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Servers of the official Facebook are very unstable. I have lots of pictures, but every time uploading them doesn’t work well… First of all, let’s release some of them on twitter….
공식 페이스북은 서버가 존트 불안정하다 사진찍은거 엄청 많은데 업로드가 자꾸 안된다…일단 트윗에 좀 풀어볼까나….

official face book is fuxxing fuxx..and so fuxx,,who care of that server??

I attended the wedding of one of my close friends! But there are many episodes happened there…
친한 친구들의 결혼식! 그러나 여기서도 수많은 에피소드가 벌어지느니…

I put on this Saint Laurent jacket for the first time after that accident.. to be cool… The shoulder part of the jacket tore… Despite the situation, I offered fan service…
사고나서 처음입은 saint laurent jacket.. 깝치다ㅜ어깨 두두둑 찢어지고…그 와중에 팬서비스…

I brought hydrangea home~~
수국을 훔쳐왔어열~~

A sad legend in Cheongdam-dong, I found the sleeve didn’t fit me… In fact, the shoulder part tore. I had no choice, but to put the jacket around my shoulders..
pants-dior bag-balenciaga

청담동에만 오면 자켓에 팔이 안들어간다는 슬픈전설이… 사실은 어깨가 튿어져 어쩔 수 없는 선택이었음.. pants-dior bag-balenciaga

Hastily photo shooting for a shopping mall… This is 100% fake setup.
watch hublot , shoes I for got where it from-_-

급 쇼핑몰 간지 촬영… 저거 100프로 설정임
watch hublot , shoes I for got where it from-_-

Anyway, I was planning to run this kind of blog – but servers of Facebook is always unstable…
암튼 이런식의 블로그 운영을 해보려 했으나ㅡ페북 서버는 불안정할 뿐이고…

When you have a chance to eat, eat it, Pig!
낄 때 끼라고 이 돼지 생캬

4 thoughts on “[10.04.2013] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter”

  1. JKS – this is a first rate conversation from you concerning the on-going saga of your friend’s wedding. Very enjoyable …. felt as if you were talking directly to your supporters and Eels. Wearing your jacket on your shoulders is fine, it’s very Italien in style. You, of course, can carry this off.
    Cheers, Konbae from your American noona in Boca Raton, Florida,

  2. he love hydrageneas…and chrysantenums
    I love his fanservice…makes me feel really close to him..
    With the flowers he looks like he’s fetching his bride …lovely sight


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