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Jang Keun Suk – Asia’s No. 1 Handsome Artiste debutting as singer!

Jang Keun Suk Interview

JKS’ occasional lapses into Japanese, forthright laughter and honest conversation – we love it!


My choice to debut as a singer
Now my heart is almost jumping out!

In my teens, I ever thought about whether I could cut an album. At that time, I was still searching for direction as an actor, so I didn’t have much chance. Now, after acting as a singer in my dramas, I thought I could try to be this type of singer and so, I decided to produce my solo album. I remember a line I’ve heard before – Life begins with B and ends with D. B is Birth, C is Choice and D is Death. This means that one is master of one’s life. So I have always been serious in facing the life that I have set for myself. I don’t want to give myself a chance for regrets. But frankly, releasing an album in Japan makes my heart almost jump out… The hit song is “Let me cry”, which represents my passionately burning heart, you must listen to it!


Learning Chinese and Thai!
Because I am a star!!

Do I speak good Japanese? Thanks for your compliments! Since my high school days, I started learning Japanese because I like Japanese songs, dramas and movies. The thing that influenced me most is music, such as Smap, Orange Range and Ken Hirai. When I was studying in New Zealand at 16 years old, I had a Japanese friend who often taught me conversational Japanese. Now, my Japanese teacher is from Osaka, so certain phrases such as “what” and “very” have been influenced, like “hontoni” [laughs]. Recently, I’m learning Chinese and Thai. [Here JKS proceeds to introduce himself in each of these languages] Hi, everyone! I am Jang Keun Suk from Korea. I am not drunk [laughs]. Do I like learning languages? Yes, I like to. Because I am a star!! [laughs]


Pursuing sensuality in music
Likes to go out alone in Japan

Music is indispensable to me. Waking up in the morning to classical music is to wake up in the midst of sensuality. When I travel to Japan, I will bring big-sized speakers to play music from my iPod, which I listen to every day. I will dance when I feel high! To me, music is a necessary presence in the pursuit of sensuality in life. If I walk into a café where the music is not to my taste, I will choose to leave [laughs]. What I like to do most in Japan is to go shopping alone. In the past before “You’re Beautiful” was aired, I often went by myself to fried pork chop restaurant, or stay more than 3 hours in a games arcade. I was very happy then. It was a first time doing something by myself. It was a bit lonely but the memories were unforgettable. Of course, now I cannot do that anymore. Frankly speaking, I hope to engage in more heart-to-heart talk with my fans.


If I fall in love, I’ll fall so deep that I won’t ever give up until my heart is broken into pieces.

I like very feminine women who know how to cook, are kind-hearted and understanding. In terms of attire, I prefer women in short skirts!! Hope she wears that kind of feminine dress with a flowery lace edge. What will I do when I fall in love? Mm… I don’t know because I’ve not fallen in love before…Ah! That is not true [laughs]. I’m already an adult. If I fall in love, I’ll fall so deep that I won’t ever give up until my heart is broken into pieces. In the past, just to make my girlfriend happy, I rented a high-class limousine in Seoul to drive her around and we drank red wine in the car. When I woke up in the morning, I would tell her every day that I loved her. Although we have separated now, at least the love we had then was wonderful. We were free to express our love, maybe because we were young [laughs].

Editorial team’s survey

Want to know more about the JKS fever that has swept Asia?
We did a complete background survey on him!

JKS’ profile

Born on 4 Auguest 1987, blood type A. In 2006, “Hwang Jin-I” made him become a highly-anticipated new-generation actor. Last year, JKS acted as an indie band lead singer in “Marry me Mary” which will be aired in Japan this year.
– JKS Japan Pony-Canyon official website

Increasing popularity in Asia

Riding on the tide of “You’re Beautiful”, Jang Keun Suk’s popularity shoots up meteorically in Asia!! Last year on his performance tour in Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore, Jang Keun Suk was swamped by fans and even caused traffic congestion. At the end of last year, voting results in 4 Asian countries for the Yahoo! Buzz Asia Awards 2010 propelled JKS to win in both the “Korean Male Star” and “Asian Star” categories. He had garnered an amazing 9,718,508 votes in the “Asian Star” category.

