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Today I wore a suit after a long interval and went to Hanyang University. GOGO
My face is not fully awake yet.

*The first half of 2013 Scholarships Ceremony
오늘은 간만에 수트를 입고 한양대 고고
얼굴 잠 아직 안 깨고…

I awarded (JKS) scholarship and got our university mascot. kk Cute~~~
장학금 수여하고 우리학교 마스코트 뱃어왔음 ㅋㅋ 귀여워~~~

tenshi_akuma’s note: Jang Keun Suk donated 1,200 million won to Hanyang University hoping to settle the scholarship. The “Jang Keun Suk” scholarship started from March 2012, which sponsored 20 students at the department of Acting who have excellent results and come from financially disadvantaged background. If you don’t know the old news, please check the post below.
[News] Jang Geun Suk Donates $1.2 Million USD to His College
[19.12.2011] JKS attends scholarship set-up ceremony

G R E A T Jang Keun Suk!!!
대 다 나 다 장 근 석!!!

Just for infrormation, Pig, Zin-kun is now in a factory for making the sample…
참고로 돼지생키 찡군은 샘플 제작으로 새끼가기 위하여 공장에 들어가 있는 상태…

On Friday night.. I’m teaching how to play piano to these kinds I bought at HANSA TOY… As I don’t see him, I miss Pig… Is he doing fine…?
금요일 밤.. 한사토이에서 구입한 아이들에게 피아노 가르키는둥… 안보이니 보고싶은 돼지생키… 잘 지내는가…

tenshi_akuma’s note: HANSA TOY is an international toy brand maker. In Korea, they have a branch shop in Apgujeong.

Trying to break the piano!!!!!!!
Are you crazy!!??

이 생키는 피아노 부시려 그러네!!!!!!!
이 미쳣나!!!이거

Playing with dolls alone on Friday night…
I miss you, Mom T_T

금요일 밤에 혼자서 인형놀이…
엄마 보고싶다 ㅠ

26 thoughts on “[03.05.2013] AsiaPrince_JKS Twitter”

  1. I will be very happy seeing your graduation photo babe.And I will give you a big best hug as a congratulations ..lol

  2. So proud of Prince!
    Sponsoring Scholarship at such a young age!
    Truly commendable.
    See third picture, he should feel so honoured!
    Kya! our generous Prince…a role model to all!

    • Hahahaha….if money can buy graduation certificate, they probably gave it to him year ago when he first donnated the money..kkkk. But I am proud of our Prince. He said, he doesn’t want empty certificate!!!! Sukkie, Go Go Go Zikzin!!!

  3. So he donated the grant to his university every year. Last year he had a different hairstyle and there is a brass plate of him behind his photo of this year donation. How very kind my prince!!! Being a university professor myself I really appreciate this kind of donation. Students facing difficulties in life will go through their difficult stage with the support from this kind of grant. I wonder whether the grant will be given only to those that are successful in ther study or not. When students facing difficulties in life it usually takes time to adjust themselves. I admire students that have to run between their university and workplace to earn their tuition fees and their living after their parents’ financial problem. I observe these students cannot perform well enough to get good grades but they can do it around B or C. I have a friend who became a minister and he used to face the same situation. He donates to the university and states clearly that he wants to support those who are in need and still get the passing grade. He says it is not like scholarships where you show appreciation to those who excel in their study. It is very rare to find students with financial difficulties that excel except they get financial support.
    I am so proud of you my prince to become so successful that you can do this at a very young age. All the best for you and your parents. Wishing you all, good health, prosperity, and happiness.

  4. Btw, will you not miss Zin-Kun, TT, I do. I just wonder whether you have ever had a security blanket or toy. I feel Pig is your security toy. I did have my security doll that I still keep her.

  5. I know you will miss your pig and you will also miss me if I do not post. I will be away for a few days carrying out workshops for young newcomer lecturers. I don’t know whether the place is with good Internet facility. It is a remote place. I will miss you. Hope you will be doing fine without Zin-Kun.

  6. XD !!!!!!!!! SO NICE playing with toys on friday night!!! GOOG PRINCE :=.

    I love his felt horse, because I’ve a similar felt HORSeeeeeeeeeeeeE too!! HORSE ♥.♥ HORSE ♥.♥ HORSE ♥ . ♥!!!

    wooooooow! very Cool red car and horse ♥.♥ 😉

  7. …this is the reason why our dear Prince will always received much blessings, because he love to bless others…thanks to his loving parents who taught him well on giving…this is also the reason why even some of his projects did not work well or profited he still succeeded on other matters and even in his businesses..Prince inspires more those students and his eels ….GOD BLESS YOU PRINCE!!!!!


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