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Boss returned to Korea in safety after walking around Tokyo after a long interval. Thank you so much, everyone!! See you next time at ZIKZIN FESTIVALーー^___^
久しぶりに東京ぶらぶらして親分は無事に帰りました♩みなさんありがとうございました!! 次はZIKZIN FESTIVALだーー^___^

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  1. I saw pics of his arrival at the airport. Hope he can perform in Korea today coz I heard that he hurt his ankle at Budokan 🙁

  2. OMO…did Sukkie hurt himself again…he sprained his ankles? That’s why he was walking with an umbrella instead of crutches at the airport?
    And also BB hurt his arm…hope they are OK for tomorrow : (

  3. I told you not to hurt yourself. It’s heart pain for me. Are you accident prone or was it just a real accident? When you did your rehearsal have you ever fallen? Think more about it, did you always drink during the stage show? I saw you fell in the BKK concert and you got a wound. I know it is Korean culture to drink but in the long run it is not good for you. May God almighty be with you, giving you the strength and the power without any drink.

    Tonight it is another big outdoor concert at your hometown, right. Hope you get well and soaring high without any accident. All the best for you. I am sure you will be very happy being there. Yours affectionately.

  4. I think Geun Suk falls because he works so hard, puts all his effort into performance and runs full-speed ahead without caution. I truly believe that drinking has nothing to do with this.
    Also, he always has water gun or squirts champagne at his audience so the stage gets wet and slippery thus he just goes down.
    Lets hope he rests as much as possible and heals quickly.
    Champagne wishes and strawberry dreams,


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