[article] JKS Effect? Love Rain production company’s sales increased magnanimously by 41 times.

Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20130407n06888
English translation: Wen Lee from ECI edited by tenshi_akuma

Korean Wave pioneer, the director of “Winter Sonata”, Yoon Seok-ho’s company profited immensely from “Love Rain” sales overseas.

Is it Jang Keun Suk’s effect? It was found that sales for Yoon’s Color Ltd., the production company of Love Rain which starred JKS & Yoona in 2012 increased by 41 times from the previous year.

According to the report Financial Supervisory Service in Korea on April 7th, Yoon’s Color’s sales in 2012 increased 4,100 percent from the previous year. That is 16.857 billion won. The business profit reached 4.252 billion won, a turn-a-round from loss to profit. The net profit was 3.371 billion won, increased by 1585% from the previous year.

Yoon’s Color was established in 2004 by Yoon Seok-ho who directed such as “Autumn Love”, “Winter Sonata”, “Summer Scent” and “Spring Waltz”. The company mainly produces dramas, films, musical dramas and manages artists. Director Yoon owns 97% of total shares (194,000 shares).

The total assets are estimated at 6.2 billion won. Land & buildings bought in 2005 in Sangsu-dong, Mapo-gu are the main assets (book value 2.2 billion won). The current official land price reaches 2.8 billion won, and it is said that the actual value can reach 5-6 billion won. In past days, a mortgage about 3.3 billion won was settled. Now it was paid off from March to August last year.

The main reason why Yoon’s Color achieved a turnaround from loss to profit was said success of drama “Love Rain” & musical “Winter Sonata” which was shown until March last year. Love Rain was the first film in 10 years Director Yoon made with Oh Soo-yun, script writer of “Autumn Love” & “Winter Sonata”. Therefore, it was received a lot of people’s attention.

Also, it was starred by JKS, the most popular Korean Wave star since Bae Yong-joon & SNSD’s Yoona. Pioneer production team & the most popular Korean wave stars grouping together, it was a hot discussion topic right from the beginning.

The viewer ratings of Love Rain in Korea averaged below 6%, but overseas sales profits were good. Japan’s Ponycanyon signed the export contract with 8 billion won, the highest record in K–drama. Also it was sold to China, Thailand, Vietnam and other Asian countries, America and European countries.

tenshi_akuma’s note: We eels here really love Love Rain. Remember the days we were watching together live on the internet. Here’s the summary about Love Rain activities.

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  1. Wow! JKS effect!
    He is a rain-maker not just for his own company but also for others who collaborated with him!
    Truly magnificent!
    So wonderful!

  2. I completely believe that it was the JKS effect, because the only reason I watched that drama, was because he was in it, no other reason other than that. It was a great drama, one of my favorites, and it increased my love for him. Yes, it was because of him that there was such success, among other things, of course, but mainly him. He is the best talent I’ve seen all my life, whether it be acting, musical, vocal, and beauty.

  3. OMO….. Love Rain really deserves this. Among all JKS’ projects, Love Rain is my all time fave. I love you always my most beautiful and lovesick noble idiot, Seo In Ha

    • dom.. I love to Sukkie as the lovesick Seo In Ha too! ^_^ I find this role so unlike Super “S” Sukkie whereas the role of Seo Jun is so like Sukkie (so I’m used to it..) lol! It must be very challenging for him to play In Ha as he has to put on weight specially for that role with a mushroom hairstyle…

  4. Sukkie and Love Rain production deserve this. I also feel vindicated after reading all those negative comments about the low rating in Korea. And I agree to those who commented that high rating of a drama is not a sole bases of a successful run of the show. For me Love Rain is one of the most in-depth portrayal of Sukkie, which could be comparable to his portrayal in Beethoven Virus and Hwang Jin Hyi. Congratulations to Sukkie, Yoona, PD Yoon and the entire staff of Love Rain!

    • Hear Hear….so agree…I love Love Rain from our Rain God..
      But he’s such a good actor…very undervalued by his countrymen…but I’m glad we got to enjoy him…
      Sukkie…really hoping for a new acting project of you…make it a drama…more to watch LOL

  5. really glad to read this article, I remember my lovely character Soe Inha in his campus life. I never expect Sukkie like this before. whenever I see soe Inha, I am glimpse by thinking my naughty Sukkie , although it made me sad not to see Suk at KBS award ceremony , I am always proud of Suk from his acting in Love Rain. P.S most of ppls in my country who watched LR praised for this drama.

  6. Yay! Love Rain is now showing in my country.. it’s wonderful to see Suk on my TV screen. And, that’s not all … Marry me, Mary is also being broadcast here, and KBS World is airing MMM too. LOL I get to see romantic Seo Jun and adorable Kang Mu Gyul throughout the entire week for the next few months 🙂

  7. I am so happy to read that. I really wish a bigger success even 🙂 nothing is enough for prince 🙂 higher higher ^^

    that drama is loved so much really.

