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  1. kkkkk Thanks Tenshi for this – I was laughing like crazy.

    Trust our Asia Prince to sabotage poor Hongki like that – he wouldn’t be true to himself otherwise.

    Is it just me? Or does Hongki look very much like our Prince?

    • Sure Hongki does look like Sukkie, they’re both cuteness overload. However Hong-chan doesn’t quite match up to Geun-chan in terms of versatility. We’ve all seen the many different kinds of looks Sukkie adopted all these years, which Hong Ki may not carry. Plus Sukkie oozes sex appeal actually, despite him not being the typical Korean meatcakes. >V<
      As for Hong-Ki, I can never imagine him in the sexy department as he's still very much like a boy (and Sukkie is a man-boy) kekekeke

  2. i think they look alike..actually..hongki more like a boy..not so manly to me..and not sexy at all.kkkk…the conclusion is hongki + jo in sung = suk..kkkkk….

    • WOW! You kinda nail it Sukasukkie! I always think there’s a Jo In Sung in Keun Suk. Looking at the solemn Seo Jun in Love Rain, I really see the similarity in both of them. And that similarity is called CHARISMA (or X-Factor) ^_^

  3. Hahahaha…hilarious…Sukkie pulled a fast one on Hongki..

    I would like to see Sukkie in We got Married…it would be so much fun
    poor girl…how to keep up with our energizing bunny LOL

  4. kkkkkk omg can’t stop laughing XD…i watched it already 3 times still laughing like crazy XD…hahaha he is soo funny…really a reaction of our Prince…kkkk thanks for posting this Tenshi^^

  5. really got me laughing on the floor…our boy never fails to amuse me with his hilarious wit hehehe
    this video got me curious i watched Hongki and Mina’s episodes starting from first..aaahhh i would love to see sukkie on that show too..what will he be like as a husband…naughty and a SUPER DO S,wiil the wife be able to cope? kkkk

    • Maui, I think finding the girl to match him on the show may be a problem for the production team as we know Sukkie is so witty and funny, but I hope they can find one soon so that we can see Sukkie’s turn.. I think the program will be most fun then ^_^

  6. JJ, actually many drama scripts have been offered to Sukkie but he didn’t share as many times, he has his own expectation and his filtering process is getting more stringent.. the scripts, the role and the over production….. especially he has tried many roles in the past … (e.g. if he really took up BOF offer, he won’t play YAB then.. and since he took up YAB already, he has turned down SKKS offered to him in 2011 as he finds all these many be similar in some way etc..) . In one media report on YT, it was mentioned that Sukkie is always the first actor to be offered many scripts to read through but he turned down for different reasons.. only Suk knows what he wants ^_^

    • Agree with you but definitely not last year.
      That’s is after LR, Last year August rumors had been going around as Jang Keun Suk and Park Shin Hye are confirmed to be in this project:- I am Betty, the ugly one Korea – Yo Soy Betty, La Fea Called Nan Chuaghan Betty Ojeon (I am Ugly Betty) But later the news died off.
      Must have been just a RUMOR because JKS himself said he didnt get any acting offers. i don’t think JKS would lie.

      • Hi JJ, I’m happy that you are following JKS news. Personally, I think it is impossible about JKS not getting any acting offers. Looking at how much profits Love Rain reaped, producers will be happy to offer JKS scripts and to milk him like a cash cow. After all, JKS is in his prime and a top hallyu star. Putting aside monetary rewards, a good script and good rating is an actor’s pride. What JKS needs now is not money but a project that can give him the recognition he deserves.

    • You are right QQeyes007 media did a wrong translation of what he said (that he did not received any offers) – he is just being very careful of deciding what drama to do next. This is what he said in one of his interviews – How are you working hard?
      “As I said before, I always keep in mind that I don’t listen to money and waste time. There are MANY ridiculous proposals like the script for drama is not completed, or the director is not confirmed, but THEY would offer me a huge reward to act in the drama. It is beyond insane. I’ve built endurance not to be shaken.” Article is dated March 26, 2013.



      How could they not offer him? Look how much profit Love Rain earned. But as he said he does not want to listen to money.


      • Yeah…I agree…he had bad bad experiences in the past of his career…so many problems…like in DRMFSLTD…and MMM3 … if he signs prematurely and the project get delayed for some reason beyond his control he can’t take on other projects and even have to skip his own performances or other work…
        Even worse…his name is attached to it..he is known to be very loyal, hardworking and highly spirited ofcourse they want him…but if things go wrong he will be use as scapegoat and when things go well others get the praise and credits

  7. Nice to see HongKi and Sukkie still getting in touch after YAB despite each other busy schedule.. always remember the hugs they have on stage in 2009 SBS drama awards ceremony when all the ANJELL got awards and Sukkie & MGY both as host giving out the awards to them on stage… love the friendship they developed from YAB

    • Both are still in Chocoball..that’s a bond for life..
      they know how to tease one another…but I think Sukkie is the one with the quickest wit hahaha…Hong Ki so embarrassed by his hyungs..

  8. Dear Tenshi chan,

    Thanks as usual for your effort and time! I really like this blog!!

    Dear JJ

    If you have watched/listened to the radio show that Prince attended in early May, you would notice that some of the statements set out in the article of the DramaFever Blog are not entirely consistent with what Prince had said. I am just really surprised how anyone could twist the interpretation like this. You may want to watch out the source of your information ^_^

    Dear Sis,

    Silly me, I really thought Hongki and Mina are getting married!! Turns out that it is just a show involving a hypothetical situation. Do you really think Prince’s jokes are inappropriate? Coz (a) Hongki and Mina are not marrying for real and (b) if this show is produced and airred in where I lived, the artist would probably reply by saying “I love you” back right away coz they know this is a joke. For real. Dun understand why Hongki was so pissed. Btw Prince is funny as usual. But some of the jokes have been used a number of times in the city where I live – I thought they are used commonly in Asia, turns out that they are not. Not sure where Prince learnt them – or better if he came up with the jokes all by himself it would be super duper witty!!!!


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