[18.05.2013] AsiaPrince_JKS Twitter

After we die….. where we go…?
죽으면….. 어디로 갈까…?

BB: What’s wrong, dude?
JKS: I’m stinking drunk.

“@bigbrothersound: @AsiaPrince_JKS 왜그래 임마”ㅡ취해서 해롱해롱

The day of the showdown..
결전의 날..

tenshi_akuma’s note: It means today is the day that his TOEIC result is announced.

The book when I read in my high school days is made into a play.. In addition, Professor of Kim Mi-hye directs this.. I have to go and see.
The copy catches my eye.
“When was that? Your most beautiful moment…”
Now is the time.

고딩 때 읽었던 작품이 연극으로.. 심지어 연극과 김미혜교수님 연출.. 보러가야겠다.
카피가 눈에 들어온다.
‘언제였나요? 당신의 가장은 아름다운 순간…’

tenshi_akuma’s note: The book seemed “Kafka on the Shore” written by Haruki Murakami.

Oh Yeah!!! TOEIC score was announced!!!!
I got more than 100 scores!!!! Yay!!!!

오예!!! 토익점수 나왔다!!!!
100점 넘게 받았다!!!! 야호!!!!

When are you going to do it?

I’ll do it some day….

If not now, when?

tenshi_akuma’s note: They are popular phrases in Japan. A teacher said them to motivate students who don’t study very hard. Sukkie used them. So funny!

[The title of the book] Things I wish I had known then…
Uh…. Why I didn’t know them…. *sigh

그 때 알았더러면 좋았을 것들…
씨….왜 몰랐을까…. 끄윽

tenshi_akuma’s note: This book, 그 때 알았더러면 좋았을 것들 seems to share something we should have known in 20s. The author shows 20 keywords to solve their common worries. Sorry I couldn’t find English translation about it yet. But I found the promotional video.

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  1. I can’t believe you. Are you joking? Did you drink before the test? Try it again. You need special tutorin. I wish I was living in Korea, I would have offered him private tutoring without charge. Monitoring by editing your own writing by reading it or in speaking by listening to it will surely help. Are you rebellious with the test. You are such a talented language learner. Reflect on how you learn our Japanese. Attitude is very important, learn to love the language first. Do it again, practice more. I love you, no wucking forries.

    • He didn’t take the test today.Today he had the results.
      I think he drank before to get some courage to go and see the results.

  2. Hi ss,
    I don’t know about Toeic in Korea, but I know to take the Toeic exam in my country( follow International standard), highest core is 990? He makes me confused…^ ^
    By the way, I love his honesty…

    • Hi Sunny, thank you for sharing this info. I know about IELTS and TOEFL but i was not sure about TOEIC. Prince is giving me a headache and getting me excited to know the results. I kept checking to know, till i went to bed last night. As soon as i woke up and after the usual, i jumped to my lap top to see if we know the results. The first thing i see is
      “Drinking Champagne” so I’m excited because that’s celebrating. Then prince says he got 100s of scores. Isn’t there a certain score required to qualify … I feel he did it. Like Maui says: TEASER … and looking so handsome. Gosh!!! He is so attractive …

  3. You did not do the test for sure. The man of your calibre can’t have only 100 TOEIC. You did not intend to do it. You said you did not understand why Korean Universities need TOEIC for graduation. You must be rebellious. My worst student will get above 400. I can’t believe in this. Are you stinking drunk when you wrote this message or they did wrong translation? Your level of English as I watched in the film ‘The Case of Itaewon Homicide should be around 600. Are you teasing us?

    • Hi ga131: I feel the same way as you … he posted that he got 100s of scores… Yay!!!
      I’m taking that as a positive response. CONGRATULATIONS! God Bless ….

  4. Is he being mystrious again and playing with his eels…
    if he got more THAN 100; at least he must have passed…
    I trust him for that..he is so hardworking..
    I’m sure he’s not showing us his top potentials

  5. Please don’t jump to a conclusion. It’s true that he had little knowledge about TOEIC because he didn’t know there was time limit taking the exam. So, honestly I didn’t get what his tweet (more than 100 scores) means.

    I’m not sure if he passed or not, but I heard even he failed this time, he has another chance to take the exam. Let’s wait to hear his official announcement of the result ^^

  6. ga131, Thank a lot for the link to the current test score. I am used to the old scoring ranging from 0-990. I don’t know what is the passing score for his graduation. It seems that he has done it. The score above 100 will be around level 5 from the scale of 8 in speaking or 9 in writing. This can be considered in terms of proficiency level A2 (basic user) and B1 (independent user) of the CEF-Common European Framework.


    Thought of the day as a present for my beloved Prince:

    Every test in one life makes us bitter or better.
    Every problem comes to break us or make us.
    The choice is ours whether we become victim or victor ( from Precious Family Forever)

    Love as always.

