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Today we have a pep rally [a gathering to support] for men ^^ Good guys! Zikzin!
오늘은 남자들 단합대회^^ 좋은 녀석들! 직진!

tenshi_akuma’s note: Look at a hand holding iPhone! See a white nail!!! It’s JKS, isn’t it??

According to @prhyme twitter, they gathered together at home for drink or something (maybe after JKS’ TOEIC test?). As you know, another card on @prhyme twitter is Jaejoong of JYJ. He secretly visited Tokyo the other day and this card shows that he also visited JOYPOLIS, amusement park in Tokyo and played “bijomen”. Here’s the official website.

Do you remember JKS holding the card printed “皇子(Prince)” on [19.04.2013] AsiaPrince_JKS Twitter? This attraction judges the player’s suitability for those engaged in the nighttime entertainment business. And a professional name like a stage name randomly is given to the player. However, JKS was selected as Prince! What a super coincidence!

The words on his card “ピンドン入れろやコラ!” means “Order another bottle of pink-labeled Dom Perignon” As you know, pink-labeled Dom Perignon is the most expensive one… -_-

My two cute brothers… We stayed up late, shot music video till morning, sang together, and said ‘I love you’ each other… but it is a pitfall that I can’t remember the detail. k I was about to die from laughing last night and this morning kkkk
귀여운 동생 두녀석…우린 밤새고 아침까지 뮤직비디오를 찍으며 노래를 부르고 서로 사랑한다고 이야기했으나… 기억이 안난다는게 함정 ㅋ 웃겨죽을뻔한 어제밤 그리고 오늘아침 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Pig given by Keun Suk and an invitation ticket for Snoop Dogg Korean tour given by adidas and apr ^^ oink oink Tonight I’m going to invade Keun-chan’s house with Pig. oink oink oink!
근석이가 선물로준 돼지생퀴랑 아디다스와 apr에서 보내준 스눕독 내한공연 초대권 ^^ 꿀꿀 돼지생퀴랑 밤에 근짱집 쳐들어간다 꿀꿀꿀!

At Keun-chan’s home, Keun-chan, Jaejoong and I are watching team H party live now! I want to go to Japan!!! Zikzin!!! Do I go zikzin to Japan, too? ^^
근짱집에서 근짱이랑 재중이랑 team H party live 보는중! 일본가고싶다!!! 직진!!! 나도 일본으로 직진? ^^

Reallllly Goooooooood time !
Reallllly Goooooooood time !

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  1. wow….thanks sis Kaori for the updates! Great he had good companion to drink n play with him. And now only i understand about the “prince” card he was holding. Really a big coincidence!! hehe

    • From the top,
      いやし度: those who have a healing charm
      爽やか度: those who have a refreshing charm
      チャラ度: those who have a frivolous and flashy charm
      男くさ度: those who have a manly charm

      • Soprince is getting

        いやし度: those who have a healing charm – 3 Star
        爽やか度: those who have a refreshing charm – 3 Star
        チャラ度: those who have a frivolous and flashy charm – 4 Star
        男くさ度: those who have a manly charm – 5 STAR!!!!!!!!!!!

      • TX …kaori chan….cute power listed there ,but who here thinks that he should be getting 5 stars for ALL!

  2. Yes…white nails must be JKS..he’s scoring his flowerpants too…
    enjoying his “free” time with the boy(s)…I’m sure “free” time means b’ness in there case…they do evaluate each others…they are “little” tycoons themselfs…hahaha
    wonder who’s house they were?

  3. it really scary and stupid how much i love someone that i’ve never seen or spoken to in my life and probably never will ‘and the most scary is like he does’t give a shit. and i’m losing my future cuz of him ‘ damn you sukkie 😛

  4. I don’t understand this culture of men saying ‘I love you’ to each other. Is this Korean or is this LGBT community?

    • I heard and witnessed that not only between men (boys) but also women (girls), Korean people hold hands or link arms with each other. There is no meaning about sexual matters. Plus, I heard from Korean friends directly that they don’t have personal space. Usually people have personal distance. We try to keep distance according to the intimacy. But in Korea it is much closer than others. Korean people often touch each other. It might seem strange from other cultural view. But I learnt it’s not surprising at all. I think Japanese is the last to say ‘I love you’. We don’t say even to our beloved one. On the other hand, Korean is very open. So I think exchanging ‘I love you’ between friends is natural.

      • From what I understand..Koreans tends to be really close and touchy with each others but only from same sex…boy girl is not acceptable unless they are boyfriend, girlfriend

      • Oh, I didn’t mention about between boy and girl, needless to say, I see the similar situation between not couples. I mean even they are just friends, they often touch each other. So I think just friends sometimes are misunderstood as a couple. Not only seeing from others, even seeing from themselves, it’s hard to tell which has real meaning of love, not friendship. You can also see such a scene in K-drama. The one has a special feeling, but the other doesn’t. That’s why something dramatic happens : )

  5. Jaejoong just back from vacation with Yamapi in Tokyo and they went to that amusment park. Yamapi has the same card too. If Yamapi joined this happy gathering it would be perfect. Imagine Geunseok, Jaejoong, Yamapi have sleep over and drinking together. Aaaaahhh…….


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