“I started liking him from ‘You’re Beautiful’. By the time I realised it, I was already very addicted. The character he played had mostly cool expressions but occasionally broke into a cute smile… and I also love his beautiful voice. I keep listening to his voice on the original soundtrack CD before I sleep,” says Non-No model.

JKS is actually an undergraduate

Now in the Drama & Movies course in Hanyang University, JKS tells us, “I’m learning Artistic Directing in university. Hope that one day, I can become a director and produce my own movie.” This is his dream.

There are many celebrities in university, and JKS belongs to the active type. At the school’s anniversary 2 years ago, JKS and friends organised a Lounge H event. “We didn’t ask the school for help nor get anyone to finance it. We did everything through our own hard work, and felt very happy. It was very popular. We had one event last year, and there’ll also be one this year! Now, in Seoul, my school’s anniversary is the most popular.” How wonderful it would be to attend!

Jang Keun Suk

Well-suited to all types of fashion
With his own unique style

JKS is 182 cm tall with a figure to be proud of. The first feeling he gives people – luxurious!? Surprisingly, his muscles are very firm, just the figure that the Japanese like? In Korea, JKS is often chosen as a model for fashion brands, and photograph shoots are getting to be easy peasy for him.

After many fashion styling attempts, the crew unanimously passed this – JKS with a little devilish expression on his face, yet with a touch of innocence as if a little cat is tugging at one’s heart!

Each different portrayal of various characters, whether it’s a rocker or hippie style, no matter what style JKS uses, it will become a fashion topic for discussion. JKS is always at the forefront of fashion.


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  1. Thats why i love him..
    thats why i love him..
    thats why i love him…
    ok,im awake from fainting :p may i quote : “if i fall in love, i’ll fall so deep that i wont ever give up until my heart is broken into pieces” LOVELY ..!!

  2. Great job, Ivy!

    Love the interview, especially the part about how he treats his LOVE. I think he will be a wonderful boyfriend, husband and father – strong, committed, loyal, considerate, charming, warm and loving. 🙂

  3. sigh … that guy just gives us another reason to love him more…

    every day, every single picture and piece of news, every little bit that I get to know more about him just deepens my addiction ^^ oh well, at least I’m happily addicted!

    i think the day he falls in love means there’ll be a lot of hearts breaking across the world! but given JKS’ high expectations of a girlfriend (not just being beautiful but also with a warm and caring heart), i’m super curious to see what kind of girl he’ll fall in love with in real life ….will wait patiently and see….

    • Our boy has a good head on his shoulders. I am sure he will choose wisely. Intrinsic characteristics and personality will bear significant weight where Keun Suk is concerned, not just external features alone.

      Everyone deserves to find that kindred spirit to share all their happiness, sadness, hopes and aspirations. Keun Suk is no exception. I think he has that special someone and I am happy for him for that would make him whole, secure and contented. She will also provide him with the all important, unconditional moral support and makes everything that he strives for worthwhile. Only a happy person can illuminate others. Keun Suk shines in everything that he does!

  4. Awwww thank you thank you thank you!

    I like to see him; casually dressed, it’s a nice change, I also love his more fashionable outfits: I like that he looks good in everything lol.

  5. I never fall in love with an idol before( but I love my hubby first LOL!!), but after I know JKS about a year ago he light of my day, He makes me happy and never get boring anymore, thank’s my lovely prince. I really hope one day (perhaps not very fast he he..) JKS will find his true love, someone who can take care, love and loyal with him. His happiness is also our happiness right girlss??

  6. Through his interviews alone, you can already feel his sincerity, kindness and well educated. I really admired his parents, they raised him well…..

  7. Two thumbs up for you my sukkie, we will always support you on all the things that you will do, and in time that you find the right girl for you…..we will love her too as much as i love you!!!

  8. great interview….. Sukkie very loving person hmmm…. lucky girl who loves Sukkie.???
    Im hoping the girl your dream only Park Shin Hye. No matter what I’ll always support you…. SARANGHAEYO SUKKIE♥♥

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    after a very tiring day at work with patients i watch or hear keun suk to relax..
    hope i can see him in person..
    maybe i can take my residency training in japan or korea to be able to do this… : )

  10. i am thinking about you day and night…I have watched your all movies and am crazy about you JKS…. I want to meet you…and I will make it one day…:))

    Wish you best wishes for coming days..do your best in you are my pet and lovely rain…and lots of love and kisses sigh* :))


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