[16.05.2013] AsiaPrince_JKS Twitter

Jaejoong: Yo~~ Red Bull arrived!!!!
JKS: Please.
Prhyme: Really fast. k We’re gathering, then texting. Is it necessary or not to meet up? k
JKS: Lose your mobile phone again.

“@prhyme79: “@AsiaPrince_JKS: “@bornfreeonekiss: Yo~~레드불이 도착했다!!!! pic.twitter.com/WUYWGcatuv”ㅡ역시 해주세요”진짜빠르다 ㅋ 우리 모여서 핸펀쳐다보긔있긔없긔? ㅋ”ㅡ또 저나기 잃어버려라

Prhyme: Boo-hoo T_T But still I love you.
JKS: Who are you?
Prhyme: Oops… I’m sorry. I sent you wrongly. kkk

“@AsiaPrince_JKS: “@prhyme79: @AsiaPrince_JKS @bornfreeonekiss 엉엉 ㅠㅠ 그래도 사랑해”ㅡ누구세요” 앗…죄송합니다.잘못보냈나봐요 ㅋㅋㅋ

Jaejoong: Stop!!!!!
Fridge, thank you. Red bull, thank you.
Penzal Q (painkiller which JYJ are the endorsement models), thank you~~~~!
Prhyme: Unless drinking, we won’t get a hangover, too.
JKS: Donated by Asian Prince k

“@prhyme79: “@bornfreeonekiss: @AsiaPrince_JKS @prhyme79
냉장고 땡큐 레드블 땡큐
펜잘큐 탱큐~~~~! pic.twitter.com/6T9M8Zf2MR” 취하지말고 숙취도말고”ㅡ아프기증 ㅋㅋ

Prhyme: See, Red bull? ^^
photo by@ bornfreeonekiss
chilling with@ AsiaPrince_JKS
JKS: from costco!
Prhyme: This is me.

“@AsiaPrince_JKS: “@prhyme79: 레드불 보고있나? ^^ photo by @bornfreeonekiss chilling with @AsiaPrince_JKS pic.twitter.com/GASDIm1yY1ㅡfrom costco!!”이건나다

If I say this, they flame me on this. If I say that, they flame me on that.. Truth will never yield. Now it’s time to become stronger, my eels? Until when you are still weak?? You can’t believe in me?? How do you say those in Japaneseㅡㅡ? Ah.. save me..
이렇게 말하면 이걸 물고 늘어지고 저렇게 말하면 저걸 물고 늘어지고.. 진실이란건 지지 않아. 이젠 좀 단단해 질 때도 되지 않았는가 장어들이여?언제까지 그렇게 약해빠져 있을래?? 그렇게 나를 못믿겠어?? 가 일본어로 뭐임 ㅡㅡ?아..save me..

I have no doubt that someone is spreading a conspiracy…. How do you say those in Japanese?
누군가 음모론을 퍼트리고 있는것이 분명하다…. 가 일본어로 뭐임?

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    • I don’t know what happened exactly, but it’s sad that similar things often happen just before his big upcoming event. As he said, I’m also wondering if there is some bad intention… Sadly there are many those who look his eels, but not… Many fake eels might leave or attack him, but his loyal eels keep supporting him. True eels won’t become unstable nor shaken. We eels all over the world are always with him no matter what. We believe in him. So does he.

      Just look forward and zikzin to the future with our beloved Prince!

      • Thanks ss, I hope there are many Eels love and support him. By the way, I really like Eel like you.^ ^
        Thank so much because you are his loyal eel.
        I will be with Suk now and forever, promise.:x

      • Thanks Kaori chan for the info – Sukkie is truly blessed to have an eel like you! Even though I am not a Japanese eel, I believe that a true eel will not be shaken by unfounded lies. Fingers crossed that all this libel/fabrication will not hurt his cd sales. Obtw the nature boy/Indian Summer teaser video hit 150,000 in just 4 days! It took mucher longer for the team H videos to reach that counrt (and note that I am comparing his teaser solo video against full-fledge team h video, think it will get viral for the full solo video! )

      • Thanks Tenshi for the translation..
        I don’t care about rumours…his voice and his acting is super and I love his work; he as a humanbeing is wonderful…don’t care about the other things…as long he’s not trespassing the law he is my prince…ZIKZIN

      • Hi Tenshi! Thanks for updating us always. I agree with you, TRUE EELS would never be shaken. True EELS will always be with him through thick and thin. And I always believe a person who has a pure heart and true intention will be vindicated later on. Sukkie is the most honest artist I have known for my whole life.What he has achieved is a real product of his talents hard work and dedication, and it’s the reason why we should not be shaken with this ugly rumor. For me, those who are spreading this bad things are just so insecured of how he has achieved a lot despite how many despised him before.

