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      • I think they know each other but are not close. When Jang keun suk visited Ji Sung at the set of Protect the Boss, they definitely do not know each other well.

        I wonder did Ji Sung introduce the two of them together? I know Song Joong Ki said Ji Sung introduced Jang keun suk to him. But this is just my guess.

        Jaejoong and JKS have a lot of common friends. Heechul, Song Joong Ki etc. They could have gotten to know each other through these people too.

        I heard JJ and JKS live very close to each other too. They have quite a lot of similarities and hobbies. So i am not surprised they become good friends.

      • i think they have plan for collaboration since jaejoong also get noticed with japanese album last time..im not sure but i remember seeing his name and suk together in one news..about toping the oricon chart..or idk..maybe they just a new neighbour try to get friendly.kkkk….

      • Min! I believe Jang Keun Suk know Joong Ki since they shooted “the homicide of itaewon”, Joong Ki is who is killed by JKS!!

      • cecic, i am aware. Joong ki is the one who died in the movie. But during one of his interview last year, Song Joong Ki said Ji Sung is the one who introduced him to JKS. he could have introduced him to JKS before the movie. Or maybe after the movie, the two did not really stay in contact and Ji Sung introduced them again. Not sure.

  1. I wish this is not another bad articles , seeing my prince Jang together with JJ makes me happy and worried because last time they get together I heard bad news and sukkie really suffered lots of hardship those weeks ago, I wish and I hope this time he will be happy and have fun together with jj 🙂

    • I really don’t understand all those grumbles and curses about JKS smoking and drinking. Many Korean men drink and smoke. JJ also smokes and drinks. So does JYJ Park Yoochun. JJ and Yoochun are drinking buddies. Even Hyunjoong and TOP sometimes join them for late night drinking. But nobody bad mouthing Yoochun of his drinking habits, even though he’s very casual and open about how he and JJ would go out to drink after work. He’s still viewed as a clean cut guy. I think it’s very unfair that the prince was critized harshly about this. I hope people would just relax a little bit.

  2. I think JJ is trying to show JKS the ropes on how to live on his own. That’s why they go food shopping and partying together. Enjoying being independent together. I’m glad he has a friend like that. That makes the transition easier for him.

  3. I recognized a pair of legs in the picture above as JJ’s, since he wears boots and black ripped jeans all the time. It’s fun to see them together. Total eye candy. Both has interesting personality too.


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