2 thoughts on “[11.04.2013] Tree-J twitter”

  1. wonderful Artistic Pic!!! Nature Boy!.
    ….I can’t stop wait….omg!..I wanna the 2nd Album …omg….JKS IS THE BEST IDOL!!! KING JKS, GOD JKS, ZIKZIN JKS 😉

  2. JKS – try to get on I-Tunes in the US market ….there are already a couple of Korean performers on I-Tunes – ( I believe JY management has their girls’ group on it). I know, there’s always a problem with the record companies making it difficult, however, this is excellent exposure, especially if you record a song in English. I’m sure you already have something in the works along these lines for the future. You have a good ear and a natural ability for languages. Looking forward to this in your future plans. Your American noona,


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