[24.05.2013] @collecte_zikzin twitter

Everyone! Thank you all for your continuing support. Zikzin!
* NOTICE: This photo is not taken today.

皆さま! 今日もよろしくお願いします。 Zikzin! ※注意:本日撮影した写真ではありません。

* NOTICE: This photo is not taken today.

ちゅ~~~~~~~~ ※注意:本日撮影した写真ではありません。

6 thoughts on “[24.05.2013] @collecte_zikzin twitter”

  1. Sweetie, Zin Khun is growing up. He is bigger tha you now. Congratulations for your success at Budokan. Keep flying, soaring as high as your dream like Jonathan Livimgston Seagull.

  2. That is a really big and pink Zzinkun LOL; wonder what he’s gonna do with it

    Is it the picture or does our Prince have really big feet…It’s so non asian
    They are selling jackets too?

  3. why you look so dark my prince u should take care of ur skin, don’t puton heavy make up cuz it is no good for ur appearance anyhow. u r a star that can’t avoid the appearance anyway don’t expose urself too much under the sunlight and minimise your consumption of alcohol and smoking as well as your quantity of party, over party is no good and focusing on your acting and singing’ u have a soothing voice and greaf acting too. honestly speaking ur team h is really exciting and I enjoy it. very much’ but I do wish to do another drama in this year’ by the way when u will co’me to indonesia, im looking forward for ur next cri in my country


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