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Super long post, but it provides an insight into Jang Keun Suk’s background and current website situation.

Tree-J Company has made an announcement recently on JKS official website to advise official members NOT to re-post (original or translated) information, posts and videos etc outside of their website. After knowing this, I deleted my translation of JKS’ blog post (dated 6 Jan 2011) from my blog as well.

The notice caused an uproar and a divide among eels, some of whom think negatively about this new “guideline”.

So prepare a cup of coffee and something to munch on as you slowly digest the translation and my Personal Comments thereafter : )




—– TRANSLATION dated 6 Jan 2011 from an eel in Baidusukbar ——

Yesterday, Tree-J’s notice caused an uproar in Baidusukbar. Today, I really cannot take it anymore and need to express my personal opinion here. Please finish reading and then decide what you want to do.

(1) Please understand the CY incident in 2008

In 2008, JKS’ character Kang Gun Woo (KGW) in “Beethoven Virus” had different ideals from his teacher and KGW was disrespectful towards his teacher. As Korea is a country steeped in tradition and values emphasizing respect to seniority, JKS’ performance of this character made many Koreans dislike him, the actor as well.

In addition, at that time, being a frank person, JKS liked to express his honest comments and feelings on CY (something like Twitter in Korea). Such frank comments caused some to be unhappy with JKS, and said that JKS was pandering to the public. This earned JKS the negative nickname of “Fake Keun-Suk”. Some even left scathing comments scolding JKS on his CY. In the end, JKS closed his CY, in a way closing the door to his heart.

Eels, at that time, the number of JKS’ fans dropped drastically from tens of thousands to 5,000. You can imagine how tough it was for JKS to pull through that period – how much pressure he was under, facing doubts from the public, the pressure of public comments and the departure of fans.

(2) Reason why JKS is not popular in Korea

I believe that many eels would have felt that JKS is much more popular in countries other than his own. The scene of JKS arriving in Bangkok proves my point, but have we seen such airport scenes in Korea? Just as what JKS has said many times himself, he does not have much popularity in Korea. Why is such an excellent actor not popular in Korea? I think that the CY incident is still affecting JKS today.

One eel has previously described her encounter with a Korean middle-aged man at an airport. The Korean man said that no one liked JKS in Korea, and no one pays attention to JKS too. Some eels think that this man is rude or does not know of JKS. But after reading this, sharp pain pierced my heart! It really reflects a problem – some people in Korea really dislike JKS.

This is mainly due to the CY incident. Koreans are stubborn in their thinking, they will not easily forget these matters. Why does “You Are Beautiful” and “Marry Me, Marry (M3)” have such low ratings in Korea? Besides the fact that these dramas targetted younger viewers, one reason is that audience of older age groups dislike JKS and do not want to watch his dramas!

(3) Please understand Tree-J’s well intentions

Recently, due to criticisms and ratings of “M3”, JKS has been under much pressure with doubts cast on him. He confided his recent feelings and thoughts to us, and many of them are indeed private comments that should not be disclosed to public, such as the internal battle over M3 script and the ratings etc. Once disclosed publicly, it will bring JKS much trouble.

BaiduSukbar is a public place, anyone can enter and see posts. If anyone takes JKS’s blog as a tool to attack him, the CY incident will unfold again.

JKS is, by nature, a frank person. He does not hide his real feelings. Tree-J just wants to protect JKS. Even if their decision is not entirely correct, but when a decision brings more advantages than disadvantages, something has to be sacrificed. Have you all thought about why Tree-J suddenly released this notice? It must be because of JKS’ recent blog comments. Maybe they have been used by some Koreans to attack JKS.

(4) Please understand the administrators and be in their shoes.

The administrators are not wrong. They work without expecting any pay or benefits in return. Everyone is doing what they do because they love JKS. We are a united group. Please put yourself in their shoes and the position of Tree-J in looking at this matter.