    • Suk already said he is more aware than his fans of his falling popularity. i wonder is it due to the ongoing rumours which cause many drama fans to leave him. I hope those people would stop spreading rumours. Don’t make him upset before his major event. He is a very sensitive person. It must be hard to pretend to be happy and perform on stage when being affected by false rumours.

      • MIn, like what Kaori chan has said, I notice everytime when Sukkie is having events coming, there are conspiracy or rumors spreading.. and for me I strongly believe those are faked eels (anti-fans – most likely fans of others but pretending to be eels) causing emotional feeling among the real eels.. so normally I ignore those comments like what Kaori chan has said ^_^ …Steady eel stays strong and master eel will be stronger ^_^

      • Dear min, don’t quite agree with you on suk having made any admission. Suk said (verbatim ) that he is aware of the truth only, not that he agreed with the accusation made. But like other sis has said, good that suk will be picky on choosing his script.^^

  1. My dear prince……. there will always be unrest here and there….. please stay strong as how you have always been…..!!!!!

    Trust me…. you have unconsciously saved many many eels in soo many ways in which you are not aware of….!!! Please stay positive and strong….. 화아팅…!!!!!

  2. Dear Tenshi, Sarah and Ivy

    I have to really thank you all for all the time and effort you spend on translating and updating what our Prince say and do.
    Without your efforts a lot of us will be lost about what our Prince is trying to communicate to us.


  3. I just want to say there are always things happened just before the big day! I think that is the conspiracy that he is referring to? Anyway, true eel will always standby him.

  4. The asia prince we all love is strong, ignore the haters, please know that true eels will always trust you, be with you and love you forever!

  5. Dear Tenshi, Sara and Ivy,
    This American woman stands strong for JKS … you know, we are not as conservative in US as compared to Asian culture, and will voice our opinions loud and clear. Rest assured I see JKS clearly for the good person he truly is, and will always have his back.
    The world is filled with mean-spirited people who enjoy creating havoc with unfounded rumors for the pure pleasure of it. All of JKS’ loyal supporters with good hearts with stand strong and protect him as best we can from afar by showering him with our love and loyalty.
    Champagne wishes and strawberry dreams to all of Keun Suk’s loyal Eels.
    JKS’ American Noona,

    • Dear Susann,
      I agree with u that some people just want to be mean to others for their pleasure Purely. Previously i tried to figure out why Suk always been attacked and i can’t find any concrete rationales behind it. Suk is young sometime he said something playfully which i don’t see anything wrong enough to deserve such negative rumors. Now i stop searching for reason of such anti-fans. What we can do to help is be loyal and support him. We should love him as he truly is, not love the role he was playing. HWY , Seo Jun are just the mean to show us how talents he is. If we love him like that. No matter how good other acter and drama is, we won’t be swayed. It’s ok to like other actors. But he ‘ll always be king to us.

  6. I really don’t know what is going on but i agree with all of you, true eels will always be understanding and never falter. I’m not interested to hear anything negative about our prince because i won’t believe it or if true i would think there is a good reason for ….
    whatever. I love all the above comments and we must stand strong so the Master is strong.
    This conspiracy thing bothers me and i am concerned. All i can assure you is the Master and his true eels are all sincere people with kind hearts who share love and support to one another, while enjoying through innocent fun. My prayers will be for Master and eels to be healthy, safe and free from all harm. Amen.

    • Dear Susann,
      Thank you for the encouragement. I am a very emotional person and get concerned when i read information like this. By the way, i kept “Strawberry dreams” in a basket beside my bed. So when you send me Champagne wishes … i can grab out some strawberry dreams tonight. You are a lovely lady and so are all the eels i find in this pond. Respectable ladies who are true to what they believe … Tenshi, made me more interested to know and love Jang Kuen Suk through her FA and translating all the information for us to understand him, what he stands for and his beliefs. There are a few others here who help in translations so we international eels understand everything that goes on in ” The World of Jang”. Nothing is overseen and we appreciate all your efforts. God Bless us all!!!

