20 thoughts on “[Pics-3] JKS arrived Seoul from Taiwan_20130405”

  1. R u stressed? You now look like the Geun Jang I love. A man with determination, stamina , busy, sexy, and sweet. Can anyone tell me how to send our prince some presents?

    • Is’nt he!!!….he looks good

      If smoking is his thing…let him be.. if it helps to relax him I’m glad…he’s only smoking and not do other things…He’s already so brave as to fly left and right to meet his eels even he is claustrofobic…
      STRESS is a silent killer physically and mentally and a bigger enemy even surpassing smoking, drinking and even drugs
      not gonna nag him to stop…as an ex-smoker myself I know nagging someone to stop smoking has never do the trick..
      I’m sure he will quit in due time…
      Won’t stop me loving him

  2. I don’t like guys who smokes, but he looked so man and sexy when he smokes. I love his smile, but when he looks serious and moody, i love it too.

  3. i think jks will be upset to hear that park shin hye is gonna be with lee min ho in her new drama cuz she is his best friend and LMH is his raval , if so it is a good thing cuz it will be a competitive soul in him and make him do his best espcially if the their drama air in the same time…

  4. smoking & drinking totally not good for Jang Keun Suk as spokesperson & best and most beautiful guy in the world and for his health toooooooooooo………hmm please quit dear

  5. smoking is bad for anyone stress can be relieved by yoga.playing music ang listening to music many healthy other ways

  6. i know it’s not only me who loved his smokin’ pics..somehow gives a badboy image look and it’s a turn on for me that’s why i collect photos of him with cigs 🙂

  7. yar … its such a dilemma .. at one point you know that ciggy is really bad for him , but then still digging his smoking look alot..

  8. jks pls stop smoking,people who smoke has 10times more prone for lung cancer..i dnt like ur pics wid cigs hw good dey might be not at d cost of ur health, like othrs said dere r healthy ways 2 get stress relief..urs ani (mbbs)

  9. the first picture is hot..but i dont like he smoking too much..i really dont like smoker..i cant stand the smell.hope he will stop or at least trying to reduce it..for the sake of his health..

  10. Geun Chan, please STOP smoking ! pleaseeeeeeeeeee Aufhören zu rauchen !
    You should take care your health.
    there other ways to relieve stress naturally. pls Aufhören zu rauchen !

    Eat healthy
    Limit Internet and cellphone use
    increase your intake of foods rich in B vitamins. (B vitamins are known to promote proper functioning of the brain and nervous system).
    Sleep, the Sleep is the most important natural stress reducer of them all.

    We love U. Zikzin!!! power Zikzin! V.V

  11. Hi my dear. If you don,t like be healthy,we like see you strang ,live and hope ful.i am very sad because you don,t take care your self and dont pay atention to your side effect work. You drink alcahol alot and now smoking ?,????why?who suggest these to you? Be sure e or she is your enemy.he dosenot you at all.God is your best frind he adore you more than every body.God bless you my green star.

  12. Oh,I do hope that JKS will not coninue to smoke and damage his just entrancing voice. Here in Seattle, except for a few high school boys, it is not considered “cool” to smoke. The big deal in Seattle for the university youths is physical fitness. Smoking is not permitted here in airports and in most public places. However, that does not mean that I am less a fan of JGS. He is the very best of the Korean heart throbs. How can he not be the most popular in Korea – he has such stunning charisma! I wish him all the good fortune in the world!


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