[20.05.2013] Jang Keun Suk Weibo

Hey guys, sorry it’s hard to translate~ but try to write something when you’re excited.. You first started to tease me that I’ve had a baby belly again.
얘들아 번역 어렵게 해서 미안~ 근데 너네도 흥분한 상태에서 글 써봐.. 너네가 먼저 나 아가배 나왔다고 놀렸자나

17 thoughts on “[20.05.2013] Jang Keun Suk Weibo”

  1. Umm, maybe need closer look first?? Sorry, Eels like to tease a little. Prhyme picked out a good outfit though!

  2. JKS listen to your American Noona, you have a “rock-hard body.”
    Have you ever seen photos of American men? Now, we are not talking “baby belly” anymore … we are talking “major belly”!
    Please keep your trainer by your side for cardio and ab crunches, if I can work out four days a week, so can you. We will compare “baby bellies” in Los Angeles. I am counting on you to be the winner but I will give you a-run-for-your-money! (American slang – you”ll have to work for it).
    Champagne wishes and strawberry dreams sweet Prince,

  3. Sukkie….This nuna is not making fun of your cute baby belly….I love your baby belly…that means you rested well…eat good food and got to smell the roses for some time…having seen how you spent time preparing for a concert you will lose weight while we are watching..
    Love your picture anyway…lying on the ground as a spoilt child LOL

    btw…you looked very very hot yesterday..

  4. Quit whining and do a few stretches while you’re down there. Arms to the front, side, back now grab your ankles. That will help.

  5. Actually JKS whether you call it a “baby belly” or “chubby belly” it’s still a tight,firm belly and you look even better with a bit more weight on you, it suits you well. You looked amazing yesterday. The outfit was a bit OTT (over-the-top), yet fashion forward, and the white button down shirt with that tan…really nice!

  6. Sukkie, the baby belly actually looks good on you. It made you look very manly, not looking like a cute boy anymore but a SEXY MAN! That’s why all the EELS went crazy. The white button down shirt made you look HOT!!! Isn’t that what you want to hear? Hurry up and come to the U.S. already. Your AMERICAN EELS can’t wait to show you how much we appreciate you! ZIKZIN! 😀

  7. By the way, a million thanks to TENSHI for all the translations. All of us here will be lost without you, swimming aimlessly in the pond. Here’s to sending good ZIKZIN vibes your way! You deserve a BIG THANK YOU!!!

  8. Yes, thanks for all the translations. I, too, am a fanatic about exercise, but JKS looks super, no matter what he wears. And, yes, a bit of weight looks good on him. How did he do on his English exam? He has all best wishes from one of his, doubtless, many American fans – Dena in Seattle

  9. Dear Sukah, I have been busy all day creating a JKS A-Z Dictionary giving all the descriptive terms I can think of you. A-awesome, B- bold, boyish, babe, C-charming (Prince Charming), D-dazzling, E-extraordinary, exceptional, energetic, F-fabulous, G-gorgeous, H-handsome, healthy, I-innovative, incredible, J-joyful, jazzy, K-knowledgeable, kaleidoscopic, kamikaze, knightly, and a knockout, L-lovable, M-mischievous, N-novel, O-overwhelming, P-playful, powerful, perfectionist, Q-quaint, R-remarkable, S-suicidal&sexy, T-talented, terrific, U-unbelievable, V-vital, W-wonderful, X-x(adj.) in your dream, Z-Zikzin (of course), zany, zestful, zingy.

    I found this photo of you on your post. So here you are. All the terms in this JKS descriptive dictionary can be proved by this one picture!!!

  10. Dear my prince Jang don’t try to hide your belly honestly its really cute and we all happy to saw it cause we know that you are gaining weight and you look so healthy and more good looking man 🙂

  11. Funny prince pounding on the floor kkkk probably feeling frustrated coz one minute eels are telling him to eat more and gain weight, and the next minute they’re teasing him about his baby belly … hopefully he’ll work out at the gym like before, and we get to see his abs in his new drama … lol

  12. Sukkie!!! Sukkieeeeeeeeeee! please! You should do exercises, I need to see your ABS, please.

    I think I’m the only one who wants to see him as a man sexy with hot ABS!!! lol.

    Sukkie is the GOD OF FOOD !!!, and you can eat whatever you want, but please you should get plenty of exercise to maintain a HEALTHY and sexy body.


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