  7. Yeah, what happened? Anyone knows?

    The only ‘bad’ thing that came out about him lately, as far as I know, is that ‘Love Rain burned him’ misinterpretation at the Verbal Jint radio interview.

    • well!, We all know that the famous director Yoonseok, famous star hallyu Im Yoon Ah (Yoona), writer Soo-Yun and new famous rookie star Seo In Guk are loved, admired and respected in Asia, so a lot of people worldwide values ​​and loves the “LOVE RAIN” drama, but some fans (eels and not eels) told me that people from Korea, Japan and other European, Asia and American countries are very ungry with prince for his last comment at the verbal Jint radio.
      Some called him a unprofessional, then they added that Prince only cares about the rating and not the quality of work hard with his colleagues, director and staff as a team together, also added that prince doesn’t value and doesn’t understand that in each project learning something new. Including they told me that prince treats his drama as just merchandise and not as a piece of art.

      I hope that the anger of the people doesn’t affect his music and new dramas future. honestly, I’m worried, I can’t deny it. so I pray for him. 🙁

      • Hey, fiorekeunchan.

        Thanx for your reply.

        I understand that people can be agitated by what Allkpop (or whatever other site) misinterpreted of what JKS really said but honestly I have never ever read or heard of a single bad thing that directors, any of his previous co-stars or any of the staff, that had worked on dramas or movies with him, said about JKS.

        I LOVE Love Rain as well and although the story wasn’t perfect and the 70 era was too slow for my taste, it still has a lot of artistic value and you can see that there was a lot of effort made from everyone to make it what it is.

        As for JKS choosing projects for the sake of ratings and fame only, I’m more than sure that that’s not true. He said himself that he always tries to find a different roles to act and that has been proven. He actually refused a main role in Boys Over Flowers (or something like it) and Lee Min Ho got it. If it was for the sake of ratings only, JKS would never pass on that role and I’m sure a lot of similar roles since.

        The same goes for his music. He doesn’t do trendy stuff for the sake of sales and fame. He does what he likes and tries new things, no matter the price. He mentioned on few occasions that there’s no money (and maybe even some loss) in Lounge H/Team H projects but he does it because of his friendship with Big Brother and because he likes that kind of music.

        Honestly, if he wasn’t like that (doing what he likes, being himself, free minded and saying what he really thinks) and was like most other Korean idols (faking perfection), I think that he would be the most popular idol in Asia, hands down.

        All of this: “… unprofessional, then they added that Prince only cares about the rating and not the quality of work hard with his colleagues, director and staff as a team together, also added that prince doesn’t value and doesn’t understand that in each project learning something new. Including they told me that prince treats his drama as just merchandise and not as a piece of art.” CAN NOT BE further from the truth.

        I really don’t care what AllKpop or its readers have to say about JKS and what their perception of him is because those sources twist the truth and, unfortunately, people today can’t wait to feed on those lies and of someone else’s misery. They crave negativity so they feel better about their own sad little lives.

        Any remotely smart person can see that from a mile away. I believe you are the smart one so please ignore those idiotic articles and comments. They are nothing but pure malice.


    • Jazzy,

      Not surprising!!! Most sources of BAD news were written by AllKpop and Dramafever, and other more famous websites I’m sure, I couldn’t list them all here. These websites are full of cabbages and negatives comments about JKS. People always tried to bring JKS down and blamed him for every things either it’s intentional or unintentional. They misinterpreted every things he said in the negative ways… I don’t know how people come up with all kinds of crazy interpretations (unprofessional, only thinking about money, selfish, disrespect to director and other actors/actresses on and on…never ending bad stories) just because he said he got “burn” by Love Rain. Believe me, if it was other STAR saying this same statement, there would NOT be any big issue about it at all. I am soooooo sad and tired reading people voiced their opinions in such negative manners. These people think they are SUPER RIGHT…they know JKS so well that they are able to read his deep-down mind and thoughts…..aigooo!!! Once people already imprinted negative beliefs and stories about that person in their heads….these people are sooo blinded…they won’t understand or hear any other positive things said about that person. The old said, Love is blind….but to me, hate is more blind and more dangerous than love!!!

      Although, I’m learning every day not to drill too much into negative news and comments about Sukkie. But reading bad news after bad news about JKS almost every week make me feel soo exhausted and drained of energy too. That’s why I don’t like to read news from these two websites.