The definition of a real eel is not based on whether you pay RMB 120 [official membership fee] or is an official website member or not; it is decided based on your heart! After reading this, please consider and decide. Frankly speaking, I’m not an official website member now. I didn’t join in the past due to concern of money transfer difficulty and because I could read JKS’ translated blog on Baidu. But now, I want to join the official website as member. This is the only way I can support JKS.

Please consider this matter based on your heart and not on money. I end my words here. If you disagree, you can ignore this post. No matter what your decision is, hope that we can be united, because I treat BaiduSukbar as my other home, and really do not wish to see such a divide.



I don’t know what to say! It boils down to whether you believe what you’ve read.

Somehow, I lean towards agreement. There must be a reason why Tree-J came up with this official notice, and the CY incident did occur. Reading this BaiduSukbar post brought tears to my eyes and my heart went out to JKS.

I love JKS for his frankness, and in all the videos I’ve seen, he gives tactful and mature answers in interviews etc too.
He is also very frank in his blog comments, and whatever he chooses to reveal to his fans are his true feelings.

Rationally, I can understand Korea is a traditional country.

Personally, I think, what the heck! What is the world coming to, when a person is honest in expressing himself and suffers social repercussions? It’s not as if JKS is spreading malicious or false rumours; he’s just sharing his feelings. If anyone has anything to hide that is revealed by JKS, well …. What’s there to hide? What has an honest and upright person / company got to hide??

If JKS is in any way impeded in his career in Korea, well, my suggestion is, migrate to US or some other country where they believe in freedom of speech. Haha!

Finally, just to say that true eels will support JKS always. Some of us may not be official fanclub members due to our own reasons, it does not matter. The most important thing is to truly love JKS and support him in whatever way we can.

Keun-Suk oppa, GO GO GO!! Don’t feel sad, just be yourself! We love you for it!






















這麼努力﹐優秀的演員為何要為誠實而付出代價? 小碩只是在抒發自己的心情故事﹐
又不是在污衊誰也不是在散播不實的話﹐這樣也不行? 這是什麼樣的世界嘛??


那麼﹐這些人有什麼好隱瞞的嗎? 如果小碩說的不是事實﹐就站出來講啊。有什麼




[ 完 ]

68 thoughts on “Official website notice from Tree-J 官網公告”

    • there is no way to cut down the cost of transfer fee : )

      foreign membership is 20,000 Korean Won.
      Plus you need to add the bank fees of your bank and the Korean bank.

      the total amount, for me, was 3 times the membership fee…..

  1. Finally. I understood their reasons. Thanks for posting this! The first time I’ve read the announcement that his messages would no longer be posted, I was like ” What?!” Now, i finally knwow why. Thanks! 🙂

    Poor Sukkie. Donchaworry dear! You still got a lot of international eels squiggling for ya! 🙂

    • looks like we have no choice but to accept and respect Tree-J’s decision (real eels would want to abide by the official decision)

      it’s a BIG pity really. JKS’ blog comments are usually very entertaining (and frank, haha!).

  2. i feel sad too. actually his frank comments are really entertaining. and can’t you see? the responses from the eels are all entertaining too. for us who have already tired after a whole day work, we need this kind of entertainment. kekeke. i hope his latest comment will not affect his future projects. because i’m really looking for these projects. do you know the update news about you’re my pet? JGS fighting!!!

    • No news yet about “My Pet Lover” (or whatever it’s called).
      Think the female lead is still not decided.

      Worse, there’s talk about JKS resuming his unversity studies in 2011. I mean, good for him to complete his studies but bad news for us cos we won’t get to see his news often …..

  3. I’ll probably get yelled at for saying this, but I am still having trouble with this whole issue. I will abide by this gag order, because I adore JGS. However, there’s a part of me that still feels like it’s not right (if that’s even the right word) to ask and expect the fans to shoulder some of this burden.

