheartedly to each crew after they finished working. this boy… no, this man… really… I just can’t stop loving him and wish him all the blessings he deserves :). JKS, go zikzin!!!

    • Yes..so agree…he dares to be natural..Even his voice was not at his finest…because he was sick..still he does not lipsync like a lot of other artists…(esp..the real singers)…Great performance…it takes a very confident man to do as he does…a bit scripted and a lot of improvisation…Great!!!

      Thanks for the subbing sis EVA…as hardworking as our Sukkie

  4. The Prince always has the second mile spirit. You ask for one mile he would give you two. Giving all is his philosophy of life and work. I just simply love this son of Koreans. Feeling like kissing his forehead, mwaaaahhhh.


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