      Any way, despite thousands people hate JKS, I can also see thousands and thousands true eels show up and stand united to fight together to support him in various ways by sending encourage messages, beautiful poems and fanmade MVs…etc… I am sooo amazed and touched by the true eels who always believe in JKS and trust in him, no matter what!!!

      I hope after reading EELs’ encouraging and supportive comments, JKS can gain more energy to withstand any pressures and challenges come in his way. I truly believe JKS is like a deep-rooted bamboo tree who will withstand all bad weathers – wind, rain, storm…… you name it….. nothing and no one will bring him down!!!!

      Sukkie and EELs… GoGoGo…Zikzin… Fighting!!

  8. Oh Sukkie, I’m sorry people have hurt you again with their words. Unfortunately, that is part of human nature and a growing process that doesn’t stop even as we get older. People are always changing and sometimes in the process they hurt the ones closest to them. You can see this in relationships, sometimes you get along and sometimes you don’t. Eels change too, though most of us will continue to be loyal and support you, some won’t.

    We all go through this, but you have a big heart so it hurts you more. Please try to stay true to who you are and not become bitter, that would make us all very sad!

  9. Thanks for translation ^^ Hope he will recovery his mind soon coz I think super star always come with rumours (good/bad). Hope he think a gossip is natural of human being (small or large group) and it don’t have to worried too much. Hope him always happy ^^

  10. It makes me sad to see people who are cruel enough to put other people down, especially someone who works as hard as Sukkie. For the few months that I came to know him, I have learned how dedicated he is into perfecting his craft. Whatever projects he has at the time, he really puts his everything into it. Be it acting, singing, directing or philantrophy, he gives his all. This makes him very vulnerable. But these qualities are what endear him to us, his EELS. I hope he knows that even though he has some haters, there are far more people who are ready to support him in whatever he decides to do. People who believe him and will always have his back. Zikzin!

  11. o.k he to be honest he need some haters so he can awake on him self and took a step back he is so wild now and he needs to calm down and that where the antifans come and bring him back to reality , hate to say this but he went in the wrong direction and due to his haters he is now so careful about his next drama and that is good

    • I liked Love Rain if that’s what you’re referring to. Just wished he got more screen time. I don’t think he’s being too wild. He seems like a good person still. He’s the same age as me and I’m also kind of sensitive, so I guess I kind of understand his need to let loose sometimes. I like that he seems like a typical 20 something. So often idols try to be so perfect and try to set such a good example. It’s hard to relate to people like that.

      It’s also one thing to have haters for something you did and a whole ‘nother thing when you feel accused of something. It makes you angry and hurt.

  12. There is always a thin line between love and hate. You can love someone deeply and hate what he did. That is very common. Our beloved Prince should have realized that. He has been through this for twenty years now. We are here because we love him passionately. He should be proud of his eels all over the world. As Alex said he needs some haters so he can reflect more. Haters, or probably some of those well washers that are taken as haters are his vaccines. They will make him growing up stronger. He is a very good man growing up to be the today Prince takes a lot of stamina and strong determination. His best quality that makes him a good actor is sensitivity, sadness, happiness, love and hate are all the emotions that he must have experienced to act well. I just want him to cope with all the problems with his compassion. He is a very compassionate person. Prince, pray for your haters, your eels, and for yourself. I want to comfort you with big hugs. XXXOOO Zikzin.

  13. How can anyone “hate” a super-talent like JKS? He must just disregard any ill-conceived criticism because he is just incomparable in the Korean entertainment field. He surely must know that he is “tops” among the young “heart-throbs” and he is the beloved of countless fans. Even someone like me who is a novice in understanding the Korean language and culture was just captivated by his stunning charisma, charm, and appearance. There is no one like him in America or anywhere else. Dena from Seattle. U.S.A.

  14. Sudie, you are a dear woman with a loving, compassionate heart and voice true sentiments. Thank God Sukkie has his strong Noonas
    watching over him.
    Champagne wishes and strawberry dreams to you.
    JKS’ Noona in Boca Raton, Florida

  15. Dear Susann, Thank you for your understanding. Our love for that little Prince who is growing up will never change. I just wish he has time to read comments from his eels. The love we have been giving him would be a great moral support no matter how bad is the weather. I always love your wisdom, cheerfulness, and optimism. I do not have strawberries to share. To offer you durians may be like a hater. Do you know that durians are thorny and very strong smell like the English Stilton but when you eat it you will learn what heaven is like. Kkkkkk

    • As a new eel, I find inspiration in the strong support that you show for Sukkie. When I started reading the posts here a few months ago, I was feeling a bit shy and embarrassed to express myself. This is something new to me, feeling so awe struck for somebody I really don’t know and who doesn’t really know me. But reading postings everyday, from Sisters Sudie, Susann, Mamacri, Tenshi, and others, I found courage and confidence I didn’t know I have. I found a connection and affinity with all of you, much like a sisterhood or a sorority, all of us coming from different cultures and background, brought together by this wonderful young man, a World Prince in our hearts and minds. I hope he can read these posts and know how much he had changed our lives. Maybe then he will be able to overlook all the negativity in his life and focus on all the positivity that he inspires. ZIKZIN!