    What about JGS’s PR department? They’re supposed to work non-stop doing whatever it takes to help protect his image. Why is this happening again? I’m sure he’s not the only outspoken person in the industry. And what about the man himself? I think his comments are very honest, witty, and oftentimes funny. But I’m living in the U.S. where we respect that sort of thing. I love him to bits but I’m still going to say it- he should know better. He’s been in the business since he was 5. Has the industry changed that much? Have Korean customs changed? I doubt it. I know I probably sound mean but it pains me to see what’s going on, not least because I know it’s got to bother him too. Yes, it’s hard to swallow your words when you feel misunderstood and misused, but you have to pick and choose your battles. If we as fans are expected to “behave” then I would expect even more from him and his company and team.

    Lastly, I understand the reasoning and purpose behind the message, but I also think that it will be ineffective because the group it would work on (his hardcore fans) is small and the casual fan isn’t going to adhere to it. A prime example- the leaked photos from events where he specifically asked fans NOT to take pictures. My conclusion- they’re fighting the battle from the wrong angle.

    Go ahead, yell at me.

    • well, donchaknow, it’s a free country online, we can be civilised when expressing ourselves frankly and nobody’s gonna yell at us for it :p
      even if someone does, we have the freedom to pretend we didn’t see it : )

      just my 2 cents:

      (1) Burden to fans?
      not sure whether being asked not to re-post anything from JKS official website can be considered a burden.
      inconvenience, yes. interfering with our freedom to share, yes… but somehow “burden” doesn’t seem the right word to use ….
      Tree-J’s decision comes at a cost to fans, cos when we come across JKS interesting news, we feel so excited we want to share it with the whole world, so that more people get to know JKS, so it’s gonna be costing JKS potentially more overseas fans too … …

      (2) JKS should know better
      i was thinking the same to myself …. i mean, ya, the place is his own official website so he can say what he wants, but of all people, he should know that anything posted on the internet is going to spread. Official “restrictions” online are going to be as much effect as putting a net in the river and expecting the water not to flow across. Online information will leak; all it takes is for someone with ill intentions to pay up and join his official website and cart out the news.

      As an experienced celebrity actor whose tact has been evident on many occasions, JKS should apply the same to his online comments too. Yup, from a fan’s point of view, we welcome and love his honest comments, but he should be able to judge what can be posted online and what information definitely has to remain confidential. In a way, he should be responsible for what he says online, cos everything he says will be spread … it shouldn’t be the job of fans to decide whether this part is confidential and therefore we shouldn’t spread it … Makes sense?

      Well, Tree-J’s solution may not work, but then, i don’t even know from which angle they should be fighting this battle from ….
      or like i said, if JKS monitors his own online comments, there won’t be such problems in the first place??

      • Hi,

        Thanks for being so polite in your reply. I believe I recognize you from your posts at OCKoala’s blog? 😛

        I agree with everything you said. Perhaps burden is not the right word, but I’m not sure what else to call it? What I meant is what you described- why should his fans have to be responsible for deciding what remains confidential and protecting his image? I skim the baidu site a lot and have always been particularly impressed by JGS’s fans and the speed and care with which they translate and share everything that he posts. It’s now moving over to a registered site with many new restrictions.

        I understand the reason for it and respect his fans’ dedication to adhering to Tree-J’s request (out of love for their star). It’s really a shame that this is necessary and to me, it seems counter-productive. He’s a star, we want publicity for him and we want more people to be exposed to him and his works. We shouldn’t be creating a little private space accessible only to fans who care enough to register and dig around for info on him. JGS has a small but very loyal fanbase- that’s his strength. But we all know that’s not enough. What he needs is more popularity with the “casual” fan population. I don’t think this is helping. Furthermore, if you act like you have something to hide, then people will believe you are hiding something, whether it’s true or not. What are we trying to hide?

        I really just don’t understand why this was ever allowed to become such an issue. He seems to be intelligent and cares a lot about his career. But still, if he won’t censor himself, then why can’t his PR team do it for him?