    After reading some interviews, i think jks is not satisfed about the outcomes. maybe seo joon’s affect is not as deep as yab chracther hwang tae young but it is really loved.

    And, his twitter followers increased after drama 😛

    I really love seo joon and seo in ha <3

  8. great news love rain was awesome…. but it is really sad that no one is voting for him in the poll yoona is num1 now and she is most likely to win , if he is not liked in korea howcome he win last year …it is 0 vote for him and i’m so angry i can’t vote.. i was soooooo hoping to see him in the awards 🙂

  9. This is a great article and, don’t get me wrong, I really like JKS but I think that others should have been mentioned and praised for the Love Rain ‘effect’, as well… Like, the director, Yoona, Lee Mi-sook, Jeong Jin-yeong… And all the cast and crew, really. They have all worked very very hard for the Love Rain to become what it is.

    As for the ratings, I think that the first 4 episodes (the 70s story; which I loved, btw) were kinda a downer for the Korean viewership. People nowadays just don’t have enough patience. They were bored by the 70s melodrama, its hairstyles and clothes and gave up.

    And that is just sad :o(


  10. Enter to Internet and read this article, these really are good news for “Love Rain”, director, actors and all the staff.

    It was obvious that will be a globally successful, because Love Rain had to Yoona whom is the superstar-actress-idol-model most famous female #1 nationally (korea) and worldwide, and she is the member of SNSD/Girl’s Generation with the biggest fan-base in Korea and internationaly and also because Love Rain have the famous actor Jang Keun Suk (actually, idol-actor), I read that Jang Keun Suk is the most famous Korean actor in Japan, good for him. Hence, it was obvious that the global level public had more interest in Love Rain for the presence of Yoona and Jang Keun Suk.
    Many worldwide networks in different languages appreciated and valued the excellent quality, work (all actors, actresses and director) and the history of drama. This was a teamwork.
    The drama was a hit in many countries in the WORLD! …. Especially I watch this drama by the actress, model and singer Yoona of SNSD, she is very famous artist in the world, particularly her presence increased a lot more interest us, but it also allowed to meet Jang Keun Suk, He is a great actor and appreciated his work as an actor and now as an idol.

    Honestly, I thought Yoonsuk, Yoona and Jang Keun Suk did possible that the drama crossed frontiers in short times.

    congratulations Director Yoonsuk, Yoona and Jang Keun suk.


    Greetings from Italy.

    • Actually I bought “Love Rain” because of JKS and certainly not YoonA. She is an excellent actress and really very appealing. However, she is physically what we in the States call “bow legged” and this is very obvious in many of the “Love Rain” scenes. However, this is obviously not considered a flaw in Asia because she is considered beautiful and I certainly do not wish to criticize a very successful person. It would be very difficult to find a female actress to equal the good looks, charm, charisma,and talent of JKS. And his singing, especially when he slips into falsetto, is mesmerizing. I hope his smoking is only temporary as I would hate to know he was damaging his throat and lungs. A sincere American fan from Seattle, Washington. He has inspired me to study Korean!

  11. I am an American fan and bought “Love Rain” as soon as I could get it from Asia.Com. I bought it only because of JKS. I bought the most expensive edition. I am going to buy “Budapest Diary” even though it does not have English subtitles. How can Koreans not resonate to JKS’s fantastic charisma! We have no one like him in the States! He always has my very best wishes.

    • Dena Pitchfork… your comments resonates with an eel sister from Russia I met in Shenzhen last year when we attended 2012 Cri show 2 at Shenzhen.. she shared with us that Sukkie has the charisma on stage that she can’t find anyone like him in Russia too and she said Sukkie would be surprised to know if he knows he has more than 100,000 fans in Russia…

  12. I bought “Love Rain” from Asia.Com as soon as it was available. I bought the most expensive edition available. In fact, I wish I had the entire collection of JGS’s work. He is the very best of the Korean stars. How can he not be popular in Korea? He has the most hypnotic charisma and he kind of exudes an extreme intelligent charm. Also, he is extremely good-lookiing with an endearing smile. I wish the States had someone like him. It takes a lot of planning to attend one of his concerts when one lives in the States but he is worth it.

    • Dear Dena and anyone who has the info on this,

      I’m interested in buying love Rain DVDs/BluRays but there are so many versions on yesasia.com. Which version do you have and do you suggest I buy? They’re quite expensive and I’d like to get the right one.

      I’m mostly interested in a version with the most Extra/Deleted footage and BTSs since I already have all the episodes in full HD that were broadcasted on the KBS 2.

      Thank you very much for the information.