      • Rngamefan, Welcome to this wonderful eels’ blog.

        This is one of the reasons why I love this blog so much because of Eels like tenshi, Ivy, QQeyes, Sarah and many others who have contributed in this blog, who never failed to give words of encouragement and beautiful heart-felt advices and comments to all eels when we are feeling down or hurt by bad news regarding our beloved Sukkie. We all can inspire each other, learn from each other, and most importantly lean on each other for comfort and support, not only for our STAR but for each other, too.

  16. Sudie, I am familiar with Stilton and I like new adventures so, perhaps someday when our paths cross, I will try your durians and learn what heaven is really like.
    Once again, Champagne wishes and strawberry dreams to your dear sis,

    • I think this is “donation” of Sukkie to JJ…remember their shoppingspree : )
      Sukkie his fridge is well stocked for he likes to cook if he has time…he just cooked for his mommy

  17. Susann and Sudie, reading your posts about Durian made me miss my motherland. I, too, love durian but not having been back to the Philippines for almost 15 years, I haven’t had any. Wish we can get together someday and enjoy the Durian, while talking about JKS. ZIKZIN!

  18. Wow, what a loving community. I just hope our paths cross someday. My hubby, a university professor like me, inherited a durian orchard. It is durian season now. I hope Rngamefan could find nice imported durian in the US. I once shared the imported durian in Toronto. It cost a fortune but they all enjoyed it because of the craving. The best durians here cost a fortune as well. Love from your thorny durian sis. ;))

  19. Dear tenshi_akuma (Japan) ,

    I’m a fan here in the Philippines. In fact, I have many Korean students and I asked them about him. I ehard about these things, I told them I think It’s not fair. I also believe those eels maybe really not a real fan. They are bashers. I don’t mind Suk can be frank and blunt about what he thinks he believes in. But, sometimes Korean culture are againts of it. I know how painful it is for him to have these kind of negative right ups. I think they really want him to go doen. I also believe that It’s not that he’s lossing his popularity due to not having dramas or movies, I think people are just making a big fuss about it. They really want him to fall. But, with such talent, and character , I don;t think it’s easy for him to fall down. Being strong is the right way to do. He has a positive outlook and I know how hurt he is hearing this. Entertaining people for 20 years, it must be so painful that inspite of what he proves, showed his talent, his pasion of his craft, still they wanted to kill his career. I hope and I wish he won’t let them win. He needs to be strong as long as he can. I don’t want him to vanish. He’s young, talented, smart, passionate. I hope he’ll get over this…….

  20. Sudie and Rngamefan, perhaps we will rendezvous in the future at a concert for JKS and we can share your famously delicious durian….
    Something to look forward to … along with great conversation and laughter.
    Champagne wishes and strawberry dreams to you boh … (or durian dreams).

  21. We have no control over the pettiness and small-mindedness of people. Regardless of rumours, false claims and lies; I believe in Jang Keun Suk…. for his words and actions speak for itself.

    Zikzin…. Asia Prince!

  22. Our Prince asked “…until when you can’t believe in me?” I don’t know he has ever listened to the very old song “When You Are 64?”. Well, people live longer these days, so my answer will be “When you are 94, bald, fat (like Zin Kung), with beer belly, I will still love and believe in you.” XXXOOO JKS Forever and Ever. Yours Affectionately.

  23. Hi Susann and Sudie,

    I’ve been reading your post and I am happy that you two are expressing your love and support to our prince. I told myself that I should not be shy to express my love for him too as his fan (eel). You see, I am in my mid 30’s and I thought that most of JKS eels are teens and in their 20’s. I am happy that JKS has fans are from all ages and from all walks of life.
    I am an educator from North Carolina, originally I’m from the Philippines.
    I also eat durian and I miss it a lot!