      • hi hi lizzy,

        donchaknow politeness is the very core of my soul, unless someone makes me so mad that i whip out my daggers and slice them into verbal bits?
        haha, has not happened yet, so no worries on that score!

        n of cos i recognise you! it was not so long ago that we went crazy over M3 on koala’s site, except that my nick’s now different. I also go by the name “Ivy” : )

        no answer to your last question…..

    • Hi LizzyD:
      Fancy meeting you here. Thank you for voicing (writing) my opinion. He had gained me as a fan and just as quick he is losing me cause he has more secrets than our government apparently. I find that I cannot even register on his official web site (thinking it is because I am in the states) so now I don’t know anything about his future projects or anything else unless I follow the twitters but you yourself told me that they could be wrong since he claims that he has not gone clubbing. I really love the guy but come on is this fair to us foreigners who find him appealing in every way?

      • hi rory’s mom,

        registering on his official website is quite a bit of a hassle, cos generally almost everything is in Korean.
        When i registered, it was quite frustrating cos there were error message pop-ups, and i couldn’t figure out what was wrong.
        after you register as a normal member (i.e. unpaid) with limited access to a few sections, you have the option of paying to be a full-fledged member with access to all parts of the website.
        i have done the payment thingy, and am still waiting for them to update my status.

        frankly speaking, i’m not sure whether it’s worth all the trouble. even when i gain access, i won’t understand most of the website.
        n i think the deadline for applying to be a paid member is sometime in Jan 2011?
        if u really want to, i can go check out what the procedure is again n let u know?

        i think u don’t need to worry about his future projects etc, cos news like that will spread when Tree-J officially releases news and ticketing information etc, and i’ll also do my best to blog it here. alternatively, u can follow “I love Jang Geun Suk” on Facebook. They are quite updated.

        And these are the news that logically do not need to be censored or kept under wraps.
        it’ll mainly be JKS personal pics and blog comments that non-members won’t get to see.

        ooh, what’s that about the clubbing part? i swear, though, that JKS seems to have an agenda of visiting clubs in every country he goes to!

  4. this is a sad news. too bad that he’s underappreciated in his own country. he’s a multi talented person/actor. and fans abroad are fascinated in everything that concerns him. i wish him more projects and success!

  5. Hi dear eels,
    Really,i’m sorry for Korean people to don’t knowing him well:(((
    but Sukkie has many fans from Worldwide that support him forever:)))
    My Lovely Suk…GO GO GO & fighting & don’t worry…WE ARE!!

  6. Thank you for answering and yes please find out for me anything you can because translating the site is not the problem. I am not sure what I will do because I feel that his words, which I want to know, should be made public to all his fans not just the chosen few. A real fan follows everything the star does and I am a real fan even if I don’t like a sentence here or there and as LizzyD stated I expect more from Tree J and his PR people. They are closing the door to some of his fans.

    • rory’s mom,

      So we meet again. hehehe

      Registering for his site is actually not that difficult because it’s in English too. There’s the paid and unpaid portion. To register:
      1. Go to: (Note: only works with IE, NOT firefox)
      2. Click on Join/Login.
      3. Click on Join (red)
      4. Fill in the sections. Only the red section is required. Click join.
      5. If the id is already taken, it’ll tell you so.
      6. Otherwise, that’s it.

      With this, you only have limited access to his site. If you want information being a paid member. Click on Notice under the tabs (to the left of join/login). Go to message 138. Directions in all languages. You have to be logged in to view it.

      I’ll put the directions here for you too:
      1. Wire money to their bank to be a paid member.
      2. Once you pay, you need to go to the forum (Click on fanclub, to the left of joing/login).
      3. Go to the message entitled: 2nd Cri J Foreign members (478). Cut and paste the form and fill it in with your information and post it as a comment. MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THE BOX “SECRET” before submitting, otherwise it’ll be visible to everyone.

      From what I’ve read, it seems like they don’t email you confirmation, you just keep checking back and clicking on the restricted areas to see if you have access. There appears to be a lag time too based on people’s posts.

