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Indeed, Sunday is good for reading time…with Team H music
역시 일요일은 독서타임…with Team H music

tenshi_akuma’s note: The original book he read is “A First-Rate Madness: Uncovering the Links Between Leadership and Mental Illness” written by Nassir Ghaemi. This is Korean book review.

R to the T !!!!

Verbal Jint: I’m also on reading time now.
JKS: Do you disrespect me? Oh man… I have English books, too!!!

“@freevj: 나도 독서타임요 http://twitpic.com/cobmld ”ㅡ나 디스하는거임? 이씨… 나도 영어책있음!!!

It has to be…

Psychiatrist ask where the aggression will go. If aggression is inhibited, people will be maladaptive and abnormal, then become sick. What is the most important thing for us is to be mentally healthy and normal. However, King’s idea was different…’We have to accept unhappiness, suffering and gloom like God’s Word.’ King’s co-worker reverend, Joseph Lowrey knew that. He talked about it recently, “In order to accomplish societal change, we have to be a bit crazy. The leaders of non-violent campaign all were a bit crazy, including Martin.”
그래야 한다…

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  1. Keun-Suk, competition between friends is excellent, especially if it motivates you both to work on improving your English. You know, it is crucial for you entering the U.S. market …. we never use interpreters on talk shows or radio.
    Because of you, I am studying Hangul on line … we all need motivation to move forward. It is not difficult to read Hangul but to speak is another matter. Korean is a very difficult language for Americans because it is not related any of the romance languages and the tongue placement is different….. the same problems apply to Koreans mastering English.
    Hopefully, you have hired an English tutor; but you need someone born in U.S. or the U.K. where English is their first language. You don’t want a teacher whose first language is not English ….. the nuances are different. If you need help in English, your American Noon is here in Boca Raton, Florida. I will see in in Los Angeles.

  2. Oh, so sad. Did’nt get Nature Republic’s contract renewed.
    Nature Republic didn’t want to renew JKS??? Or JKS missed the contract renewal deadline?
    Or is it because NP want someone with squeeeeeeeky clean image?
    Anyway, nothing on earth is constant and without change.
    JKS image changes quite often, NP can’t handle him….kkkkk (not quite sure what is the actual reason).
    Don’t worry JKS, you’ll get new endorsement on other products.
    In fact, you have your own Zikzin product!
    To me, you are the best spokesman ever!!

  3. You should read the original version. I suggest another one, The Comfort of Madness.

    I wish I could read Korean so I can read Korean books and understand the thinking deeper. Btw, I changed my cosmetics from Elizabeth Arden to Estée Lauder to Shiseido then to the German Eucerin then to many Korean brands at present, am I to change back to Estée again? No, my Prince, Korean cosmetics especially all the skin products and the nail products are the best. Anyway, my millionaire friend said one should use whatever makes your skin better. She used Ponds!!! I love Korean masks and all the collagen and ginseng skin products, including the Korean nail product. You should be Korean ambassador for all of Korean cosmetics.

    I just came back from travelling upcountry and so tiring, your beef stew somewhere on your post really makes me hungry. It looks so juicy. I think Jason with his big spoon enjoyed it a lot. I am jealous.

  4. i would just like to ask something…this is out of the topic posted here.
    when will jang keun suk join military ? Is he required since he is the only child?
    thanks in advance for any response:-) i will appreciate it 😀

  5. I would just like to ask something… it is not about the topic posted here. but because i really like this guy, i was wandering if he is required to join military since he is the only child. thanks in advance for any responses. i will appreciate it. ;D

    • Hi,

      Yes all Korean men have to enlist in the military for around 2 years (unless on medical grounds). This applies to JKS too.
      I think the enlistment date is up to him, though there is a limit for extension.


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