    • Marie, I too felt shy when I started here. I am in my 40’s so compared to me, you are young. But that’s what’s fun with this group. It doesn’t matter what age you are or culture or country you came from, everybody makes you feel welcome because everyone gathers here to support our World Prince, one mind, one heart, one spirit. All devoted to Sukkie. Mabuhay sa iyo. Have fun. Zikzin!

  24. Marie, I think at this rate we will have a “durian” love fest!!
    You are young … express your feelings, it’s liberating!
    Hope you come to L.A. when JKS performs.
    Champagne wishes and strawberry dreams to you (or durian dreams)
    JKS’ American Noona in Boca Raton, Florida,

  25. Staying strong in situations of adversity is what diffentiates a winner from a loser.
    Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently.
    Some may not understand the things you are doing..
    Just stay strong and have faith in yourself!
    Eels will be strong too cos we will stand by you always!

  26. I have not comment in this blog for a long time. Poor Sukkie, he has to grow up in the sport light and some people make it more difficult for him to chose his life. We just have to learn to accept any choice he make because it is his life and not ours. We cannot expect he to follow what we want him to be because each person have different expectation. Please be strong Sukkie and don’t ever be afraid to make your own choice, do what you feel right and live your own life. True eels will support you always. We know you work hard and passionate about everything you do. Don’t worry we trust you more than any rumors or bad things people said about you. Even if you seem far away you always close to us. We know that you love to communicate and tell us about your decision or how you feel through your twitter. We know that when you told us your decision it is not to get our approval (it is YOUR CHOICE) but you chose tell it because you feel close to us. We know you are a sincere person so we won’t read your mind and interpreted it wrongly. Sometime what you said is lost in translation so we will be patient and wait for the better translation from people who understand and love you. We tried not to jump into conclusion when we hear unverified rumors. We will be patience. We need to grow up emotionally too be with you because you are a deep person to understand.

    At the end I want to said THANK YOU very much Jang Keun Suk for giving happiness with all your drama, song and for letting us share your life even if it just a little bit. We are lucky indeed to get to know the real you. <3

  27. It’s a thin line between love and hate….
    Love and Hate are very strong feelings…but always better than neglect or ignorance in mine opinion; at least the haters and bashers are busy attracting publicity for him instead of doing what they should do and that is to ignore him…but they just can’t because Sukkie is like a magnet; you love to hate him or you hate to love him and for the ones who are strong and unwavering AND have a mind of their own they love him evenmore…
    I confess I don’t have time to spent on other stars because I love Sukkie to much..and if I would ever waver I have all of you to lead me straight again..
    (If these people are fans from others artists…they don’t do them any favors either by bathmouthing others…because afterall they are colleagues and bts maybe even good friends…so they hurt their own stars too; because I for one resents them for not speaking up but I also know…they can’t just say anything openly to defend him because they are from big companies..so for the company it’s a win situation if Sukkie gets the blame so their artists are the “good” one)
    So like Sukkie said in one of his tweets he does not want his friends to get hurt because of him..Ooooo he is such lovely and considerate guy..
    BTW you notice…the friends who shows their face freely with Sukkie are the “independant” ones

    Sukkie is able to provoke deep feelings within people…and either way he gets to be noticed…some may go with the flow and choose to go and others will comtemplate and get to know him more by intensive good reading and follow the words from his own lips and even become his eel…and the “old” eels becomes stronger and more passionate just like him…

    He is one of the few stars from Korea who is directly communicating with others…he has no big company behind him who will dictate what to do what to say how to look and how to behave just to keep an image..and do damage control when their artists sometimes acts like humans and slip up..

    Sukkie is “what you see is what you get”;…you like it or not; he’s always passionate, dedicated, sometimes shock you with his honesty, upfront and never afraid of doing and trying new things and encourages and supports others to use their talents..
    When others do 90% he sure will do his best to do at least 110% to cover up for others

    All his works(LR being one of them) he did under TreeJ has his 1000% approvement…so how can he not love these projects…people??????
    He knows the risk of being selfmanage..he hates to do things others tell him to do..and in the pass he had to do what others told him to do; he is really aware that he can keep fans very easily by acting like a “goody two shoes”…but that is not him and above all he does not want to betray himself anymore nor others…not for anything in the world..
    So prince just ZIKZIN all the way don’t get distracted keep believing in yourself and do what you are really good at..(if you were a fashion designer you would be into haute couture not in pret a porter and certainly not into the mass production/copycats)..

