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My loved and precious brother… ^^ Our friendship Zikzin!
사랑하고 아끼는 내동생… ^^ 우리 우정 직진!

Together forever … Jaaejoong recommended this Chinese liquor for us… I name it… “One pear in liquor” kkk How the pear was put into the bottle??? Chinese liquor is great!!!
Together forever … 재중이가 우리에게 권했던 중국 술…이름하여… “한 배 탄 술” ㅋㅋㅋ 병안에 배가 어케 들어간거지??? 중국술도 대박이다!!!

Springsuk_USA Note: “Pear” in Chinese “梨“ has the same pronunciation as ”离“ (separation). So here the liquor has a name “永不分梨“ (on the bottle) never cut a pear which has a extended meaning “never be apart” (separated). Is a very special liquor.

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  1. good to know that JKS have precious true friends and that liquor signifies for their long lasting friendship 🙂

  2. Thanks, Sarah for adding the real meaning of the pear liquor. But I’m not sure they know the profound meaning… -_-

    • I think Jaejong knew it at least since it might be a gift he got from China. But you know what I find more information about it and I will make a post and we can tweet them 🙂


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