[Memory Lane] JKS & Kim Hee-chul Emcee SBS cut

Credits: princesskimheeNa

After a deluge of news yesterday, today is rather slow and boring … I almost nodded off to sleep at work today * looks around for any sign of my boss… *

The only news from a website forbidden to be re-posted elsewhere basically says that JKS’ Suntory CF video which has spread across online websites in Korea and Japan is very well-received and has enjoyed favourable reviews. Not just in Korea and Japan, I think it has spread to every part of the world where there are eels ^^

In the meantime, the above video should wake me up. I only know that in his younger days he had been an emcee before on some Korean music TV show, but have not watched an entire episode. Though we don’t understand the language, it’s still fun to see these two guys having fun hosting the show. After so many episodes of co-hosting, no wonder they have become such good friends!

8 thoughts on “[Memory Lane] JKS & Kim Hee-chul Emcee SBS cut”

  1. Thank’s for sharing aphrael this is the first time I saw him hosting, and i admit i really really fall in love with him…..a good actor, singer, model and good in hosting too…I know he miss this hosting job, he had lots of fun doing this…

  2. a fantastic host! so much live and energy and he was really enjoying himself. no wonder he loves lounge h – an outlet for his love of music.

    and i absolutely love his short haircut and boyish looks. he too said he liked his hair cut short like in beethoven virus. actually imo he looks best when he’s exuding boyish/manly charms.

    and i already know who’s the handsomest recruit of his group when he enlists for the army!! no problem with army haircut! 😀

    • he always look good in ANY haircut :p btw my friend told me that if u are the only son in the family,then u dont have to go to an army enlistment.is that correct?coz that would defenetely save our pretty prince.though it would give him great experience…

      • er… is your friend familiar with Korean enlistment rules and regulations? how does she know that?

        cos every once in a while, the Chinese eels discuss the topic of his enlistment, and they never mention this point ….
        they are all expressing their sadness if he’s enlisted, but they say in Korea, guys can enlist around the age of 28, so JKS does not have to do it anytime soon….
        they think that JKS would want to enlist in the army as he’s a person who would be glad to serve his country …

      • but i thought.. better he go to an army enlistment later..because it’s for his self as a gentleman :p and a good citizen of course. i’m glad and proud Korean man have to do this for their country ^^

  3. huahahaaa i enjoy watching their collaboration, wait the minute ! i thought Heechul MORE CRAZY than JKS …he’s so hyperactive 😀 😀 😀 Cool!

    i hope they’re have work together again someday…singing or acting together will be great !!

  4. @Aphrael: thats why i ask for a certainty,coz im like nothing compare to the chineese eels. and i never doubt myself about JKS loyalty for his country.hmm maybe its time for me to learn more about korea,their culture and regulations.


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