    This older nunna have live life long enough to know the difference..it’s always about being your true self…I’m proud of you….being able and daring to look for your self at such young age..be it good or bad ..you are unique..not 13 in a dozen..And we know we have a lotttttttttt of those…
    Thanks for being you : )
    Love from the Netherlands

    Sorry eels for my ramblings…LOVE ZIKZIN

  28. this site is informative for people who really admire JKS. Many thanks for the effort made by people running this. I came across this site after watching Love Rain last month. I was curious who the main actor was and googled. The funny thing is, i didnt realized that I have watched two of his drama already (Doremifasol and Baby&Me). I honestly did not know that he was the same actor in those films. I also saw the article years ago about him to be paired with parkminyoung in Tongyi- and I thought that, oohhh, he is like a foreigner , does not look like korean. But I still did not know about JKS at that time. And now that I have been reading and seeing his previous and current works, wow, I thought that he is really interesting. His transformation in every character that he does, how high his energy in performing…(without the influence of any drugs), because of this, you see the sincerity and passion. I like to watch his behind the scenes or making of a certain projects, because there you get a glimpse of him, as a person not as a celebrity. and now, i have been listening to his songs,because of his voice. although i cannot understand the language ^_^ and when he said that he is involved in everything with his works…i can appreciate him more because i know how personal it is. it is like it has been tagged by JKS ^_^. you know that his works done by him is not manipulated. Only he influence himself. which is not everyday you can see people like him. as long as he says that it is his choice, then i know that he does not loose himself in the process. as we grow old, we forget the child within us. that is why he is such an ideal inspiration for me and everytime my youngest son (4yrs old) hears his music, he also grooves with me ^_^

      • thank you mamacri ^_^ “….. JKS as art not as JKS doing art. wow, you got it right there. maybe that is what most people dont understand about him… JKS will be JKS. you cant analyze people like him, you will just end up more interested and curious about Life.

    • ga131, I’m glad we have another new eel sister who have came to see the inner “beauty” of JKS.. due to his growing up process.. he was accelerated into adults’ world as he came into entertainment line more than 20 years back and we can really see on and off he still have that “child” in him now as many of us feel he is finding his lost childhood…
      I also went to similar experience with you 3 years back when I watched YAB, I got so fascinated by the amazing acting by this actor of HTK role as I was then watching on YT with his real voice and singing in the drama..though I don’t understand a word of Korean, I love the drama and the actor especially the main lead.. when I started to google and YT on him.. then I realised I have seen many of his past dramas like Beethoven Virus, Hong Gil Dong, Huang Jin Yi and Lovers at Prague.. I remember all his dramas gave me lasting impression of the role he played in and I was telling myself in each of this drama, wow.. good natural acting by such a young actor.. and the funny thing then is I didn’t realise they are the same actor ^_^ But through YAB, I started to link all together to the same person.. that is Jang Keun Suk… and through YAB, I also knew he can sing so well and in different type of music, can DJ, can be so good on talk show etc… Like many eels, the more we know about him, the more we love him for who he is and not just the role he plays each time.. Among eels’ chat or gathering, we always find ourselves sometimes playing the role of friend or sister or mum to him.. lol! Anyway.. I can see Sukkie having a new family member here ^_^

      • thank you QQeyes007 for welcoming me here ^_^ i visit this site because in here i can see more sense of updates and comments for JKS. this is also helpful for those who do not know korean language, like me ^_^ my family is based here in dubai as of now, i was wandering if he has plans of visiting here to…^_^ because i saw his interview one time in KBS Arab. hehe. just imagining ^_^

  29. Dear Susann, Tenshi, Mamacri, Rngamefan and all eels.

    Talking about eels, I just watched a program on this blog where our Prince was interviewed and he spoke Japanese all the way through. It is amazing how he learned it. He talked about his Japanese fans calling him Prince and why he called his fans Eels. That was very sweet.

    A few years ago, I was a visiting professor at Tokodai- Tokyo Institute of Technology at the suburb called Ookayama. I always had my pack lunch, eel sandwitch! It is because I could not eat very hot food (they called me Nekojita sensei- cat’s tongue professor). Actually I could eat sushi but I do not like them. There was a fish shop in front of Tokodai, and they sold unagi or eels. I bought the grilled eels or shirayaki for my lunch sandwitch as well as for dinner when I did not feel like cooking. The eels must have given me lots of energy. The research project went very well. I make so many friends that we still keep in touch till today. Sis Tenshi, please correct me if I am wrong about eels. Is there any other extended meanings of eels in Japanese expression. I now understand why our Prince is so popular in Japan. His androgynous look is appealing to us and Japanese eels.