      Jazzy —> 🙂

  13. I watched “Love Rain” in my country I really loved it!! now I’m watching MMM on KBS World.
    someone said “It’s a hit because of Yoona” I don’t think so I didnt know her before of love rain but now I think she’s a good actress and really cute. And JKS is one of the best actors in Korea(my opinion) and completly gorgeous. I don’t try to understand anymore why people in Korea hate him , maybe one reason is He’s so open-mind and free spirit.
    Happy for Love Rain,Jang Keun Suk and all the crew

    • Hi! Don’t worry. It’s always a natural phenomenon for an individual or groups to be ahead of their times not to be appreciated in their own homeland. And their are many cases of these situations all over the world. Any genius who excelled in his/her respective field of specialization is often times misunderstood by adults and peers around them.Try to look into the lives and history of these famous mathematicians, physicists, economists and lot more people who excelled and discovered ideas and phenomenon ahead than their contemporaries, what is common among them was at a certain point of their lives… they experienced being sneered, criticized and ridiculed by people around them. But look at them now, even if are no longer here on earth, what they have done became the landmark, a pattern and ideas for other people to follow.Their memories to many people always remain. They became an example to many.

      • JKS is a NEW BREED of Hallyu Star.
        Not many can accept him yet.
        He is a genius and a person who has foresight.
        It seems that what he has done or achieved are not been looked at seriously by his countrymen yet.
        Thru the passage of time, more will recognise him eventually.
        We have faith in him!

  14. I’ll be honest, I say that the international success of the drama “Love Rain” is for 3 main reasons: Im Yoona, Jang Keun Seok and director Yoonseok.
    Jang Keun Seok and Im Yoona are great, brilliant and good actors (both won many awards, she obtained with her drama “You’re my destiny” the highest ratings of all the history of korean dramas)….the Director YoonSeok is one of the best director in Asia.
    Im Yoona is the most famous member of SNSD and of course her group SNSD is considered as the most famous female Asian group in the world by articles of European and American press.
    Actually, PSY, SNSD and Big Bang are the most famous Asian idols for The World. I can’t deny this truth.

    I recognize and applaud “Im Yoona, Jang Keun Seok, Yoonseok and all staff” for their excellent, important and invaluable job. they really are magnificent professionals.

    Love Rain is the best korean drama 2012 and of all time …for me and many people from all the world.

    Thank you very much for the magnificent article.

    Attentively, Paul A.

  15. I watched love rain – love it!!!! Cannot comprehend why it got such a low viewer rate in Korea – can anyone explain to me kindly why????

    • KenKen, actually I think the reason is TV rating in Korea is no longer a way to gauge accurately the popularity of a drama or show.. as in the internet era.. new generation tends to go through other means like internet, DVD or cable TV (paid)… In my country, most of the younger generation don’t want Korean TV dramas from TV but on internet and DVDs.. or even cable TV.

      • I agree with you! Not even the young people, many people who are in their mid-thirties or 40’s prefer to watch the live streaming in the internet to avoid watching a lot commercial during the run of the drama.

  16. I felt bad after reading bad articles about JKS..i was really wodering why he is unpopular in Korea when in fact JKS is every inch a good actor and a unique artist..we cant really blame him why he preferred performing in other asian countries because he is much appreciated there and Koreans are already judging him because of his appearance and being so outspoken rather than of what you can bring in the table,.i am a his follower ever since i watched his movie DoReMiFaSoLaTiDo and im a proud Eel..lets just hope that he will not be affected by bad publicity and just continue being himself..no matter what, we are so proud of you Oppa..you may not be appreciated in your homeland but other countries see you as an amazing artist..you are truly the Prince of Asia! Fighting

  17. I love this drama…!!!
    Love the story, love the director, love the writer, love the actors and actress…..
    Good lighting, good soundtracks, good costume….. All perfect
    You done so well guys (you are brilliant, genius )
    I don’t care about the rating in Korea
    Millions of people love “love rain” millions thumbs up….
    Guys I Can’t wait for your next drama 🙂 🙂

  18. Sorry for the late reply which is 2 years later. But I just started watching KDrama in Netflix a few months ago. After watching You’re Beautiful, I was so amazed by JGS that I started searching all his movies and songs. Unfortunately, a lot of them are not available in Netflix and iTunes. I have to subscribe to Hulu to watch his other movies. It’s the JGS effect that I watched Love Rain and I am totally loving this drama. I watched this for the nth time and I will still watch it again. This is the best love story I ever watched. Although the first four episodes are boring and corny, these episodes set the stage for the conflict in the drama and gave the viewers a comparison of what it was like in the 70s and now. I was completely mesmerized after watching episode 5. I like how the story transitioned into the modern times, from funny episodes to heart wrenching episodes and finally to a heartwarming ending. Jang Geun Suk and Yoona had a very good chemistry, that as a viewer, you hope that it’s real and not just a movie. JGS acting was superb, and of course, his singing the Love Rain OST, was an added bonus. He has such a lovely and melancholic voice. JGS is so talented and a great actor, I hope he makes more dramas and movies in the future.


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