      Hope that helps!!

      NOTE: THERE IS NO DEADLINE!! You can join any time of the year. I think it’s a poor translation that caused all this confusion. I thought the same thing. What they called a “deadline” was the time that all current members would be demoted to “unpaid status” and then they have to pay this year’s fees.

      Will post the official instructions on separate post.

  7. Ivy- please tell me if you mind me posting this here.
    This is the official instructions from Notice 138 on his official site. I just cut and paste. Please note online payment is only available to Korean members.

    Hello, this is Tree J company.
    We are going to accept an application for Cri J 2nd full membership.
    Every member will be degrade to associate member class from December 27, 9:00 A.M. and from 10:00 A.M., which is one hour later, you can apply for full membership.
    Under the circumstance of system, please notice the following because Korean membership and foreign membership will be accepted separately. In addition to The period of applying for full membership will not be set up, you can apply any time if you want.

    Thank you.

    Application date: December 27, 2010, 10:00 A.M.

    How to apply: -> my page -> full membership(정회원신청) tap click -> online payment -> finish (Payment will be able to only through internet(online), there will be no supported temporary account)

    Membership fee: 25,000(KW)

    Full Membership Goods: Full Membership Card 1, Full Membership Diary 1

    Full Membership Recruiting period: End of December, 2011 (1 year)

    Full Membership Goods will be sent at the end of each month from January, 2011. When you apply, please make sure to enter the exact phone number and address at the personal information.

    Application date: December 27, 2010, 10:00 A.M.

    How to apply: -> Free board -> 2기 정회원모집란 (2nd full membership application section) -> reply in secret

    Application form: ID/ legal name/ cellular phone number/ e-mail/ country/ deposit date

    Full Membership Recruiting period: End of December, 2011 (1 year)

    Membership fee: 20,000(KW) (bank transfer fee is at one”s own expense)

    Transfer account information:

    Receiving Bank:Korea Exchange Bank (외환은행)

    Branch Name : Seochonam Branch (서초남지점)

    Bank Address : 1443-15,Socho 1-dong, Socho-ku, Seoul, 137-071, Korea

    Bank Account no : 630-006990-774

    Bank Account name : TreeJ company(트리제이컴퍼니)

    Bank Telephone number : +82-2-598-3034

    Swift Code : KOEXKRSEXXX

    Full Mebership Goods for foreign members will not be provided, the membership fee is lower than Korean membership, instead. Please understand this.

    Please modify the country, address and phone number at the personal information section for the accurate information.

  8. P.S. Ivy- if you want, I can write out full instructions with screencaps for you to post on your site (and we can post it on soompi etc. etc) because I haven’t seen any English instructions- just Chinese (and they weren’t very clear). It’s the least I can do… 😛

    • LizzyD:

      1. Thank you very much. No wonder. I only use Mozilla with an ie tab so I will add this to my filter.

      2. Have I told you today that you are awesome.

      3. I know it is a stupid question but what is the American dollar to 1 won. I guess I will google it.

      4. Why did I think you were in Australia? Silly me, I’m thinking that I am the only American Fan.

      5. Non related but the tragedy of yesterday reminded me of your words. Reality sucks. I lived in Tucson for a long time and never thought of it as dangerous.

      • Rory’s Mom,
        1. You’re very welcome. They should really mention that it only works with IE on the main page, because you don’t get an error message on Firefox, just nothing happens.
        2. Thank you. 🙂
        3. You can just take 3 zeroes off the end. It’s not exact, but close enough. So around $25USD for those in Korean and $20 for foreigners. It’s less for us because we don’t get the gift. Wire transfer fee may be expensive, depending on which bank you have.
        4. Don’t know, do you hear an Australian accent? 😛 Also, I saw a fair number of English posts on the forum at his official site as well as a bunch in Chinese. It’s not super easy to navigate but they do translate most of the important stuff to English.
        5. I was mostly joking when I last said that reality sucks, but you’re right, sometimes it really does. Events like that are just an unfortunate reminder that we’re never really safe anywhere. It’s very sad. 🙁

    • hi lizzy,

      do u want a hundred kisses from me?? gawd, u just saved me all that work!!!!

      just one thing to add, u definitely need to put numbers in the ID, if not it is not accepted.