    • Sudie, actually i have no idea about this TOEIC test. i just googled it and i saw the first scoring that you said from 0-990. and i thought that the, more than 100 was too low for JKS based on the videos that i saw him conversing in English. So i search again and saw that site that it has a copyright of year 2010.
      well hopefully, JKS got it. it would be an added factor for him internationally.

  7. He is a pop star/Idol. As long as he can converse with his eels and people that work with reasonably, that will suffix. And we just need him to be streetsmart,not booksmart^^

    • totally agree as what I like about him is the way he communicates to his eels and I especially feel that when I attended his concerts in 2011-2013…even watching concerts DVD in Japan or Seoul which I can’t understand the languages, I can feel his sincerity & charisma through his expression & gesture…

  8. To Tenshi, I think he has passed it. I get used to the old scoring system and as I said before the 500 is average. I mistakenly took it that he was at the lowest level, and i thought he was teasing his eels.

    Thanks to ga131 who provided the link to the present TOEIC scoring system (2010) which is very informative. As I am an academic, we use TOEFL more than TOEIC. The document that ga131 recommended is very good. Now I can equate his score of >100 to the level 5 of the Common European Framework which is between A2 and B1 or between basic to independent user.

    I am sure he is better than that level. I wish he reads more books in English. He loves reading. Sis Susann, can you start him off? I think he will love Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Our Prince is quite philosophical, I think he will like it.

  9. Full mark is 990 points. He said he got more than 100pts, can means he fail or pass. more than 100 marks can be 100 plus, 200plus, 500plus etc. Not sure how he did. haha, but even if fail, he can sit for a retest.

  10. Dear Min, please follow the link that ga131 kindly searched for us and posted at 8.26. It is very informative. The scoring system from 0-990 is the old one. I mistakenly took it as a joke from him.

    • Hi Sudie, i agree with you. Thanks to ga131, i understand how this test works. There is no pass or fail. It will be based on a level. I would give prince between A2-B1 based on the 100s 0f scores he mentioned. All the best to our dear prince … always working to improve
      He is always giving us guess work … good, for we are positive thinkers … cheers!

    • I don’t think so. The link said they assumed it is a new scoring system because of the copyright 2010.

      But 2pm taecyeon scored full marks 990 points last year (2012). And according to a lot of people who studied in Korea, full mark is 990 points.

      • Hi Min, thank you, too. Getting more news on what the score means. Geez … I’m confused … like Tenshi said; let’s wait for the official announcement… I’m off and busy with the long weekend. Will check in from time to time….
        Whatever, the results … always cheers to our prince!!!

  11. Thanks for translation and explanation.. TOEIC score gone with crab lol.. Up to him, not serious, just try again and again until he will have done it lol.. However, happy Saturday is ok.

  12. You can try it again. check out your weakest point. For listening, I can advise you know the proper pronunciation, I’m teaching speaking and pronunciation with an accent here in the Philippines to my Korean students. Since, you’re not often using the English Language it’s obvious that you forgot what you’ve learned in Korea. In reading, I can be tricky, but that’s the purpose of the test. You heave to read between the lines. You need a tutor, to prepare you for these. I’m teaching that here in the Philippines. Vocabulary words, grammar structure are well needed. Cheer up do it again but with preparation. 🙂 Okay huh!

  13. I love it he gets drunk and ponders the universe! His carefree spirit combined with his ambition and stunning good looks and gorgeous smile makes me smile.

  14. You know what? The cutest thing in his photos with the tongue sticking out is that he had bread crumb on his chin. Prince, are you a baby? Kkkkk

  15. i have no ill intentioned or to mislead anyone for posting sites regarding user guide of ETS TOEIC. it also has 2012 copyright for examinees. i just like to share the info about it. anyway, like tenshi akuma said, we just have to wait for the official announcement of the result. i am just as excited as everybody for JKS in his success. ^_^have a great day everyone.

  16. Hi everyone ! I didn’t read everything you said but haha !

    But about TOEIC. Yes, maximum score is 990 points. But TOEIC is not like every test. If you get more than 10 points, you succeed at the test. But more you get points, more your level in english is high.
    If he is so happy with a hundreds points, maybe it’s because his university was asking him to get just more than 100 points. In France, Commerce School ask appliants to get more than 800 points to the test to get in the school… So it depends on every schools and universities…
    So he might be happy because he can get his final diploma from university.
    And the test he passed is about listening and reading comprehension with also grammar questions. Even if JKS is good at oral practice, it doesn’t mean he could have a great score to this test… And it doesn’t mean also that he is bad at english =).

    Wondering about the exact points he got on that test, can’t wait !!!


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