[CF] JKS Japan alcoholic drink 张根硕日本三得利ソウルマッコリ

Credits: azuki84
Shared by: tdedie @ Suk Baidu Bar

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6 thoughts on “[CF] JKS Japan alcoholic drink 张根硕日本三得利ソウルマッコリ”

  1. If it is sold in Singapore, I may go to buy, then I will cheer with the moon, to my shiny star peace and happiness. And wish Japan recover soon.

    • Ha~ maybe we should try the Japanese supermarket(s) somewhere in Singapore, but perhaps not so fast. With the current situation, don’t think Japan will export the drink to other countries so fast? …..

  2. there’s no harm in trying this ‘alcoholic beverage’ – but if I become tipsy from drinking this stuff – i wish my date or drinking buddy will somewhat look like JKS, too! LOL! cheers! Kampai! ^_^

    • i really wish i can see drunk jks…. as i heard he’s wild when he’s drunk.. wanna see how wild he can be… drooling…LOL


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