      • erm… Ivy, I’m sure you’re lovely but unless you look like Min ho, Moony, JGS, or Gong Yoo, I’m going to have to say no to the kisses. heehee

        I am making the instructions with screencaps and will test on my technologically handicapped sister. If you are able to see my email address, can you email me so I can send it to you directly?

        His forum is a mess of 3 diff languages. It would be nice to have an official international fan club. DOES HE NOT HAVE ONE??? Sigh, am I going to have to do EVERYTHING for him? I swear I have a whole life that I’m not leading because of this.

      • his website is supposed to be his international fanclub website ……

        … and yes, i’m sure u enjoy doing EVERYTHING for him….. let’s just not say what “everything” includes … * wink *

      • Hey now, that’s a low blow. I already said I have none of those feelings for him and I just want to feed him cheesecake and have him sing me some songs. All very clean and rated G. You’re invited too if you stop giving me a hard time.

      • Ok, ok, i get it, i get it….. apologies for my twisted mind 😀
        plsssss invite me to your party!!!

        seriously, what wouldn’t i give to hear him sing live …

      • It’s ok, you know my mind and I live in the gutter, together with my entire fantasy kdrama male harem. You should go next time and tell me how it is (JKS concert, not my harem). There’s no way in the world I’d brave the crazy fan world for any star, no matter how bright or adorable.

  9. Does anyone know when he returns to Korea? How come all the twitters sound so sad as if he spoke of being sad. All his eels are speaking about they hope he will find someone to love. Is he sad about something? I am only inquiring cause there is nothing on any of the fansites. This is killing me not knowing but someone asked me why do I care, cause I am a fan.

      • What is soompi? can i trust it to register? Then I can PM you all the time cause the not knowing sent me to bed angry yesterday. Michael Jackson never had such problems and he was bigger. My problem is not understanding the culture and secrecy is just not my thing so I Love JGS but I am quickly losing interest. Pretty soon I won’t wake up thinking about him. I guess I am also a die hard believer that MGY is for him but the boy has different ideas and that put me in a funk.
        Sorry to be long winded, I am traveling tomorrow and woke up to a winter wonderland. Not happy.

      • If you go to the soompi page, log in, you’ll see a spot near the top where there’s a tiny envelope icon and the words “0 New Messages”. Click on that, then go to Compose Message and you can just put my id “lizzyd” into the “to” box and send me a message.

        Have a great trip!!

        What do you mean by safe? It’s like any other forum. I don’t post any personal info on there. But there are forums for each drama and also individual forums on each star and/or couple. It’s a little less popular than it used to be, but ppl still go there a lot and the posts are very helpful.

    • rory’s mom,

      he said recently he’ll return to Korea on 12 Jan; original return date is 10 Jan.
      some rumours say he’s returning on 10 Jan… anyway, a couple of days’ difference shouldn’t be that great.

      his next official gig is the 29 Jan fan meeting, so we may not hear much from him until then….

      not sure which country’s eels are being sad?
      so far, i haven’t seen anything abnormally sad myself, if you don’t count all the eels missing him so much because he’s not visiting their country….

  10. aphrael77:

    Thank you for having this blog. I don’t mean any disrespect by constantly writing to LizzyD. I see how the true eels protect JGS and that is great. I am only a fan and info is all I seek. Thank you for all the info you give and if I sound harsh, I apologize.