  30. Btw, I have never learned to speak Japanese although I spent many months in each of my several visits. I found the rhythm is Japanese is so difficult to learn. Our Prince is so inspiring. I will start again trying to learn Japanese. Korean is a lot easier.

  31. We are all strong Eels supporting our Prince. Maybe his new song “SAVE ME” should be something we embrace as we embrace him.
    If we SAVE JKS, he in return SAVES US!
    Since I have embraced The World of Jang, it has created a much happier, informative, loving space for me. I have a new interest in all that is Southeast Asia, its people, its history and culture. I have been embraced and welcome by the whole community of Eels and made new friends and learned many new things (especially about durians). I have always loved languages and studied Spanish at my University and now I am studying Hangul because of our Keun Suk.
    Let’s all move forward together in loving support of Jang Keun Suk.
    Champagne wishes and strawberry dreams,

  32. Three cheers to you, Susann. Geun Chan has inspired us all to move forward. Say what you want to say that do not hurt others. Express your feelings, your love, your passion. He brings out a lot of child in us. It’s so cherishing talking to our friends here about him or anything related to him.

    I have just read an article in the latest Time magazine about the Millenials (born 1980-2000). Our Prince was born in 1987, so he is one of them. However, I don’t think he has those characteristics claimed by the article of the Millenials. I wonder how he was brought up. Is there any reference to his early life. He is such a darling for the Hippies Gen like me. I wonder how old is his mom. Is she a baby boomer?

  33. Sukkie love, don’t worry, only SUPPER GOOD PEOPLE will be hated by those who cannot achieve what you have achieved and envy you. You are the Best, your acting and singing are super, we all love you. I have ordered your new album, both, can’t wait for them to reach me

  34. True eels won’t become unstable nor shaken. We eels all over the world are always with him no matter what. America Eels support you!!!!!! <3

  35. Saturday 18 May, as I remember, the result of the English test will be announced today. I am so anxious and excited. I pray that he passes this exam which is a requirement for his graduation, so he could move forward without worries. American eels please support him to become World Prince.

  36. Hi now in Iran is 3 a.m. i donot know whats happen for my dear green star ,but i pray for him and all of you.my dear green star if you read our mails here ,know all of us and me never give up you . I will tell to every body on face book and what ever i can about your nice personality and your ability i am sure you will go to hally wood soon .i am sure you will be too famus and your parents and us will proud of you God protecrs you my dear♡

  37. I’m also excited to know the result of his english test today. I hope JKS would not let himself be affected with those negative comments. Haters will not run out of bad things to say. Always remember that thousands of his eels loves him, as a matter of fact they are not decreasing, they are growing….., count me in.

  38. master of the eels, no matter what ppl ma say, don’t lose your sincerity…. Jyo
    鳗亲主人公,不管人家说什么,别失去你的진심으 … Jyo …

  39. HI, QQeyes007: thank you for the information you kindly provided. I’m sure it will work.
    I will go with yes Asia because i see it has English display so I’ll understand.
    With appreciation, God Bless …

  40. Hi Angel88,

    following are the link I used to purchase the album – HMV on line, you need to join as a member first

    Nature Boy [Standard Edition]
    Nature Boy [First Press Limited Edition](CD+DVD)

    * cdjapan
    Nature Boy [Regular Edition]
    Nature Boy [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]

    Nature Boy (ALBUM+DVD)(First Press Limited Edition)(Japan Version)
    Nature Boy (Normal Edition)(Japan Version)

    There are 6 types of “NATURE BAG”. See here.
    HMV ONLINE offers this version.

  41. Sukkie love,

    have no fear, famous people like The Beatles had their singles and album burnt because John Lennon said something and was misinterpreted as “the Beatles is Greater than Jesus Christ”, however, their fans love them and stay faithful, and I am one for 50 years, ha ha.

    so Be Strong, nothing negative published will take away your eels love from you, in fact the more negative things they said, the stronger our love for you will be, and No, your popularity did not decrease but Increase, as even those who tried to pull you down are talking about you all the time and help your name to be known to those who actually don’t know you – curiouscity will make them start finding out the true you and eventually love you.

    stay Strong

    Mary loves you always, my sweet bear


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