  11. Hi!I don’t know if I’m agreed to write here my thoughts about JGS, but I ‘m still doing with a light heart.In my country he is known very little as a few people can watch korean broadcaster KBSworld. I’m a lucky person so I’ve seen him in some dramas , but MSOAN I liked so much not only for the character and the professional way of his acting, but also I fell in love of the songs he sings. I’m trying also to learn Korean for singing his songs and to understand at least a few words from what they are talking. I’m east- european and I speak a latin language so it’s very difficult, but it worth. I wish him ALL THE BEST AND ONLY GREAT ACHIEVEMENTS. STAY HEALTHY AND BE HAPPY!

      • Hi! I’ve already done it. For the first time I’ve seen JGS was in “Hwang Jin Yi” and now in “MSOAN” . As for the first time he seemed to be just a talented young actor, honestly, in the second, I admired the profound manner of acting. I remember the scene when he reached the so-called marriage. His eyes expressed so much sadness , so natural, like any other big actor. He grew up so nice ! He has even humour and is good for romantic modern comedy as he is so young!

      • Hi Magda,

        I would definitely suggest watching “Hong Gil Dong” and “You Are Beautiful” (or “He’s Beautiful”).
        JKS’ performance in those 2 dramas is great too! 🙂

  12. Hello.nice to see you here.
    Im from Japan!Ive just read ur opinion reposted on soompi.
    I could know why he dont have so many eels in his own country.
    But you know not only here,but also many country in the Asia, he has millions eels^^

    Also I think its really important to protect his privacy as an eel.
    Because he trust us,tree-J trust us.Dont let them down as eels.

    So I always notice for japanese eels about RULES.
    But yes actually some eels dont understand his heart.That’s really bad and sad things you know><?

    It needs brave to say "keep the rule!" and "protect him!!" on public space I know.
    Because it means show myself to ppl who dont know anything.
    On Internet,We cant know how many ppl is seeing,staring^^;
    So I was really impressed your brave^^
    Thanks sharing your opinion.
    Im his eel, too.So just protect him forever.

    I exist for his smile and happiness.^^

    • hi kana,

      nice to see you here too!

      Most of the above post is a translation from an eel at BaiduSukbar, hope there is no confusion as I cannot claim credit for that!

      and yes, i agree with you it takes bravery to make a stand in public. it’s great that most eels love JKS with all their heart and want to protect him, so let’s continue to do that and support him always.

      and lucky you, JKS is going to Japan again in February 2011 for Lounge H!

  13. hello guys i really enjoyed reading your comments and thanx to you LizzyD for your instructions in joining the official fansclub…i myself really had a hardtime joining coz i’ve been using firefox…now i know what to do : ) i feel like dumb coz i really can’t get through it and it’s been like months until i gave up coz i couldn’t understand hahaha!!!stupid me…kisses to you and thank you so much for the info…it’s nice to get to know fans who are united in supporting JGS…wish him all the best…

    • 小碩應該學着放開了吧~ 他是個懂得整理自己情緒的人。現在的他成長了﹐卻依然是

  14. I live in Romania and his fans here founded already “Jang GeunSuk Fan Club- Romania” and , I suppose, they will have their fires meeting in september I think.

  15. Hi!
    If i ‘ve offended someone I’m sorry. I just thought that giving subtitles he will gain a larger recognition. If I said I’m too old it means that in my country at 54 some people just stay at home , BUT IA HAVE TWO SONS OF THE SAME AGE AS HIM and recognize this kind of attitude and I CAN’T BE MAD ON MY SON. I just wanted to explain and promise not to disturb you again.

  16. It’s a pleasant surprise that I found some familiar names from Koala’s here because I am relatively new in this JKS world, just surfing everywhere for his updates and found you guys.
    LizzyD, my first impression of you was proved to be right yet again. Think you are way younger than me but I feel like you’re my coolest elder cousin or the admired senpai (sonbei in Korean? Its your senior in Hi-scl. Yes I went to all girls schl but no I’m not. So don’t worry LizzyD). You are so balanced, witty and brave to criticize some of JKS and his people’s act.
    Although I find some satisfactions in JKS revealing internal problems of M3 production because now I know he has multi talents as acting, singing, writing, directing and even as producing, I must say that I fear for him. He did amazing job in just two days to save the drama. Unless you have true leadership no one will follow your move. And for such young fellow to exercise his leadership in front of his elders requires unimaginable amount of courage and determination because its often taken as ‘arrogant’. I admire him for that reason. I admire him and also worry about him. Why? Because I want him set his base in his country, work in there using that beautiful language as his tool. its beauty cannot exist without its culture. Yes he can be the international actor but his base should be in Korea because he shines in there most. For that, I worry. I know some talented but little unwise young Stars had disappeared in Japan by same reason. Unconditional respect-means no uh-uh to your elder-is pretty common ethics in Asian countries (especially in the entertainment industry, its like military). I know sometimes it looks ridiculous and some people cannot stand with like myself eventually move to another country. But if your work based on that culture, you need to find the way to live with it. You need to, to fulfill your own dream. His free spirit made him as him today and he loves being that way. That is why he deeply attracted to Mu Gyual’s role. All I want is someone that older and wiser can support and guide him. Someone who won’t kill his nature off but curb it. Hey, even president Obama sometimes needs new staff member to help him fulfill his mission. Lastly, to rory’s mom, I totally understand your frustration about geun geun couple’s slow move. Don’t worry, they will be together eventually. Either as the life partner or as the one & only on-screen couple (like Richard Gere – Dian Lane). My guess is Jang Dong Gun – Go So Young scenario. Wait another few years and they will meet each other in the middle of their road.
    I am sorry if I looked as if tresspassing and blathering here. Like I said I am new to this world but if you let me I will be visiting here from time to time to learn from other peoples opinion. Thank you and sorry for the long comment

    • hi jessi,

      thanks for sharing your thoughts, and welcome to the JKS world 🙂

      by this Saturday, if my internet doesn’t fail on me again, there will be another fan account posted.
      hope to see you here again!

  17. Hi!
    I just want to say that I’ve followed your advice and TRY to watch “Hong Gil Dong” . Unfortunatelly on drama crazy it is so bad as the english subs are done by some sites which are not allowed in Romania. All I want to ask is ” DO YOU KNOW ANOTHER SITE ALLOWED HERE ? I’ll much appreciate it!My love for you ALL!

  18. Hi!
    Thank you for your help. I managed to see 10 episodes and true that the subject captivates the viewer. Last night KBSworld just have finished airing the last episode from “MSOAN”. I watched it in re-broadcasting too. I was so satisfied that those annoying fathers were reduced to silance…! Now, that I can watch it somewhere else I can avoid those parts that were trigged my nerves. And you must know that I have two sons of their age.Don’t tell anybody!It’s a “secret”!Bye!

  19. jang keun suk is my star,,4ever….montazere man bash bezoodi mano mibinii,be omide oon rooz roozamo shab mikonam,man 1ki az tarafdaratam,va midoonam ke shayad be andazeye oonha karii anjam nadadam,valiii hata raziyam ke faghat va3ye 1min bebinamet,man dooset daram,ama kac nistam ke tavahom bezanam vaghe binam,va ghasam mikhoram dar har sharayetii be didanet biamo vasat behtarinaro arezoo konam

  20. Anyonghasaeyo JKS CHI !!!!how r u?Are u tired?What r u doing?Chornuen proud that I have you are my idol for inspire me to learn korea language for speak with you if I have a chance to close up meet you.Otherwise,I hope to see your cri show again at tae-kuk nara agian,yak-sokhada to come naka.Don’t work hard too much,Don’t drink alchol too much,Please take care youself for you and your fans. Hansangcongkanghasaeyo,Anyonghisumusaeyo,Anyonghikasaeyo,love u jub jub.From:Jum(Tae-kuk fans)

  21. Great work! This is the type of info that should be shared around the web. Shame on the search engines for no longer positioning this submit higher! Come on over and talk over with my website . Thanks =)


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